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Specializing in the GM LSX family of engines a CBM LSX engine can deliver more than 1600 hp. Our huge inventory of superchargers, turbochargers, internal and external engine parts will give your LS engine the horsepower it craves. 
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CBM blower belt drive tensioner.

For use with a Whipple 2.9L supercharger on a GM LS application. We use these manual style tensioners in high horsepower applications when we cannot allow for belt slippage. They also help to eliminate throwing the belt at high RPM's. Having problems stretching the belt? This may be a solution to your problem as it does not allow the belt to constantly relax then pull tight. It is CNC cut from a solid block of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum here in the USA . . more

All CBM Motorsports harnesses are completely plug and play with switched power, constant power and ground connections required. Harnesses are professionally constructed from brand new GM Delphi connectors and TXL (Polyethylene Cross Linked) High Temperature Wire to GM Specifications. This is not a modified OEM harness. Every clip, connector and pin is brand new. All blunt cut wires are clearly labeled for easy installation. . . . . more. 
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CBM Motorsports 2014 Events Calendar.

CBM Motorsports website now has an events calendar for 2014. It offers a accurate guide to racing events from SCORE, BITD, Lucas Oil Racing Series to the NHRA, PSCA, NMCA West and Championship Drift series that are to be held in Arizona, Nevada and California.....


CBM Motorsports, Ezba, Funco Motorsports in the UAE.

Watch Ezba tear up the UAE in their Funco Motorsports GTF sand cars powered by CBM Motorsports Supercharged 440 LS7 engine`s....watch video.


NMCA West Coast Shootout.

The Flowmaster NMCA WEST racing series continues in Fontana, CA, the weekend of June 20-22. The 4rd Annual Lucas Oil NMCA WEST Coast Shootout, is the third stop of five races where drivers can earn championship points.
Competitors in 11 classes, including the six-second 240 mph Garrett Turbo Pro Mod cars, will chase points toward ....

CBM Motorsports and Lucra Sports Cars on the Science Channel.

The Science Channel`s show How it`s Made: Dream Cars series. The episode will feature a 2014 Lucra LC470 Super Car with a CBM Motorsports NA 440 LS7 in it. The episode airs this summer. Check your guide......  more.



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