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NO.  9

Remembering 9/11

Online learning may change higher education


Entrepreneurs Forum

Including Livingston Economic Club Luncheon


Majority of CEOs, Top Execs not on Social Media, Study Finds  


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Remembering 9/11



Twelve years ago today, our country witnessed shocking events in our nation's capital, New York City and Pennsylvania. This tragedy left us feeling vulnerable and broken. Over a decade later, the memories and images still sting.


This past weekend, we each stood inside a stadium, packed with 115,000 thousand people as the flag was raised to honor America. The sections we were in proudly sang The Star Spangled Banner, hands over their hearts or behind their backs. How proud we were to be part of this great nation and thankful for the privileges and freedoms we have because we are citizens here.


We are a great nation of patriotism and pride and we must continue to stand strong together. We will remember and honor those we have lost and hope and pray for the safe return of those overseas.


So today, in whatever way is best for you thank the brave men and women that lost their lives on 9/11 and offer hope to the numerous families who lost a loved one or friend that day. Thank the men and women of our armed forces that are protecting our freedom. Stand tall and stand proud as we remember 9/11.


Katie Joly

Larry Eiler 



Online learning may change higher education


Massive open online classes, or MOOCs, are changing the game of traditional university higher education. An explosion in MOOCs start-ups like Udacity, Coursera, and EdX offer students accessible online learning often free of charge.


Many colleges and universities have chosen to partner with companies that offer MOOCs to avoid being crushed by these free online start-ups. According to The Economist, "Coursera has formed partnerships with 83 universities and colleges around the world, including many of America's top-tier institutions".


American colleges and universities are not the only ones feeling the pressure of MOOCs. Several universities in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia have joined the European company FurtureLearn to offer online learning to students. Despite the explosion of schools joining this trend, two well-known universities, Oxford and Cambridge are "refusing to join what may be a 'lemming-like rush' into MOOCs", quoted The Economist.


Though the 'MOOC industry' is relatively new and still figuring out its business model, its current companies are finding plenty of investors and creating revenue. Coursera charges students for a diploma or certificate to show completed coursework and Udacity charges a small tuition while offering free course materials and a network with partnership companies like AT&T.


It seems with the high cost of higher education, MOOCs may become a more attractive option for students who wish to earn a higher degree without being bogged down in debt afterward.


For more information and the complete article: Click here  


Katie Joly






Entrepreneurs Forum

Including Livingston Economic Club Luncheon


Thursday, October 10, 2013

8:30 AM- 3; 30 PM

Johnson Center, 3725 Cleary Drive, Howell, MI

Tickets $30


In the Business of Success

This forum brings together business, academic and diversified entrepreneurial leaders, who through personal experience, education and examples will help attendees identify. Understand and navigate many areas of entrepreneurship. This year's theme is Entrepreneurial Success.


The Forum Line-Up Includes:


Paul Krutco - President and CEO Ann Arbor SPARK

Rick Scofield - Livingston County SCORE Representative

Ann Holm - Brain Science Specialist

Sue Alderson - Owner, Fountain of Youth

Pam McConeghy - President and CEO, Greater Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Johnson - Livingston County SBTDC Director

Austin Szelkowski - Owner, Adept Marketing Solutions

Stewart Brannen - Academic Chair & CIE Director, Cleary University

Larry T. Eiler - Founder and CEO, Eiler Communications

Robert H. Miller - World War II author and executive director of the George S. Patton Foundation will be the keynote speaker at the Livingston Economic Club Speaker Series held in conjunction with the Entrepreneur's Forum.


To purchase online, visit

Stewart Brannen -



 Majority of CEOs, Top Execs not on Social Media, Study Finds


According to Qualigence International, a national leader in recruitment research, 84% of CEOs wordwide do not feel that social media should be used to interact with clients. This study, conducted by IBM, also indicated that only 16% of CEOs interact with customers through social media.


This is not surprising, as the Department of Human Resources reports that 60% of executives use social media an hour or less a week. Some executives noted that they would use the sites more frequently if they had a greater understanding of social media and its advantages.


Since executive level employees are not engaged in social media, the responsibility is left to lower and middle-level employees. Many feel each employee has her own responsibility and role, which makes businesses efficient and productive.


However, if the majority of executive-level employees are uninvolved in their companies' social media efforts, their businesses are missing out on opportunities for greater collaboration and brainpower and more effective social media sites.


For more information: click here


Taylor Modrowski



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