Accreditation Council for
Pharmacy Education:
International Services Program
Quarterly Newsletter: December 2013
Volume 2, Issue 3
FIP Congress in Dublin in September, 2013

Several members of the ACPE Board, International Commission, International Services Program Advisory Group (ISPAG) and Staff attended the FIP Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in September. ISP had a booth in the exhibition to showcase its services, activities, and international collaboration. If you stopped by to visit the booth to learn more about ISP, we thank you for doing that! Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We will be participating at the FIP Congress Bangkok, Thailand, 2014.  


International Commissioner Feature: Peter Kielgast, MSc(Pharm), DSc(Hon), LL.m, stated: 

"As a Danish pharmacy practitioner it has been a great experience to work within ACPE's International Commission. Denmark has a quality assurance system, uniform for the whole public Health Care sector. Although still voluntary, pharmacies have been among the most progressive to implement the so-called "Danish Quality Assurance Model", which is accredited by an independent, non-governmental surveyor, an accreditation valid for 3 years with a half-term overview. So combining this practice experience with the academic world has been a unique experience. Learning about best practice from knowledgeable colleagues is what ACPE has provided. Pharmacy education and practice worldwide needs constant improvement and development, so there is a great need for expanding ACPE's knowledge and experience internationally. ISP is a major step in enhancing the concept of quality, whether it leads to a full certification or just implies consultation for improvements". 

In This Issue
Upcoming Meetings

The International Commission held its sixth meeting on November 3-5, 2013; the next meetings are scheduled for May 4-6, 2014, and November 16-18, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The ACPE Board Meeting will take place in San Antonio, Texas from January 15-19, 2014.  

ISP General Information

You may access the ISP brochure, past newsletters and press releases and other information about the International Services Program on the  ACPE website.

ISP Staff: Questions and Comments

Mike Rouse, BPharm (Hons), MPS

Assistant Executive Director, Professional Affairs, and  Director, International Services


Irena Ademaj, MS

International Facilitator

International Services

International Consultants

If you are interested in becoming an international consultant or a member of on-site evaluation teams, or know someone else that might be interested, please contact Irena Ademaj.


Five Colleges of Pharmacy Applying for Certification

ISP is very pleased to announce that there are five colleges, faculties and schools of pharmacy in Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and India that are in the process of applying for certification. On-site evaluation visits for these schools are provisionally scheduled between February and May 2014. ISP staff looks forward to helping other schools that are interested in our services. 


Updates on International Collaborations

ACPE Updates Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP)


ACPE and CCAPP established a formal MOU in 2002. The organizations will continue to share best practices in accreditation, exchange information regarding trends and advances in pharmacy education and training in their respective countries, and observe or participate in on-site evaluation visits, board, and commission meetings. New areas of collaboration include inter-professional education, education and training of pharmacy technicians, and international activities. 


ACPE Signs Memorandum of Understanding with CIDPHARMEF ( Conférence internationale des doyens de pharmacie d'expression francaise)


ACPE and CIDPHARMEF will engage in ongoing communication and information-exchange regarding educational quality, policies and procedures, and operational tools and resources. Leaders within both organizations may also observe site visits and study each other's quality assurance systems and processes.


ACPE Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) to Advance the Quality of Global Pharmacy Education.


The organizations will engage in ongoing communication and information exchange regarding educational quality criteria, policies and procedures and other operational tools and resources. Leaders within both organizations may observe site visits and study each other's quality assurance systems and processes. You may find the links to the press releases for the MOU's at:


Current Projects and Presentations

ISP staff presented at or visited the following conferences and institutions:


July: Monash University Conference, Prato, Italy


August: Poznan University, Poznan, Poland; European Pharmaceutical Students Association Summer University, Zadar, Croatia; Split University, Split, Croatia


September: FIP Congress, Dublin, Ireland. Peter Vlasses and Mike Rouse provided a training workshop for the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI) evaluators.


October: Conference Belgrade, Serbia and Conference, Podgorica, Montenegro


November: Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy Conference, Singapore

Eastern European Countries Deliberate Global Standards and Frameworks for Pharmacy Education 


 Presidents and Representatives of Chambers of Pharmacy Meeting in Podgorica, Montenegro

Report by Dr. Arijana Mestrovic, MPharm, Competency Development Manager, Consultancy and Education, Zagreb, Croatia; Member of International Advisory Group (ISPAG)

In October, Mike Rouse visited Belgrade (Serbia) and Podgorica (Montenegro) to be a keynote speaker at two national conferences. The conference in Belgrade was a significant event, gathering more than 600 pharmacists from Serbia in the magnificent theater hall Madlenianum. Mike was invited by Pharma Expert, an educational company operating in Eastern Europe and he inspired participants with the following subjects: Quality assurance in pharmacy education - global overview, criteria and guidelines; CPD: Concepts, Components and Commitment; and Competency Self-assessment and Education Action Plan for Pharmacists. Together with Dr. Arijana Mestrovic, he presented the same topics to 120 pharmacists in Montenegro, invited by the Chamber of Pharmacists. Mike and Arijana's visit was well announced in local media, including interviews presented in the evening news on national TV. At this conference, presidents or representatives of pharmacy chambers in the region (Slovenia, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo) were present, participating - for the first time as a group - in fruitful discussions and sharing ideas for new approaches to pharmacy education.


This was excellent opportunity be part of important changes in the pharmacy profession in the region. Competency, service development, and continuing professional development in educational processes were recognized by participants as essential to advance pharmacy practice. It was very inspirational to speak and motivate our colleagues to start these important changes and additionally to introduce global tools and standards in Eastern Europe.


 Mike Rouse discusses "Pillars of Educational Quality" at Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia 

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