December 2012
Volume 7 


No. 12


Eiler and Apogee Insights Form Strategic Alliance

 With Global Language Monitor of Austin



Investor and Seasoned Emergiing Business Expert 

 Selected to Keynote ACE 13 Forum for Entrepreneurs 



Newspaper Advertising Declines Forecast



How I Learned to Support 



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About Eiler

Eiler Communications is a public relations and marketing  firm in Ann Arbor, MI.  We specialize in new and traditional media marketing, serving established and emerging companies in the communications
technology, financial services, biotechnology and healthcare industries.

Eiler and Apogee Insights Form Strategic Alliance

With Global Language Monitor of Austin
 Global Language Monitor (GLM) of Austin has launched a strategic alliance with Eiler Communications and its Apogee Insights Group partner of Ann Arbor, specialists in maximizing the value of intellectual property.

Since 2003 GLM has been a leader in advanced media analytics and trend tracking for clients worldwide. GLM's main services are based on its proprietary algorithmic methodologies, such as NarrativeTracker for global Internet and social media analysis, said Paul JJ Payack, founder, CEO and chief word analyst. NarrativeTracker is based on global discourse, providing a real-time, accurate picture about any topic, at any point in time. NarrativeTracker analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the top 275,000 print and electronic global media, as well as new social media sources as they emerge.

Apogee is an AnnArbor-based transformative advisor on business analysis and strategy, with extensive experience in maximizing the value of intellectual property. Apogee was formed earlier this year by seasoned business executives to partner with clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to identify critical challenges and optimize and address high-value opportunities, said Larry T. Eiler, co-founder of Eiler and a partner in Apogee.

"Apogee is serving companies that need to maximize the use of their intellectual property to transform how they conduct business," said Dan Arbour, Apogee co-founder and senior partner, "Organizations know that they must capitalize on their core competencies, but also realize that they are not always leveraging them most efficiently. In today's global marketplace it is imperative for organizations to use their assets to continually develop new capabilities to exploit emerging opportunities."

"Global Language Monitor provides organizations with the trend tracking capabilities they need to better understand their products and services as they relate to their customers, their marketplace -- and their competitors," added Payack.

The strategic alliance will help GLM maximize their intellectual property, products and services to maximize opportunities in new, adjacent and emerging markets.

About Apogee Insights Group
We Help Companies Find and Grow Their Sweet Spots
Apogee's Strategic Trajectory Management (STM) process offers a customized, focused approach that ensures clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable organizations and deliver market-leading services that secure lasting results. Partners of the firm are experienced corporate executives who have spent much of their careers in sales, marketing, finance and product development

About Global Language Monitor
We Tell the World What the Web is Thinking
Founded in Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas-based GLM collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends worldwide, with a particular emphasis upon the English language. GLM employs proprietary 'algorithmic methodologies' such as the NarrativeTracker for global Internet and social media analysis. NarrativeTracker is based on global discourse, providing a real-time, accurate picture of what the public is saying about any topic, at any point in time. NarrativeTracker analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the top 275,000 print and electronic global media, as well as new media sources, such as Twitter, as they emerge.





Investor and Seasoned Emergiing Business Expert 

 Selected to Keynote ACE 13 Forum for Entrepreneurs 



"The Entrepreneurial Soul of America: Comparisons of Silicon Valley and Michigan"

To Be Discussed by Terry Cross, Longtime Leader of Entrepreneurial Economies

in New York, California and Michigan



ACE 13, the 13th annual forum for entrepreneurs and emerging company leaders and investors, announced its keynote speaker will be a widely known investor and corporate officer and director with roots on the East Coast, West Coast, Europe and for the past 25 years, Michigan.


He is Terry Cross, founder of Windward Associates of Rochester Hills and a longtime leader in the investment communities in Silicon Valley and New York City.  He will discuss "Returning to Michigan, The Entrepreneurial Soul of America: The Important Comparisons between Silicon Valley and Michigan."


ACE (Annual Collaboration for Entrepreneurship) is Michigan's leading entrepreneurial educational and networking forum and is run by a team of technology business, civic, educational and community leaders from across the state.  ACE annually has a series of experienced panelists who are leading existing business and provide their ideas and guidance to new and emerging companies.


ACE annually draws 1,000 to 1,400 guests to the seven-hour event.  This year for the first time, ACE will take place at Burton Manor in Livonia January 31 from 2 to 9 pm.  It has been held at Washtenaw Community College and Skyline High in Arbor for the past several years. 


Cross's principal speech is slated at about 6 pm after a series of educational panel sessions to cover investment, business development, sales, marketing, human resources and other disciplines tied to starting and developing entrepreneurial and emerging businesses.


"I will draw on my experiences over many years of serving as an investor and director of many high tech businesses in Michigan and Silicon Valley, and an active participant for many years in

similar forums on both coasts," said Cross.  "I know Michigan's entrepreneurial people today are especially interested in finding and engaging investors as well as learning through stories of other firms how to sell, market, hire and retain top people, defining their product to meet existing and developing market needs," he explained.


Founder of Windward Associates, LLC, Cross has been an Angel investor and businessman for over 50 years. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of Great Lakes Angels and a founding member of The Michigan Venture Capital Association. While he has served on many boards over the years, his current board memberships include: Monarch Antenna, a Delphi Corp. spinout, NextGen Metabolomics, RetroSense, NextCat, InfoReady, RazorThreat, Ardent Cause, Productive Resarch, Fusion Coolant Systems, and Joshi Biochemicals. Cross served as the first Executive in Residence for Entrepreneurship at The School of Business Administration at Wayne State University in Detroit, where he administered the prestigious Adams Entrepreneurial Fellowship and received the 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award. He currently manages The Adams Fellowship for The Community Funds of Southeast Michigan through The Automation Alley Foundation.


Cross was a co-founder of Sonoma Photonics, which recently sold to Northrop Grumman. He was a founding investor in three startups from MIT's tech transfer department and served on the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity. In September of 2007, he was named to the Task Force for A World Financial Center by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, one of Korea's most prestigious institutions. He was employed by Kidder, Peabody in various financial services and investment banking activities in Detroit, New York and San Francisco for 28 years and then moved back to Michigan to become involved with the state's rejuvenation and renewal focus. 

Newspaper Advertising Declines Forecast


The drop in newspaper advertising, now a longtime trend, is forecast to continue to decline according to eMarketer, a research and survey firm.


Total ad revenues will decline from $22.5 billion forecast for 2012 to $21.5 billion in 2013, $21 billion in 2014, $20.63 billion in 2015 and $20.4 billion in 2016. That's a 9.5 percent decline over these five years, reports eMarketer.

How I Learned  to Support 


At Eiler I did some marketing work for Operation Never Forgotten (ONF), a pro bono client that is an all volunteer national non-profit communications service that connects our military and civilian worlds through non-partisan public service announcements (PSAs). ONF's PSAs for deployed troops, wounded warriors, fallen heroes and military families include signs in airports, food stores and malls, TV and radio broadcast and outdoor advertising.  My experience with ONF got me interested in the Tough Mudder and here's my story:


Standing atop a twenty-five foot wooden tower attempting to subdue my fear of heights enough to be able to jump off into a pool of freezing cold water, I seriously questioned why I signed up for the Tough Mudder in the first place. Granted finishing this twelve-mile, twenty-five obstacle laden course would provide a great sense of accomplishment; but in all honesty, I was in it for the Facebook pictures that would showcase me competing these dangerous feats to all my friends. I laughed to myself when I realized I had helped create the monster I was now facing.


Wounded Warrior provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life. They focus on four tiers of mind, body, economic empowerment, and engagement. In order to provide such services to our service members and their families, they depend heavily on charity with their largest fundraiser being the Tough Mudder. This obstacle course was designed by the British Special Forces to test participants' strength, stamina, mental toughness, and camaraderie, and it has raised over $3.7 million to date.


After four hours and multiple scratches and bruises, I finished the Tough Mudder. I felt a great sense of pride after I crossed the finish line covered head to toe in mud, but not as much pride as when I later posted my official Tougher Mudder finisher badge to my Facebook wall.


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