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Volume 4.0
April --  2015
From the Cushion 


Swami Chetanananda
In this video Swamiji answers the question, "What is shaktipat", explaining how the contact through this event reaches and impacts each persons energetic mechanism and vital force.                 Watch the full video

 For more videos, please visit Swamiji's Video Blog page.  Using the link below, you will have access to a new series of interviews with Swamiji on practice and topical issues.  Please save the link to be able to review the newest videos!  Enjoy!  

              LINK:  http://swamichetanananda.org/

Practice & Inspiration
Swami Rudrananda
Guest Editor:  Sadhvi Parananda

When I first came to The Movement Center I had just begun college.  I was a fallen Catholic and had many questions about whom and what is God.  I had a co-worker where I worked part-time, running the girls program at a boys club.  



 I needed to borrow a book and my friend told me he lived in a community.  He told me to come in the back door, wait in the kitchen and he would come get me after some time. As I waited I saw a picture of Swami Rudrananda on the counter.    Read More


Upcoming Shaktipat Intensives & Talks
      • Portland, OR  - Apr 18 & 19 (Shaktipat Intensive)
      • Seattle, WA -  June 6 (East-West Bookstore)
      • Seattle, WA -  June (Shoreline Comm. Acupunture)  
      • Portland, OR - July  22 - 26  (Summer Retreat)                22 - 26 Full Retreat, 25 & 26 Shaktipat Intensive only

*All dates subject to change

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On Your Toes


Since April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, it's a good time to consider an oft-neglected part of our anatomy: our feet, and in particular, our toes.


Many of us have lost our connection to our toes. If we wear conventional shoes, our toes are crammed into toe-boxes that distort their natural shapes... [read more]



Ganesh Puja


I once observed a Brahmin priest perform a ritual in a way that was a great lesson about the nature of puja.  Unlike priests at other shrines who performed their pujas according to the cookbook as a well-worn ritual of familiarity, this priest's every gesture and word came from an open heart, trembling with the passion of devotion. ... [read more]



Rediscover the Roots of Our Practice


Having access to the direct teachings of Nityananda, the wellspring of our practice, lets us connect with the fundamentals of spirituality in an extraordinary way. The Sky of the Heart: Jewels of Wisdom from Nityananda, with an introduction and commentary by Swamiji, gives us that access. [read more]