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School is out for the Summer! 

Our Kauai keiki (kids) are extremely lucky to spend the next two months swimming, surfing and soaking up the summer sun. The island offers many fun summer festivals. For our island summer visitors please join us for the King Kamehameha Day Parade and celebration. This fabulous floral Parade on June 14th features traditional Pa'u riders representing each island with their horses adorned in beautiful flower leis!

July welcomes the 29th annual Koloa Plantation Days. Over 25 events celebrate the plantation heritage and modern-day vitality of Kauai's south shore communities of Koloa and Poipu during this 10-day family-oriented festival. Visit the tropics this summer and explore the beautiful garden island of Kauai! We have special vacation discounts for last minute travelers for any open calendar dates remaining in our vacation rental properties now thru August 2014. We also have special September Savings on select properties! Be sure to check out our "Puka Discounts" in this month's newsletter.

A hui hou!

Hawaiian Pa'u Riders
The history of Pa'u Riders dates back to the mid 1800s following the arrival of the first horses in the Islands in 1803. Horses were unknown to the Hawaiian people of old. That changed when 
Lelia Byrd - a merchant-vessel of American registry arrived in Kawaihae Bay, Hawai'i, June 24, 1803Richard J. Cleveland the ships owner had procured a horse, two mares and foal in California to present as a gift to the King of the Sandwich Islands (Hawai'i) King Kamehemeha.
To ride astride her horse with modesty and formal dignity Hawaiian women, devised an outer cover skirt (pa'u) to protect their shoes and dress clothing while traveling over dusty and muddy trails on the way to social visits. Early pa'u skirts were  fashioned from available fabric, usually calico or gingham, and  fastened at the waist and ankles with rope so that even the feet were covered.
The arrival of floral parades in Honolulu in the early 1900s ushered in more elegant fabrics like satin, as well as more floral decoration and accessories for both horse and rider. Through the years the floral parades become more elaborate, pa'u riding evolved into a ceremonial display in which lei bedecked women demonstrated their skilled and graceful horsemanship. 
There are traditionally eight equestrian units at the Aloha or Kamehameha parades. One to represent each island of the old Hawaiian Kingdom. Every article of clothing, accessory, color and the flowers chosen all have significance and meaning. There is a story and history behind everything. Red for example represents the  island of Hawaii, Kauai is purple, Molokai is green, Kahoolawe is the color grey, Lanai is orange, Niihau white, Maui pink and Oahu is the color yellow. 
 Photo and excerpt from earthstonestation.
Read more about the Pa'u Riders history and traditions in this wonderful blog Wahine Holo Lio, (Women Riding Horses) by Dohn at  earthstonestation
Moonbow Magic Gift Gallery shares the Aloha spirit!
Save a turtle! Buy this beautiful leather and metal bracelet handcrafted by local Kauai artist Kumi Fisher! Donated by Moonbow Magic Gift Gallery in Hanapepe.
100% of the proceeds from the local products in the Aloha Gift Section offered on our website Aloha Share support local non-profits dedicated to preserving the reef, wildlife, beaches and precious keiki of Kauai.

Shop. Share. Aloha

"Honu Keiki" by local Kauai Plein Air Artist Eileen Kechloian

24" x 30" Original Stretched Canvas $1500

24" x 30" Giclee Stretched Canvas Deep Profile Enhanced by Artist $750

11' x 14" Matted Print $40

100% of proceeds from Eileen's artwork helps to feed homeless keiki (children) on Kauai. 

Mokihana Berry

The mokihana berry is the official island lei material of Kaua'i. The mokihana is a native citrus tree. The leathery anise-scented fruit must be strung within a few hours of picking. Hawaiian women and men both wear the strung berries as leis and the anise-scented twigs and berries were once a favorite perfume (placed between the folds of tapa cloths).

Mokihana belongs to the genus Pelea, derived from the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, (Melicope Pele). Native to Kaua'i Island of Hawa'i, the mokihana grows to a height of 6 to 25 feet in moist to wet forests at elevations from 1,200 to 4,000 feet.



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