March 2015
The Electronic Materials Report

Advanced Thin Films complete, Metal Organics initiated

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Advanced Thin Film Processes & Materials for FEOL & Interconnect Applications (Edition 5) 2014 - 2019 - NOW AVAILABLE

Linx is pleased to announce the completion of the latest edition of this landmark report.


Advanced thin film depositionThe semiconductor industry has relied on CVD and PVD technologies to meet much of the requirements in thin film depositions. Along with these process technologies, many standard materials, such as SiO2, Al and Ti, have been relied on to meet a majority of the industry's needs.

Now the industry is facing significant change- starting with the conversion to FinFETS and VNAND as well as high mobility channels, spacers, novel gates, and high-κ gate dielectrics, all growing rapidly. 

Advanced Thin Film Processes & Materials for FEOL and Interconnect Applications, 2014-2019 

(Edition V) reviews the markets for advanced CVD, MO and ALD precursors as well as SOD, PVD and ECD materials used in the semiconductor industry and

  • Detailed Forecasts by product and application to 2018 
  • Market shares of the largest suppliers for 2014 
  • Detailed overview of the application technology 
Materials Covered

Stay ahead of the market with Advanced Thin films for FEOL and Interconnect Applications

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Linx Initiating Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market
The Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market, 2015


CVD, epitaxial, and ALD deposition of thin films on electronic devices are becoming essential methods of deposition for critical, functional materials needed in  high performance devices such as: 

  • Advanced ICs
  • HBLEDs
  • Compound semiconductors

The chemical supply chain for these specialized materials is relatively concentrated in the hands of a few, highly specialized companies.  


Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market will analyze the supply chains for the basic materials, intermediates, and most important molecules used in deposition processing, including TMA, TMI, TMG, TEG and dopants as well as detailing the key players, and their respective market shares.


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