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Special Edition - March 18, 2015   
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Drought Conditions Prompt New Regulations
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San Diego County Water Authority

Drought Conditions Prompt New   

State Regulations      

Water Authority supports state   

efforts to boost conservation    

The State Water Resources Control Board on Tuesday adopted emergency water conservation regulations designed to increase water savings during a fourth consecutive dry year. The state board chair said severe drought conditions statewide prompted the agency to expand water-use rules it first adopted in July 2014 -- and that the board plans to consider more significant actions in the weeks ahead.
Under Tuesday's regulations, urban water suppliers must limit the number of days per week that customers can irrigate ornamental landscapes, and they must notify customers if  they are aware of leaks that are in the customer's control. In addition, California restaurants must serve water only on request, and hotels and motels must provide guests with the option of not laundering their towels and linens daily.  

The statewide regulations are consistent with actions that the  Water Authority and its 24 member agencies have taken since last summer to reduce water use and preserve remaining supplies. The Water Authority encourages every resident and business to make sure they follow these rules, along with all other water-saving requirements enacted by local water agencies

For information about drought conditions, local water-use restrictions and conservation-related resources, go to www.whenindrought.org.

The San Diego County Water Authority works through its 24 member agencies to provide a safe and reliable water supply to support the region's $206 billion economy and quality of life of 3.1 million residents.