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January 20, 2015 / Issue 20, 2014/2015 Season
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The theatre is a-rockin' after a thrilling opening weekend of Jesus Christ Superstar. In this issue, we show you the show's spectacular production trailer and early reviews, introduce you to the plays being presented at this year's U of T Drama Festival, show you some of the inspiration for the design of This is for You, Anna and remind you of a winter party in our historic quad happening this Thursday.
When the theatre's a-rockin'...
On stage until January 31
This past weekend, Jesus Christ Superstar opened to sold-out houses and standing ovations. The response of critics and audiences has been raucous and thrilling. Please remember to book your tickets in advance (see UofTtix Box Office link HERE) so you don't miss out on what some audience members are calling "the best show ever produced by Hart House Theatre".


Some words from the critics - click on their credentials for links to full reviews.

"Hart House Theatre's production of Jesus Christ Superstar is a wild trip back to the final days of Jesus Christ, rounded out by excellent performances and a rock and roll soundtrack...In the first few minutes of the production, the audience is immediately captivated by Judas Iscariot, played to perfection by Aaron Williams." - Theatromania's Victoria Begin

"From the moment David Michael Moote emerges on stage as a contemporary Jesus-figure sporting skinny jeans and a man-bun he draws our attention and holds it. He's able to pull off the difficult, high rock vocals for the role with panache and his is the most polished overall performance in the show. I don't doubt we'll be seeing more of this bright light in future productions." - Mooney on Theatre's Wayne Leung


"When Moote can simply sing centre-stage and be riveting; Williams can drop in R&B phrasing that turns the lyrics Shakespearean; and the ensemble creates a Spectorian wall of sound, how could anyone deny them the opportunity to cut loose and simply dazzle with the glory of their voices? The Occupy Movement may have temporarily fizzled but this homage to their aims and goals gets it 99 percent right." My Gay Toronto's Drew Rowsome


"I highly recommend seeing this show not just for its astounding cast and stellar themes (or the fact that the house was absolutely packed), but for the simple fact that regardless of whether you go alone or with a huge group of people, you will have the time of your life seeing this (there are not enough superlatives in the English language to describe it ... so use your imagination) performance." Ontario Arts Review's Michael Piscitelli

The 23rd Annual U of T Drama Festival
The plays and their presenters


In the coming weeks, we will share more details (synopses, full cast lists) but for now, here is the line-up for the 2015 U of T Drama Festival:



Thursday, February 12

  • Dream As You Will, St. Michael's College / Troubadours
  • Let My Mind Run Dry, Hart House Players
  • Chase Williams and the Case of the Missing Fixture, Victoria College Drama Society

Friday, February 13

  • Ond, St. Michael's College / Troubadours
  • Guillotine, Trinity College Drama Society
  • The Bacchae, Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective

Saturday, February 14

  • Fanny, Fluff and Dandruff, UTM
  • Swim to the Moon, UC Follies
  • Evening of the Dead, UC Follies
Click here for more information on festival dates, this year's adjudicator and how to arrange for tickets.
Inspiration in Design
A look at the working images that are informing the design of our next show

Elizabeth Kantor, the production designer for This is for You, Anna has been working closely with the show's director to develop just the right look for this ground-breaking show. Below is a look at some of Elizabeth's early sketches and development of what will be the final product.


Design Process

Winter Blast
Hart House's inaugural winter quad party



Winter is always cold, but it doesn't always have to be miserable. Why fight the weather, embrace it!


Join our host, Quebec City's own Bonhomme Carnaval, in the Hart House Quad for our first-ever outdoor Winter Blast party. We'll have DJ Jason Palma broadcasting live to CIUT, plenty of warm drinks and snacks, and of course a few heat lamps just in case the dancing doesn't keep you warm. To keep up with our Canadian winter theme, we will be serving the signature drink of the Quebec Winter Carnival - The Caribou. This traditional mixture of red wine, whisky and maple syrup is sure the warm you up from the inside out. For a classic Canadian treat, you can sample tire sur la neige, the always popular maple syrup on snow. Venture into the Great Hall lounge for a quick break in front of a roaring fireplace and cozy Quebec-themed snacks available for purchase.


When: Thurs., Jan. 22, 8:30 pm-1 am

Where: Hart House Quad

Cost: $10 plus HST / 19+* / www.uofttix.ca

Bonus! Join us at Varsity arena from 7:10-8:30 pm for a free skate with Bonhomme Carnaval!


More information here >>

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