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Aloha from all of us at GVR! 

We are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and gentle trade winds before the stormy weather arrives this weekend!  We are hopeful that both Iselle and Julio will be gentle on our islands, however, we are prepared for high surf, heavy winds and rain. 

Watch our  live web cam  overlooking the surf-breaks PK's and Centers.  The surf cam captures the waves rolling in from sunrise to sunset at this popular surf spot on the south side of Kauai!  Use the surf cam to monitor our weather as Iselle approaches!  Click here to watch www.alohasurfcam.com

Hurricanes in Hawaii... don't fear the East?

Aug 6th 2014

 According to an article on The Weather Channel, hurricanes approaching from the East are not to be as feared as those that approach from the South..

"Virtually every system approaching Hawaii from the east since 1950 tracking at least as far north as the latitude of the Big Island of Hawaii eventually weakened to a tropical storm or depression by the time it reached the islands. This included a large majority of those migrating from the eastern Pacific basin.

There are several reasons why this happens so often.

  • Drier, more stable air from the subtropical high to the northeast of Hawaii eventually inhibits thunderstorms from persisting and remaining clustered near the cyclone's center.
  • Wind shear (the change in wind speed and/or direction with height) is typically stronger near the Hawaiian islands, acting to displace thunderstorms from the cyclone's center.
  • Cooler sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific waters to the east of the Big Island of Hawaii keep the air somewhat cooler above it, increasing the stability of the atmosphere, making it less susceptible to forming and maintaining thunderstorms.

Of course, this doesn't mean every single storm will do that in the future. This is the reality of a meteorological rule of thumb"


Read more of the article Hawaii Hurricanes How Unusual Are They? 
South shore beaches 

Brennecke Beach is a popular bodysurfing and bodyboarding spot for locals and tourists on the south side of Kauai adjacent to Poipu Beach Park! 
On the opposite end of the oceanfront park is a series of golden sand crescents known as Poipu Beach! Poipu Beach was named America's Best Beach by The Travel Channel, ranking top among the 10 "best" beaches selected nationwide. It offers beachgoers excellent snorkeling, swimming, a natural ocean wading pool perfect for small children, bodyboarding and surfing.

Brennecke Beach                                                   Poipu Beach

Aerial pics courtesy of Poipu Beach Resort Association. Use the link to visit their website for detailed information about Poipu, Kauai's premier vacation destination!
Surfing is FUN!
Many local children on Kauai learn how to surf at a young age. A "grommet" or "grom" is a term used for a young participant usually under the age of sixteen who surfs, skates or snowboards. The Live Like Sion Gromfest celebrates surfing by encouraging young surf groms to paddle out and have fun. The festival is held annually at PK's surf break on the south shore. Unfortunately the Gromfest has been cancelled this weekend due to the weather but has been rescheduled for September 6th. 
Presley, daughter of Great Vacation Retreats owners, Scott and Amy Grant, is excited to paddle out again at this fun event. She gave us a cute interview recently after a surf lesson with Kelley Hunt out at PK's. 

Read about the joy of surfing from the heart of a little Kauai surfgrom on our
Shop. Share. Aloha

"Tree Tunnel" by local Kauai Plein Air Artist Eileen Kechloian

24" x 30" Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $750

11' x 14" Matted Print $40

100% of proceeds from Eileen's artwork helps to feed homeless keiki (children) on Kauai. 

Hawaii Dolphins


Three species of dolphins are commonly seen in Hawaii's near shore waters: spinner, bottlenose and spotted.

A Spinner dolphin is a small, long-beaked dolphin that can "spin" or revolve around its longitudinal axis as many as six times on one leap out of the water. They are found in resident pods around all of the main islands, resting in shallow bays in the day and hunting at night for small schooling fish.

Spotted dolphins look very similar to Spinner dolphins, however, the end of their "beak" is white-tipped and mature animals have a spotted color pattern on the body. They are usually seen in the channels between the islands and do not rest near shore. Both spotted and spinner dolphins travel in schools from small numbers up to hundreds.

Bottlenose dolphins are much larger with a uniformly gray coloration and a thicker, blunter "beak". They are usually seen in smaller pods or groups of less than 10 individuals. Intelligent and high up on the oceanic food chain, dolphins are found to engage in playful activities including bow riding where they surf in front of a boat or even a whale's bow wave. Learn more about Hawaii's dolphins at wildhawaii.org

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