September 2014
The Electronic Materials Report
NEW Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service
2014 will be the best year for silicon growth since 2010

Outstanding Speakers at the Strategic Materials Conference

NEW SERVICE: Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service

 Introducing Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service


Linx Consulting Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service covers the largest and most important gases used in the global electronics industry. The service provides a yearly market forecast of electronic specialty gases and bulk gases used in the global semiconductor, LED, flat panel display, and photovoltaics industries.


Designed for marketers, product managers and executive management, the service helps participants understand their position in the global gases market, measure progress, and plan their strategy and tactical initiatives. 


The Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service includes:

  • Market growth of each product by segment (5 year CAGR% on a volume and value basis)
  • An independent view of the market dynamics
  • in-depth analysis on various supply and demand factors
Forecasted Products


Electronic Specialty Gases

  • Etchants
  • Chamber Cleans
  • Si Based Precursors
  • Dopants & Blends
  • Litho Gases
  • Deposition Gases
  • Sources
  • Etc.
Bulk Gases
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon 

For more information or to order Electronic Specialty & Bulk Gas Service, call us at 973-698-2331. 

ESF UPDATE - Q2:2014 
Econometric Semiconductor Forecast predicts 2014 will the best year for silicon demand growth since 2010

Silicon demand is forecast to increase almost 10% in 2014, according to the latest Econometric Semiconductor Forecast (ESF). The ESF accurately predicted that the strong momentum of the first quarter would continue into Q2 to reach a new peak for the industry.


While Q2 silicon shipments exceeded the historical peak of 2489 MSI seen in Q3 2010, the ESF predicts silicon shipments will reach a new peak of 2598 MSI in the third quarter, 4.4% higher than the previous record.


Silicon growth has been driven by stronger business IT investment and steady consumer demand, making 2014 the best year for industry growth since 2010.  This growth is driving demand for many electronic chemicals and materials, resulting in strong financial performance for many suppliers.


After two years in operation, the ESF has an average one-quarter-ahead forecast error of 0.2%, and a mean absolute percent error, of just 2.6%.


Learn More about the Econometric Semiconductor Forecast
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Strategic Materials Conference
Linx to present at Strategic Materials Conference September 30

The Strategic Materials Conference is the premier conference focused on electronic chemicals and materials, with keynotes from Intel and Qualcomm!


We are pleased to announce that Linx Managing Partner Mark Thirsk will be one of many distinguished speakers at this year's event as detailed below:


Strategic Materials Conference

The Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) is the only materials conference that attracts expert speakers and leading content relevant across the entire global materials supply chain.

At SMC you'll meet and hear renowned industry experts, along with the latest generation of technologists and logistics managers, to discuss key factors supporting the growth of the microelectronics industry.

Economic / Material Trends 
  • Major Trends Shaping the Future of Integrated Circuit Industry--IC Insights
  • The Global Economic Outlook's Impact on Semiconductors--Hilltop Economics
  • The Changing Economics of the Semiconductor Capital Equipment Industry--A Wall Street Perspective--Stifel Nicolaus
  • Industry Dynamics in the Materials Supply Chain--Linx Consulting

Materials Challenges for Emerging Technology and Devices 

  • Continued CMOS Scaling through Exploratory Materials Research--Intel
  • The Unique Process Material Supply Chain Challenges for Mid-Sized or III-IV Semiconductor Companies--TriQuint Semiconductor
  • Past and Current Strategies Addressing Porous Low-k Materials Plasma Damage--IBM Almaden Research Center
  • Emerging Technology Trends and Drivers for Next Generation Electronic Device Demand--Lux Research
  • Monolithic 3D Integration of Logic and Memory: The N3XT Frontier--Stanford University

Material Manufacturer 

  • Horses for Courses: Fitting the Product Development Model to the Mission--Dow Chemical
  • Simplifying Complexity: A New Paradigm for Supplying Materials to the Semiconductor Industry--Air Products
  • Reducing Risks of New Materials Development and Deployment through Collaboration and Transparency between Industry Stakeholders--Air Liquide Electronics
  • Managing Supply Chain Risks: A Supplier's View--SAFC Hitech
  • Supply Chain Challenges, Interdependence for Future Growth
  • Challenges Facing Silicon Dielectric Atomic Layer Deposition for HVM--Lam Research
  • Accelerating Yield in a Disruptive Environment--Entegris
  • Strengthening our Supply Chain: SCIS Working Group--Edwards Vacuum
Panels: Integrated Device Maker Executive Panel and Material Manufacturing Executive Panel


Keynotes: Qualcomm and Intel


Parallel Tracks: Advanced Memories / Embedded Memories and Advanced Packaging / TSVs or "Beyond 10nm"


Conference details

Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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