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Think Before You Pink

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Think Before You Pink


When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 24 years ago the activist part of me was born. I was shocked that there was so little awareness about a disease that would strike "1 in 10" women in their lifetime. Today it is "1 in 8."


About the same time Astra Zeneca promoted October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Interestingly, it is the largest producer of Agent Orange and PCBs. It is also the manufacturer of Tamoxifen, an estrogen-disrupting drug that is prescribed for women following breast cancer treatment. The side effects for this drug are tremendous, from depression, memory loss, weight gain and a virulent form of uterine cancer to name a few.


Estee Lauder promoted the now famous pink ribbon yet has refused to disclose if any of their products could contain possible carcinogens.


Breast Cancer Action, a non-profit breast cancer activist group in San Francisco has had a campaign for several years called "Think Before You Pink."


October is a sea of pink. Everywhere you look there are pink products from mugs, rubber duckies, pencils, to gloves and shoes worn by professional football players. The question becomes whether companies are truly concerned about this potentially deadly disease or are using this cause marketing as an opportunity to increase profits. Some of these companies produce products that contain known carcinogens.


For more information on "Pink Washing"  click here


For myself, I will not wear a pink ribbon or anything pink in October.


Sandy Eiler


Internal Social Media


As we continue to push our way into what some would call the digital age or era, many businesses and organizations have implemented some sort of digital or social media strategy. Companies have seen positive results from implementing social media strategies from the marketing or promotions stand point. Why not take social media a step further and use it to enhance communication and interaction within the workplace?


Internal social media or communication platforms including SocialCast, Yammer, and Jive benefit organizations in several ways. Most importantly, it allows employees to communicate more effectively across the organization. It allows for immediate feedback to questions and concerns and engages employees, making them feel connected to the entire company. Internal communications connects executives with employees. The marketplace is becoming increasingly dynamic and allowing an 'open door' environment promotes engagement, idea sharing and brings executives and employees together.


General Motors Company uses SocialCast's Town Hall feature to hold large-scale discussions on important issues. "Recently, more than 1,000 users joined a Town Hall regarding benefits and compensation, directly interacting with leaders. Rather than putting leaders on the spot, burning questions are thoughtfully answered in writing" (SocialCast, 2013). Increased connection and communication with executives and employees allows for a more functional and empowered workplace.


Other benefits of internal social media or communication are employees stay up to date on company activity, it allows for enhanced collaboration for employees working on projects together, and it has the potential to limit the amount of emails clogging up company inboxes because questions, comments, or concerns can be posted on the network and answered immediately rather than waiting hours or days for a response.



Katie Joly





Entrepreneurs Forum

Including Livingston Economic Club Luncheon


Thursday, October 10, 2013

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Johnson Center, 3725 Cleary Drive, Howell, MI

Tickets $30


In the Business of Success

This forum brings together business, academic and diversified entrepreneurial leaders, who through personal experience, education and examples will help attendees identify. Understand and navigate many areas of entrepreneurship. This year's theme is Entrepreneurial Success.


The Forum Line-Up Includes:


Paul Krutco - President and CEO Ann Arbor SPARK

Rick Scofield - Livingston County SCORE Representative

Ann Holm - Brain Science Specialist

Sue Alderson - Owner, Fountain of Youth

Pam McConeghy - President and CEO, Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Johnson - Livingston County SBTDC Director

Austin Szelkowski - Owner, Adept Marketing Solutions

Stewart Brannen - Academic Chair & CIE Director, Cleary University

Larry T. Eiler - Founder and CEO, Eiler Communications

Robert H. Miller - World War II author and executive director of the George S. Patton Foundation will be the keynote speaker at the Livingston Economic Club Speaker Series held in conjunction with the Entrepreneur's Forum.


To purchase online, visit

Stewart Brannen -



Ford Acquires Livio, a Detroit-based in-car connectivity start-up


Taken from Wired, by Damon Lavrinc


Last week, Ford Motor Company acquired in-car connectivity start-up, Livio. The Livio Connect System offers drivers the ability to connect popular broadcasts and streaming music services to their car radios as well as integrating apps. The acquisition was Ford's major technology buy which isn't surprising as the auto industry has been looking for ways to connect drivers with their cars and find developers to create such apps.


"Customers want seamless in-car connectivity," says Ford's CTO Paul Mascarenas. The in-car experience industry has been heating up as automakers are all looking for ways to create the best driving experience possible.


Livio, a five-year old Detroit area start-up has also offered its system to GM and Pioneer.


To read the complete article click here 


Katie Joly


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