August 22, 2016
Back to School: Water Authority Offers Educational Resources

As summer break ends across San Diego County, the Water Authority is once again offering several free educational resources.

The Water Authority continues to offer two popular assembly programs that convey the importance of using water efficiently to elementary school students using music and humor. And the Water Authority continues to support the Splash Mobile Science Lab that delivers hands-on environmental education right to local schools. Details about the assemblies, along with a short video, is at

Through a generous grant by the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust, the Water Authority also provides posters of the water cycle and a map of California's water systems, along with workbooks about watersheds and the water cycle.

Please encourage educators in your community to take advantage of these opportunities.

Live WaterSmart Goes on the Road in September

The Water Authority is at community events sharing information about rebate and incentive programs available along with tips on ways to use water efficiently. Introduce yourself at our booth during one of the events below and we will give you a reminder to Live WaterSmart.
Thank you, Live WaterSmart Partners!

The Live WaterSmart campaign is in full swing across San Diego County, and numerous partners are joining the effort to make the most of our most precious natural resource.

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) invited the Water Authority to share WaterSmart resources at its annual Waterwise Day employee fair on Aug. 18, and Rise San Diego celebrated Live WaterSmart at its Aug. 19 breakfast in Southeastern San Diego.

In addition, San Diego County Chapter of the California Restaurant Association is preparing to promote Live WaterSmart during San Diego Restaurant Week Sept. 25-Oct. 2.  

Get your business or organization involved by emailing Risa Baron at

Did you see?

The Seaside Courier published a commentary by Water Authority Board Vice Chair Mark Muir on Aug. 7 sharing 10 tips for living WaterSmart and advancing the water-saving ethic no matter the weather.

"We're focused on everyday actions that can make the most efficient use of water in this semi-arid county we call home," Muir wrote. 

Click here to read more.
Saving Water is Easy with a WaterSmart Checkup

While water demand typically rises during the heat of summer, it's also a time with lots of opportunities to save water indoors and out. Signing up for a free WaterSmart Checkup is a great way to ensure that your home or business is using water efficiently.

During a checkup, a certified professional will provide recommendations about ways to reduce water use specific to your property, for instance, by installing high-efficiency showerheads or adjusting your irrigation system.