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Best Essential Oils for your Home!
Are You Needing a Speaker?
Yearly Risk Assessments
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Gratitude Book Project- Best of Pets
Being Thankful is Good for You
Sitting and Facing Directions
Your Opinion Counts
Spotlight On IC
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Manage Your Environment in 2013
Young Living Essential Oils
Click here to order Young Living Essential Oils

Many years ago I researched aromatherapy and how it related to Feng Shui. What I found is that each of us (depending on our element) is attracted to different scents. We'll offer a free webinar on that periodically. Meanwhile, I searched far and wide for quality essentials oils. In my opinion, Young Living essential oils are the best of the best. Their approach is aromatic science, and I believe their oils affect us energetically.  


See for yourself! 

Is Your Group Looking for Speakers?

Diana Garber is a renowned speaker that events from 10 to 10,000. She has a variety of interesting speaking topics regarding Feng Shui that you can use to keep your members, guests or clients interested and informed.
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Looking to Update Your Yearly Risk Assessment?

Intuitive Concepts, Inc. will be contacting our current clients during the months of November and December to book their yearly risk assessments. If you haven't been contacted yet, email us
or call us at 740-965-9458 to schedule a time.

"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us." ~ Winston Churchill


Best of Pets- Gratitude Stories
Gratitude Book Project - Best of Pets

Are you

looking for a GREAT gift for a PET LOVER in your life?

Try the Gratitude Book Project - Best of Pets. It's full of quotes from other pet lovers, and will fill your loved one's heart with joy! 


Click on the picture above to order!  

Being Thankful is Good for You!  

Don't feel guilty about the extra pie you may have this month. Instead, think about how thankful you are for the food and abundance in your life. Write it down, along with other things in your life that make you gratel. Gratitude has been shown to make you a healthier person.


Researchers increasingly have started to look into the role that gratitude plays in people's well-being.  They have found that people who spend time thinking about the good things in life tend to have fewer physical symptoms, feel better about their lives overall and are more likely to look forward to the week ahead. They also sleep better, are more alert and have more enthusiasm.  


Want to read more about gratitude?  


At Intuitive Concepts, we are constantly striving to make a difference in the lives of our clients, associates, families and friends.  Whether it is through consultations, coaching, articles, events, or newsletters, we want to do our part to make a difference in your life, a life full of changes.  Please contact us for a free estimate to begin your Feng Shui journey.


May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,


Diana Garber  

Your Intuitive Concepts Family




sunblockfilm Tip of the Month
On 11/7/12, we begin the 10th month of the Chinese calendar cycle. The flying star that arrives is 5 (earth) in a 6 (hard metal) year. This provides a 5:6 combinationcan cause issues with the head and lungs, as well as sexual dysfunction.
What do you do about the energy? Take care of your health and reduce your stress.

This being Thanksgiving month - express gratitude every day. To measure your wealth, count your blessings. Let us help you with a
date analysis  


 Your Opinion Counts


This client is THANKFUL to be headache-free! 


I have been headache free for over a week! I couldn't understand why I was getting headaches in the nighttime while sleeping. Even after I got my back straightened out with the chiropractor, I kept getting headaches and didn't understand why. After moving my "red" alarm clock to the floor and away from me, I have been sleeping better and pain free!!!!! I am so pleased to have gotten that BIG nugget of information from you when you spoke at our annual conference. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


Julia Lamb, RPR/CRR



Spotlight On IC
Feng Shui Client
This month, an IC client, Nancy, explains in a YouTube video, why she is thankful for the changes Feng Shui has made in her life. Click to watch! 

And check out our Facebook Fan Page for information that you can use. Here's a direct link on how Feng Shui can help your health in the coming months! 


Recommended Resources
Great Idea for Holiday Gift Giving!  

Are you looking for a great gift  idea for the holidays? Scentsy  is a safe electric warmer that is an alternative to a burning candle for room scents. 
Shirley Bruner - Scentsy Distributor can deliver for the holidays if  you place your order before Dec. 19th. There are warmers that help you root for your favorite college, travel warmers and warmers for every decor! Order today! 

Make Today a New Day at New Day Spa in Granville, Ohio 
Click Here for More Info

Hot Stone Massage: Relieve tension and stress with the heat of hot rocks.  
Rejuvenating Massage:Full body massage customized to fit your needs. Specific pressure should be discussed with your massage therapist.   
Classic Massage:This massage concentrates on either the upper body or lower body to relieve tension, stress and pain.


Instyle Interiors by Michelle Ethridge-Craycraft

Specializing in decorating residential, businesses and model homes for Central Ohio Builders. Serving Columbus, Ohio and the Central Ohio Area.

InstyleInteriorsby michelle 
Click Here for More Info.

Click here to Order!
 Manage Your Environment in 2013

Consider adding this tool to your Feng Shui toolbox so you can manage your environment, not the other way around. The information from this DVD is intended to raise awareness. Awareness (whether it's Feng Shui or other healing energies) helps us to be proactive. The remedies suggested in this video are based on timing, and are not a substitute for having a professional assessment of your office or home; but can help you understand what is happening and why..  


Order the DVD, " The Energy of 2013" available late-November from our website.  This lecture received rave reviews, and is priced lower than ever before (40% off). $22.04 includes tax, shipping, and handling.



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