September 7, 2016
Plan Now for a WaterSmart Yard
With fall approaching, now is the ideal time to develop a plan to install a WaterSmart landscape. Taking advantage of seasonal rain and cooler temperatures during the winter months gives young plants time to establish roots before spring and summer heat. Below are a few resources offered by the Water Authority to help homeowners create a makeover plan to implement this fall.
  • Landscape Design for Homeowners Workshop -- a free, three-hour workshop to teach homeowners the basics of how to do a landscape makeover
  • Landscape Makeover Videos on Demand -- a free on-demand series of videos that goes step-by-step through the landscape makeover process
Keep Trees Healthy for Multiple Benefits

Trees are a precious resource that provide multiple benefits, including shade and improved water and air quality. Trees should be given highest priority for irrigation since lawns and shrubs can be replaced more easily.

In general, to help your trees thrive, slowly and deeply water mature trees once or twice a month and give young trees about 5 gallons of water two to four times per week. Do not over-prune your trees. Use 4-6 inches of mulch at least 4 inches away from the base of the trunk to retain soil moisture. 

Did you see?

The CW6 published an article on Aug. 21 noting the Carlsbad Desalination Plant has produced 10 billion gallons of fresh drinking water since it went online in late 2015.

"It produces the highest quality water that we have here in the region so that is a great benefit to our customers, and it also being a drought proof local supply has added to the reliability of delivering water here in the region," said Jeremy Crutchfield, senior engineer, San Diego County Water Authority.

Click here to read the full article.
Get a Free WaterSmart Checkup

Homeowners can request a no-obligation assessment to help them identify potential water-saving measures. WaterSmart Checkups include free, site-specific water-saving recommendations from certified irrigation professionals. Single-family home checkups include indoor and outdoor assessments. Participation is limited.
Click here for more information and to schedule a free WaterSmart checkup.