JULY  2013 

Volume 8

NO.  7

Vaco Detroit New Client

Twitter Acquires Social Media Start-up Spindle  


Social Media Helps  

Stop Payment Fraud,  

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Making Connections

Social Media Helps The Gown Shop Bond with Clients, Vendors





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Eiler Communications Adds New Client Vaco Detroit


Vaco Detroit, LLC. is a leading information technology staffing and consulting firm based in Ann Arbor. They provide strategic placement solutions for organizations and individuals seeking long-term business partnerships and immediate support for critical information technology projects.


The company chose Eiler to help with media outreach, which will extend Vaco Detroit's position as an industry leader of premier information technology employment solutions.


The Vaco Detroit office, located at 2211 Old Earhart Road, opened its doors in March after partners and Eastern Michigan University alumni Paul Bishop and Jerrett Eiler relocated to Ann Arbor from Vaco Columbus, Ohio office.


The Vaco Detroit office is one of 28 nationwide for Vaco, LLC. which is located in Nashville, TN.




Twitter Acquires Social Media Start-up Spindle


Twitter recently announced its acquisition of the location-based social discovery app Spindle.


Started by former Microsoft engineers more than two years ago, Spindle allows users to search for nearby events and businesses.


While Foursquare and Yelp depend on check-in information or reviews, Spindle uses Facebook and Twitter updates from local businessesto inform users what is going on in their immediate surroundings.


This means users get real-time, local updates about happy hours, restaurant deals, and sales information based on pre-configured interests. Spindle benefits businesses by releasing promotions, events, and information to consumers in real-time, letting them know what's happening right now.


The company has shutdown the app as it makes the move to Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco. The company has not announced when the app will be available again.


To read more about Twitter's acquisition visit:


Katie Joly



Social Media Helps Stop Payment Fraud, Business Week


Credit bureaus and payment companies are now using social media to ensure customers are honest about their identities and financial information. eBay's Pay Pal, WePay, Intuit, and Equifax are among the companies investigating social media profiles.


Although these companies can only use public information, they're able to find it since many people post a lot of information about themselves online. Many sites allow public access to photos, job credentials, and users' locations.


Ken Miller, vice president of strategic risk services at Intuit, uses LinkedIn to ensure users' identities and see recommendations from colleagues and friends. He states that LinkedIn provides a great amount of information, and that "there's definitely enough meat on the bone there."


Those in the industry hope this investigative work will combat online payment fraud, which costs about $3.5 billion in 2012. However, while this may prevent fraud, some are concerned that it will invade users' privacy.


To learn more, visit 


Taylor Modrowski






Making Connections

Social Media Helps The Gown Shop Bond with Clients, Vendors


Stacy Fork, owner of The Gown Shop at 122 S. Main in Ann Arbor, uses social media as part of her business strategy to build lasting relationships with clients, designers and wedding vendors as well as promote her shop and its offerings.


She updates her shop's social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn - at least 50 times a week, or each of the four sites about a dozen times.


"Social media comes very naturally to me, so I think it's easy for me to make a good connection with all of our brides and learn about their weddings, fiancés and other aspects," Fork said. "It's not just about the dress, and it's not just about the sale. It's fun to have the whole connection with them."


Fork asks her clients during their appointments whether they learned about The Gown Shop through the website or her social media sites.


She encourages small business owners to beef up their social media presence by strategically using the right tools.


"Use them to their full capacity and understand why you should post, what you should post and when you should post," Fork said. "You have to engage the community that's out there by asking them questions, showing them photos, giving them surprises and telling them to come in."    


To view The Gown Shop's social media sites, visit:

Facebook -- 

Twitter -- @TheGownShopA2 or 

Pinterest -- 

Instagram -- 


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