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November 6, 2014  
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Water Authority Board Chair Thanks Voters for Supporting State Water Bond
Shorter Days, Cooler Temperatures Create Opportunity for Water Savings
Water Authority Comments on Release of Statewide Residential Per Capita Water-Use Figures
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Serious Drought Means Conserve Water Now

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San Diego County Water Authority

Water Authority Board Chair  

Thanks Voters for

Supporting State Water Bond    

Proposition 1 will invest in California's water supply reliability      


"We salute the residents of San Diego County for their strong and enduring commitment to a safe and reliable water supply as shown by their support for the state water bond -- Proposition 1 -- on the Nov. 4 ballot. A Water Authority poll earlier this year showed that nearly 80 percent of respondents supported the Water Authority's strategy to diversify the region's water supply, and we saw that commitment to similar solutions statewide clearly on election night.


"A resounding majority of voters locally and across California backed the ballot measure, which will invest in water supply reliability projects such as recycling, desalination, groundwater protection and development, conservation and enhanced storage. While this investment won't address the immediate drought conditions, it will help fortify our region's $206 billion economy and protect our 3.1 million residents against future dry years.


"The Water Authority and its member agencies will aggressively pursue funding from Proposition 1 to bolster our region's water supply reliability through continued diversification of our water resources."


Mark Weston, Chair

Board of Directors

San Diego County Water Authority



For information about drought conditions and conservation-related resources, go to www.whenindrought.org.


Shorter Days, Cooler Temperatures Create Opportunity  

for Water Savings   


County residents can combat statewide drought conditions by reducing outdoor irrigation now that nights are longer and temperatures are cooler. Landscapes don't need as much water in the fall and winter as they do during summer.


The end of daylight saving time last Sunday offers a timely reminder about making sure irrigation timers are correctly set and switching to a low-water-use schedule through May. As part of the regional Drought Alert status, local water agencies countywide have enacted water-use regulations that include irrigation watering restrictions.  


For details, go to www.whenindrought.org.

Water Authority Comments on Release of Statewide Residential Per Capita Water-Use Figures     

Region fully engaged in water  

conservation efforts


"We appreciate the State Water Resources Control Board's efforts to draw attention to water conservation across California with today's release of residential per capita water-use figures. However, significant differences in climates, land use and economies mean that it is often difficult to make accurate comparisons between regions and water agencies using this metric. What's more important is to measure each region's progress toward greater water-use efficiency.


"For more than two decades, San Diego County has been a statewide leader in water conservation, helping to fashion some of the nation's first water-use efficiency standards for toilets and clothes washers, and embracing a range of outdoor conservation measures to make the most of every drop. Our large and diverse region with 3.1 million people and a $206 billion economy has decreased its overall per capita water use by more than 20 percent since 2007.  


"This region is engaged and striving to conserve more as we prepare for the possibility that 2015 will be a fourth consecutive dry year. Despite extremely high temperatures, water users cut water use by 6 percent in August and 4 percent in September, compared to the same months in 2013. A host of community partners is helping reinforce the water-saving ethic -- from San Diego Zoo Global and the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority to the San Diego Padres and Chargers and local restaurant industry associations. Residents, businesses and institutions are responding: our classes for WaterSmart landscape makeovers have a waiting list, and applications for our WaterSmart Turf Replacement Program have grown at an amazing pace.


"Our region is moving in the right direction for water conservation, and we know that San Diego County residents will answer water-saving calls for action as they have in the past -- by continuing to find ways they can conserve even more."


Maureen Stapleton
General Manager

San Diego County Water Authority

The San Diego County Water Authority works through its 24 member agencies to provide a safe and reliable water supply to support the region's $206 billion economy and quality of life of 3.1 million residents.