May 2014
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Cleaning Chemicals Report Now Available
New Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service
Advanced Cleaning & Surface Prep NOW AVAILABLE
Advanced Cleaning & Surface Prep:Technologies & Markets 2013-2018

The global market for advanced semiconductor cleans reached $719 million in 2013, and will continue to grow with semiconductor MSI growth. The fifth edition of Advanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation 2013-2018, predicts semiconductor wafer cleaning challenges will be driven by the integration of new materials used in smaller device structures, increasing the difficulty of preparing the wafer for the next process step.

cleans chartAdvanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation covers leading applications for wet chemicals utilized in the global semiconductor industry by device type, including Advanced Logic, DRAM and NAND. The report provides an analysis of the markets for formulated cleans, solvent strips and critical SPM cleaning steps, as well as leading suppliers and supplier shares of wet process chemicals and forecasts industry growth to 2018.


For more information about Advanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation, call Mark Thirsk at 617-273-8837 or  email him.
NEW Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service

Lower failure costs by creating consistency in manufacturing sites


With the cost of failure increasing in manufacturing, large semiconductor producers like Intel, Samsung and TSMC have high expectations for their materials suppliers to adequately develop and maintain systems to improve quality.


To meet these needs, leading electronic chemical and materials providers' operations span multiple production facilities across global geographies. Multisite operations make qualification in a semiconductor process expensive and lengthy. 


Differences between manufacturing sites are often not discovered unless a detailed and expensive qualification process is undertaken, or as the result of a product excursion discovered by an end user.


Introducing Linx Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service


Linx is introducing a new service to help chemical and materials suppliers lower failure costs by aligning their manufacturing facilities to reduce failure costs by creating consistency across all manufacturing facilities. 


Linx Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service includes:

  1. On-site audit of at least two manufacturing facilities or existing HVM vs. BCP plan.
    • In process evaluation 
    • Excursion containments 
    • Customer response evaluation
  2. Report Out of Findings
    • Summary of system as is in each facility 
    • Outline of key differences in each facility
    • Comparison of system relative to best known industry methods
  3. Recommendations for Gap Closure
    • Risk ranking of gaps identified 
    • Prioritization of gaps working with key customer staff
Low Cost and Fast Turnaround

The Linx Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service is designed for fast implementation so suppliers can start improving operations and lowering failure costs in as little as a month. The sooner your facilities are aligned, the more your company will save in the long run. Pricing starts at around $10,000, depending on the number of facilities.


To learn more about the Linx Semiconductor Manufacturing Alignment Service, call Kyle Flanigan at 503-519-8776 or email him.

Strategic Forecast Report NOW AVAILABLE
Strategic Forecast Report is Complete

Linx Consulting has partnered with IC Knowledge to produce the groundbreaking  Strategic Forecast Report.  We have combined IC Knowledge's industry leading modeling capabilities and technology expertise with Linx consulting's technology and materials expertise to produce a fully self-consistent model-based view of the industry.   


The semiconductor industry is undergoing an unprecedented number of changes:

  • Electronic systems and market drivers are changing from personal computers to smart phones and tablets
  • Major consolidation is taking place, particularly in memory
  • More and more companies are going to Fab lite
  • Fabless companies are rising in importance  
  • Optical lithography has entered the multi-patterning era
  • EUV is late
  • 450mm is on the horizon
  • Planar transistors are transitioning to 3D FinFETs and FDSOI
  • New materials are being introduced at an increased pace
  • DRAM and NAND are facing fundamental barriers to scaling with new solutions needed

What does all this mean to your company? 

Do you truly understand these transitions and how they will impact you? This ground breaking report will help you evaluate all this and more. 


The Strategic Forecast Report is a long term trend-based semiconductor revenue forecast. The revenue forecast has been converted to wafer requirements by wafer size and product type and the number of fabs required has been forecast. The number of Fabs has been converted to detailed equipment and materials requirements as well as cost forecasts. All of the evaluations have been made utilizing a set of linked models fed from a consistent set of assumptions. The assumptions include technology assumptions primarily driven by the ITRS. 450mm and EUV are factored in as well.


For more information or to order the Strategic Forecast Report, visit the IC Knowledge website for details and to order online.

Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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