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Winter 2012

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Tax Tips Newsletter

Your Winter 2012/2013 Tax Tips have arrived! Download a PDF right here:
The Small Business version features articles and tips on:
  • 2013 Medicare tax   
  • 1099-K reporting 
  • Business-provided cell phones
  • Deducting accrued bonuses 
  • and more!
The Individual version includes articles on:
  • Flexible spending account limits   
  • Adjusting payroll withholding   
  • Retirement planning 
  • The Affordable Care Act 
  • Overseas bank accounts   
  • and more! 
Still need year-end planning?

We're doing virtual tax appointments this year, so if you forgot to schedule a tax planning meeting with us for your small business, contact us now to get on the schedule. Email us at

We hope our east coast clients have recovered from Hurricane Sandy and that the rest of our clients are having a wonderful Fall. Remember, we're here year-round to help you make sense of the numbers!

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