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Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference Now Managed by Linx Consulting

Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference
The SPCC brings together prominent researchers from the semiconductor industry and the university community to focus on current developments and ITRS challenges in advanced wafer and mask cleaning and surface preparation technologies for the 7 nm node and beyond.

The SPCC has been managed by Sematech since 2002, and in 2015 the conference was taken over by Linx Consulting, the premiere electronic materials consultant to the semiconductor industry. Linx is involved in many semiconductor industry events, including the Strategic Materials Conference in Half Moon Bay and CMPG Users Group at Semicon West. Although Linx Consulting is managing the conference, the technical committee will remain the same as previous conferences.

Conference Details
Location: Biltmore Hotel in San Jose
Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19th and 20th, 2016
Website: SPCC2016.com

Call for Presentations and Papers
Join industry experts from around the world to present new and unique research results on emerging technologies in semiconductor surface preparation and cleaning technologies at the Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC).

Surface preparation and cleaning processes continue to be challenged by the introduction of new front end materials such as: 
  • Higher-κ dielectrics
  • 2-D materials
  • Metal gate electrodes
  • Mobility-enhanced channel materials
  • Non-planar channels
  • Three-dimensional and high-aspect ratio memory devices
Back end of line processing has similar challenges, with the introduction of lower- dielectrics, new barrier and contact metals as well as advanced etch processes. Other back end challenges include:
  • 3D integration in packaging continues to evolve and bring with it new challenges.
  • Scaled devices are increasingly narrow and fragile, requiring cleaning processes to become completely benign in terms of material removal and surface roughening, limiting the physical aggressiveness of cleaning and drying processes .
  • Defect densities are a significant issue due to small feature sizes being pushed in memory and logic.
Abstracts Submission
Global semiconductor manufacturers, suppliers, researchers and students are invited to submit abstracts in all aspects of advanced cleaning and surface preparation, including but not limited to those listed below. Technical presentations can include new experimental work and findings or subject area reviews in wet processes and surface preparation. Submissions addressing current or anticipated (future) challenges are particularly encouraged.
  • Clean challenges associated with Ge and III-V systems
  • Cleaning challenges associated with advanced memory technologies, including 3D NAND, RRAM and STT RAM.
  • Multi-metal post etch cleans challenges in FEOL and BEOL
  • Unique challenges associated with advanced, optical and EUV mask cleaning
  • Control of contamination during cleaning, fabrication, exposure, storage and transport of substrates and masks
  • Post CMP cleaning
  • Metal gate and high-κ dielectric related issues
  • Copper and low-κ dielectric related cleaning and ashing issues for 3D and advanced interconnect
  • The effect of surface preparation on electrical/device performance
  • Surface finishing in relation to packaging, such as bondpad corrosion
  • Analytical techniques relevant to surface preparation
  • In-situ monitoring techniques and statistical process control of cleaning or wet processes
  • Surface preparation and passivation challenges in photovoltaic, MEMS, and nanoelectronics
  • Surface preparation associated with processing graphene
  • Reduction of environment, safety, health impacts
  • Novel cost reduction strategies for wafer and mask cleaning
  • Defect/particle reduction techniques for advanced CMOS or automotive devices
Submit Abstracts by January 11, 2016
Abstracts (MS Word or PDF only) should be two-pages (maximum) and include the selected topic. Authors are invited to expand papers for submission to a special peer-reviewed edition of Microelectronics Engineering to be published after the conference. Only full papers submitted by June 1, 2016 will be considered for publication. When submitting an abstract, please indicate if you also plan to submit a full paper for this publication.

To submit your abstract, visit the SPCC website

For questions about the technical program, email Joel Barnett.

SPCC 2016 Needs Your Support!
We look forward to continuing to advance surface preparation and cleaning technologies around the world. Become a sponsor to help support this vital conference. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, visit the SPCC website or call Mark Thirsk at 617-273-8831.

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