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May 19, 2015 / Issue 2, 2015/2016 Season
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See yourself on stage in this World Premiere?

Hart House Theatre is now accepting submissions for

George F. Walker WE THE FAMILY

A new play by George F. Walker
Directed by Andrea Wasserman

Deadline for Submissions:
Friday, June 5, 2015 - early submissions are encouraged.
Non-union, Non-paying

Multicultural mayhem. Love. Larceny. And death!

Two families collide in this dark comedy written by acclaimed Canadian playwright, George F. Walker. Known for his wit and biting commentary on city living, Walker's We the Family looks at the after-effects of a wedding between culturally divergent families. As they struggle to understand one another, their own failings and bad choices set them on a collision course with a devastating - and hilarious - end.

More information including character breakdowns and audition requirement here >>

Now on Stage
Days of Wine and Roses closes this week
Days of Wine and Roses In the fast-moving milieu of Madison Avenue, social drinking is almost an occupational necessity and one that fast-rising young Joe Clay adopts with too ready ease. 

Unfortunately, the girl he meets and marries shares his proclivity and while they continue to tell themselves that they drink because they choose to, it is soon apparent that their habit has become a serious problem.

Days of Wine and Roses was an acclaimed 1958 teleplay by JP Miller which dramatized the problems of alcoholism.

On stage May 9-23, 2015.

More information and tickets here >>
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