Aloha to all of our Owners!  
Summer is in Full Swing! Congratulations to our GVR keiki dancers, Presley, Skyler and Alea, who wowed us performing on stage at KCC at the 6th annual Love Life Festival. Click here to watch them perform Rio.

Presley dancing at the 6th annual Love Life Festival!

Aloha from all of us at GVR!
Casablanca - now the new Poipu Beach Athletic Club!
We are pleased to welcome the new Poipu Beach Athletic Club (formerly the Kiahuna Swim and Tennis Club) and will be sharing details soon of a special membership agreement that we have arranged for our Vacation Rental Property Owners and Guests. The club offers a lovely resort pool and spa with water-slide, tennis courts, brand new fitness equipment and fitness classes including yoga and zumba.
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Red Salt at Koa Kea
We always enjoy dining at Red Salt at the Koa Kea boutique hotel in Poipu!

Koa Kea used to be the Poipu Beach Hotel which was one of the oldest hotels on the Garden Isle. In 1992, three Poipu hotels - the Sheraton, the Poipu Beach Hotel and the Stouffer Waiohai - suffered the most from Hurricane Iniki. It took nearly five years for the Sheraton Kauai Resort to reopen. In 2004, the site of the old Stouffer Waiohai site was transformed into Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club and more than 16 years after Iniki the Koa Kea opened in April, 2009.
 Koa Kea means white coral in Hawaiian, and the design takes its inspiration from natural forms, with touches like aqua-blue glass walls that evoke the ocean, bright flower-printed pillows in the open-air lobby and fern-patterned balcony railings that wrap around the hotel's three floors. 
My favorite thing about Red Salt is their lobby service:  a perfect martini made by bartender, Jim, and tasty, artistic sushi. Last Saturday the valet surprised us with a clean car. It had been muddied up off-roading. Imagine them washing the car! Fantastic service all the way around!

Kauai ranked 8th "Best U.S. Island"
Readers of USA Today and 10Best ranked Kauai as the No. 8 "Best U.S. Island" - the lone Hawaiian island to make the cut.

Kauai has many admirers! In 2013, it earned a No. 2 ranking on TripAdvisor's list of the 10 best islands in the United States, as well as Travel and Leisure magazine's list of world's best islands in its 2013 World's Best Awards.

The state of Hawaii is one of 20 destinations currently in the running for USA Today's Top 10 Wedding Destinations. To vote in the poll by June 30, click here to visit


Good News for Kauai... 

For the first time, Hawaiian Airlines will offer non-stop flights to Kauai from the U.S. mainland, with the launch of service from Los Angeles and Oakland starting in June. The increase in service from Kauai's two largest markets comes at the perfect time with travel demand peaking during summer. Three flights weekly will be offered from Oakland between June 15th and August 28th, with four flights weekly being provided from Los Angeles between June 27th and September 19th. Together, the two flights will add more than 20,000 new air seats to Kauai during summer, while making it more convenient to reach our beautiful island. Hawaiian will service both routes using its wide-body, twin-aisle Boeing 767-300ER aircraft, seating 264 passengers. Mahalo Hawaiian!

Facebook Fan base over 61,600 likes and climbing
We are grateful to all of our fans on Facebook that interact with us daily, liking and sharing our posts. We are proud to have
one of the very best social media presences on the Island with our fan-base for Great Vacation Retreats outnumbering many of the major tourism sites. We are building up our Facebook likes for our sister site Aloha Share. 
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Do You Tip the Housekeepers?
The Cleaning Department at Great Vacation Retreats is a highly detailed operation! I am always amazed at the precise juggling act that is performed daily to ensure that the cleaners are on schedule and that every property is shipshape and double checked prior to our guest arrivals. The unpredictability of what our owners expect versus our guests has also been pretty eye opening and there is a mile long formula for it all to work seamlessly. Only kidding -- no formula!

Scott is amazing with details and because I share an office with him, I look at the operation boards right in front of me all day long! The boards list the cleaning schedule, highlighting the back to back reservations and the myriad of special requests... From pest control, window cleaning, maintenance and open house appointments to bed conversion requests from twins to kings and an array of reminder notes cover our two week visual wall in our office and are meticulously handled. Wow!!!

Everything is checked and rechecked daily. No one wants to miss anything especially a clean!

We are very grateful for the cleaners themselves and the responsibility they have to set each property back to the pristine first impression that greets each guest on their arrival. Imagine being the cleaner at the front door of a home or condo with your hand on the knob, not knowing what awaits on the other side!  Sometimes it is an unbelievable mess with open food left on the counters, dirty dishes stacked high and piles of sand, wet towels and garbage all over the floor. I have been in all of them and the unpredictability is staggering. We have even seen entire rooms with furniture re-arranged! The cleaners are brave souls and I don't envy how difficult and physically exhausting their daily tasks are. 

It is customary and a sign of aloha to always leave a tip for the Housekeeper! When faced with a strenuous clean, especially after a long occupancy, it is encouraging when the guests (or owners) leave a monetary tip acknowledging the state of disarray and the extra time it will cost the Housekeeper to clean up after them!

Some guests tip the cleaners by leaving the properly tidy and organized. They thoughtfully take out their trash, load the dishwasher and toss their wet towels into the wash. Many leave their unopened food packages and groceries and this is a great bonus to the cleaners (we all know how expensive grocery shopping is on the island!), however, if a food item has been opened or partially used it will need to be discarded. 

We inspect every condo and home before check in and we have a guest survey card that is analyzed after each stay for each property to constantly assess our performance. We are consistently rated excellent for Property Cleanliness and we hope you enjoy receiving the guest comment cards that we send to you.
Linda Sylvester,
Owner Liaison 
MLS SALES Statistics 

 2014 Second Quarter                                


Sold in April - June 2014

Residential - 113

Vacant Land - 56

Condominium - 88


There has been an increase of 28.74% in the number of sales of vacant land this year to date compared to last year and a decrease of 5.71% in the number of condominium sales. Residential sales have also decreased by 7.08% to date compared to last year. Market Statistics are obtained from Hawaii Information service and are, therefore, not independently verified.


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We welcome you to call us with all your real estate needs and questions. 

 Tourism Stats

The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) anticipates a continued slowdown of the tourism economy through the second quarter of 2014. 

The decline is due to the decrease (-18%) in Hawaii's cruise business and other factors such as growing competition, the strengthening of the U.S. dollar against international currencies and other economic conditions. 

HTA continues to focus on diversifying our international markets by increasing destination awareness and developing newer markets to create opportunities to attract first-time, and higher spending visitors to Hawaii.


Visitor Statistics for April 2014:

Kauai Total Visitor Arrivals 88,233 up 4.2% compared to April 2013

Domestic Market to Kauai 76,979 up 3% compared to April 2013

US West to Kauai 46,971 up 3% compared to April 2013

US East to Kauai 24,988 up 6.4% compared to April 2013

Canadian to Kauai 7,118 up 39.2% compared to April 2013

Other International Markets to Kauai 11,254 up 12.9% compared to April 2013