July 2015
The Electronic Materials Report

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Linx to present at Semicon West
The semiconductor industry is going through an unprecedented period of change with the introduction of new device structures and materials.

In addition, the growth of new CMP applications in both planar and multi-gate structures as well as 3D NAND are positively impacting the demand for CMP slurries and pads. Developing applications in advanced logic include:
  • Poly CMP
  • ILD 0
  • Gate Open CMP
  • Metal Gate CMP
  • Self aligned contacts
  • W Plug M0
  • Ge and III-V CMP
  • Novel MG CMP
  • Novel contact CMP
As a result of these developments, the CMP slurry and pad market has returned to growth after several years of almost no change in revenues.

CMP slurry and pad market to grow at a 4.7% compound growth rate to 2019

CMP slurrys and pads market forecast

As shown above, the CMP slurry and pad market is expected to grow from $1.65B in 2014 to approximately $2B in 2019. 


Maximize revenue and identify opportunities with CMP Markets & Technologies

CMP Markets & Technologies to the sub-10nm Node helps you understand these developments and plan for them. The sixth edition of CMP Markets & Technologies has identified and focused on growth drivers for CMP applications and forecasts consumables demand to 2019.


Stay ahead of the market with CMP Markets & Technologies to the sub-10nm Node.

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Meet Linx at Semicon West
Linx is participating in two sessions at this year's Semicon West.

Linx Presentations at Semicon West:

Tuesday, July 16
Location: TechXpot North
Materials Session: Contamination Control in the Sub-20nm Era
Linx is moderating, with Mike Corbett presenting

Tuesday, July 16
Location: TechXpot South

To meet with Linx at Semicon West, call 617-273-8837 or email us.

See you in California!

Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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