The Movement Center ashram on a chilly winter night
Volume 2.0
New Year --  2015
From the Cushion 
Message from Swami Chetanananda, recorded January 2015 

Swami Chetanananda

For a second month we were able to sit down with Swami Chetanananda and ask him about what he sees on the horizon for 2015.  The following video (2:16) contains Swami'jis candid views and insights into world events, economics and politics. The takeaway is that within each of us a heightened awareness of love and understanding is essential.                   Watch the full video

Practice & Inspiration
    The other       tree of life.
Guest Editor:  Rebecca Reese, M.D.

New Years Resolutions:  Why Food Choices Matter


After many years of repeating the cycle of resolution, diet, success and failure, I have come to a few conclusions.  Number one among them is that:  Food Choices Do Matter.


Why?  It is becoming common knowledge that the root of all degenerative disease (a fancy name for aging) is chronic inflammation.  Inflammation is an excitement or activation of the immune system.  Two of the major causes of chronic inflammation are food sensitivities and environmental sensitivities.   Read More



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Focused Breathing

The Balance of Effort and   Surrender in Hatha Yoga 


I'd like to focus on two concepts in hatha yoga as they relate to attaining mastery.  They are abhyasa, and vairagya...  [read more]

Experience Profound Healing

though the 100 Handprint Ritual


The 100 Handprint Ritual is an ancient practice from the shamanic Chod tradition of Tibet.  It is a profound way to promote healing and relieve suffering on all levels... [read more]



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