Hanuman overseeing our south lawn gardens
Volume 6.0
June --  2015
From the Cushion 


Swami Chetanananda
This month's video is from a recent interview with Swami Chetanananda. In this brief but poignant piece Swamiji identifies for us our greatest desire: Love!

"To have love you have to extend love 
from the core of yourself...."           

 For more videos, please visit Swamiji's Video Blog page.  Using the link below, you will have access to a new series of interviews with Swamiji on practice and topical issues.  Please save the link to be able to review the newest videos!  Enjoy!  

              LINK:  http://swamichetanananda.org/

Practice & Inspiration
Swamiji & Sadhvi Parananda.
Guest Editor:  Sadhvi Parananda

I have been asked, more than a few times, over last year about my feelings regarding teaching in Swamiji's shadow.  My response is this:  


"I don't teach in Swamiji's shadow...  I teach in his light!"

I am amused that people willingly accept fitness gurus, food gurus, sports gurus and money gurus.  What raise eyebrows and suspicion are spiritual gurus.  All of those non-spiritual gurus are well paid for their expertise..    Read More

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Standing Namaskar


Asana Practice & Meditation


How does asana practice prepare us for the experience of meditation?

Preparing the body

When I first began yoga asana practice, I'd been meditating for 15 years. I learned then that moving the body and integrating breath and movement supported my meditation by helping me to relax and by releasing tensions held .. [read more]




The Sri Lalita Trishati Stotram Puja

Two years ago, Swami Chetanananda gave a group of Movement Center students the Sanskrit chant known as the Sri Lalita Trishati Stotram, or the chant of the 300 names of the goddess Lalita. We studied a rough English translation of the Sanskrit and chanted ... [read more]



   Songs from Center of Well Book

Tenth Anniversary Special!


The very first book published by Swamiji, Songs from the Center of the Well captures our guru's teachings to his students then and now.  Learn about its origins and what makes it unique, and take advantage of our special discount this month to add it to your library or buy it for a friend. [read more]