June 2013
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Introducing Supply Chain Optimization Service
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Linx Adds Supply Chain Optimization and Electronic Chemicals Expert to Management Team

Kyle Flanigan, Linx ConsultingLinx is pleased to announce the addition of Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D., to our management team. Kyle brings over 17 years of experience in advanced materials development to Linx Consulting. 

Over the past 10 years, Kyle has led development, scale-up and HVM ramp activities for suppliers to the semiconductor, PV and LED markets. As a key member of Intel's FAB Materials Operations, Kyle participated in the development of many of the strategies & tools used by Tier 1 manufacturers to assess the strength of their suppliers.

Previous to Linx, Kyle was Global Marketing Manager at Avantor Performance Materials. He has also worked at Intel as Staff Research Engineer and at Honeywell Electronic Materials as a product manager.

At both Honeywell Electronic Materials and Avantor Performance Materials, Kyle managed teams responsible for ramping new materials and helping suppliers meet HVM requirements, as well as maintaining the product portfolio in good health with respect to overall delivered quality and the raw materials supply chain.

With extensive experience optimizing high-performance advanced manufacturing operations that support the world's top semiconductor manufacturing operations, Dr. Flanigan offers valuable insight on how big suppliers operate with Intel and each other. 


Kyle has been instrumental in the development of our new  Supply Chain Optimization Service.


Please join us in welcoming Kyle to Linx Consulting!

Kyle can be reached at 503-519-8776, kflanigan@linx-consulting.com or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

Introducing Linx Supply Chain Optimization Service
To help companies overcome the challenges of being, or aspiring to be a WORLD-CLASS advanced materials supplier, Linx offers innovative insight and solutions to quality management systems requirements. Solutions that drive changes, transforming the perception of quality as a cost center to quality as a differentiator. A differerentiator that your customers are willing to pay for, and can elevate your company from a bulk vendor to a world-class solutions provider.

Why Supply-Chain Optimization?

The current market trend is to push supplier quality into the supply chain. End customers (end-users) are pushing suppliers to avoid costly firefighting by pre-emptively qualifying the supply chain.

As a result, some companies are developing collaborative programs which are firewalled and confidential, while others are demanding more information with an expectation of supplier transparency for the whole supply chain.

To improve quality, suppliers should set up effective audit trails for all sub suppliers. This may lie within the capability of large suppliers, but small and medium size suppliers may not have the expertise to develop acceptable supply change qualification systems.

Linx Consulting Supply Chain Optimization Service
Companies at all levels in the value chain need help in establishing and managing quality systems and the impact of excursions as well as understanding both the scale and the appropriate cost of these systems. 

Linx Consulting offers solutions to all participants that are designed to:
supply chain optimization services
To learn more about Linx Supply Optimization Service, please contact Kyle Flanigan at 503-519-8776 or email him at kflanigan@linx-consulting.com.
Linx Introduces the First Annual Silicon Supply Conference
As the demand for silicon products increases, advanced materials suppliers are faced with a silicon supply chain in flux, where shifts in pricing, priorities, and strategies can dramatically impact business operations and profits.

The Silicon Supply Conference is the only business conference focused on the supply of Polysilicon, Wafers, and Silane based precursors to the Silicon IC industry, and the crystalline Silicon PV industry in 2013.

The Silicon Supply Conference will bring together leaders from all facets of the silicon supply chain to network and share market information. The conference is specifically for marketers and supply chain participants in the supply of of poly chunks, FBR beads, ingots, silanes and silicon by-products.

The conference will address the following topics:
  • Market size and growth
  • Market dynamics of supply segments
  • Technical barriers and advantages of key technologies and players

The Silicon Supply Conference Details


TECHMART Meeting Center
Santa Clara, CA
Date: September 10, 2013
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm


Visit our website for conference sessions and details. 


To learn more about The Silicon Supply Conference call Mark Thirsk at 617-273-8837 or send him an email.
NOW AVAILABLE: Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market
Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market
CVD, epitaxial, and ALD deposition of thin films on electronic devices is becoming a critical method of depositing the critical, functional materials needed in high performance devices such as:
  • Advanmetal organic depositionced ICs
  • HBLEDs
  • Compound semiconductors 
  • Flat panel displays
  • MEMS 
With the recent growth of HBLEDs and the pending growth of III-V Materials in high mobility channel silicon devices, the demand for MO precursors could skyrocket.  

Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market will analyze the markets (with forecasts to 2017) and supply chains for the basic materials, intermediates and most importantly, molecules used in MOCVD, including TMA, TMI, TMG, TEG and dopants as well as detailing the key players, and their respective market shares.
For more information or to order Analysis of the Global Metal Organic Deposition Precursor Market call Mike Corbett at 973-698-2331 or email us.
Mike Corbett & Mark Thirsk
Linx Consulting
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