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Astrocartography Report:  Found the city that makes them happy


"Just thought I'd send you a note to let you know we moved to the foothills north of Boise, Idaho (from central Ohio) after researching the cities you suggested - and we love it! Our families thought we were crazy, and the newly constructed home and area have far exceeded our expectations. I encourage others to seek your help to determine locations in which to maximize their potential as eternal spiritual beings."  

Dave T. & Jane A.


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Future Events
7-4-14 Independance Day (USA)


7-17-14 Wex Drive-In Outdoor Films- Rear Window

7-17-14 7-8:30 pm
Peak Brain Performance
7-18-14 thru 7-20-14 Jazz & Rib Festival, Downtown Riverfront FREE

7-23-14 7- 8:30 pm


7-27-14 Parents Day 

7-29-14 Eid al-Fitr (Muslim) 

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Does your organization, office or group need an engaging speaker? Diana Garber can bring a variety of topics that are instantly applicable. 

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Diana Garber

Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July, earmarking an expression of gratitude and sense of thankfulness from every child to his/her parents.  Read More Here

Tips to Live Consciously

In these times of constant change and turnover you may have concerns about your career prospects. Where do your talents lie? Would you like to do something else? What would be more fulfilling? Where will your efforts produce the best results? What's the best working environment for you? We are offering Matrix Opportunity Reports this month for $35, a 9% savings. Order yours today!  


We are also recommending Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil this month.
Peppermint is a strong, clean, minty aroma. One of the oldest, most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may restore digestive efficiency. Learn more here.  


Spotlight on IC

Feng Shui for Little Folk
7/17/2014 7- 8:30 PM 
Cost: $26
Peak Brain Performance, 97 E Wilson Bridge Rd, Columbus, OH 43085

This workshop is for parents, grandparents, big sisters, big brothers, and anyone
interested in a child's living environment. This event ultimately benefits children and their well being, and it can also reduce parent and siblings' stress.  Join us for this informative journey on how to implement Feng Shui in your child's life. Deadline for registration: Monday, July 14, 2014.   Register here - space is limited!  

Dowsing is most commonly done for underground water. However, anyone from researchers to utilities dowse for other purposes such as archaeological remains, cavities and tunnels, oil, veins of mineral ore and occasionally missing persons. Deadline for registration: Friday, July 18, 2014. More information/register here!  


Recommended Resources

We are showcasing one ofLearn FCR: The most powerful neurological & structural treatment our favorite Ohio medical clinics this month. This was filmed in the old office, and please visit and experience the newly Feng Shui designed space at 10208 Sawmill Parkway, Powell. This video features Dr. Damon Whitfield at Liberty Integrative Medical Center.
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