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Momentum: A Newsletter of the ARCC
December 2013
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Upcoming Webinar
Unbridled Learning in KY
ARCC Facilitation in WV
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Upcoming Webinar 


The ARCC and the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center (MACC) are offering a free webinar on data literacy and why it is important; recent ratings of teacher preparation and teacher quality in the Mid-Atlantic and Appalachian regions; and the role of higher education and licensure agencies in enhancing data literacy. Registration will soon be available on our website.

Resources and Opportunities   


Collaboration, Southern-style! The ARCC participates in the Building Shared Capacity Collaborative, which brings together technical assistance providers in both general and special education to coordinate services to states across the South. Contact us for more information!


If you need assistance with racial, gender, or national origin equity issues, contact your federally-funded Equity Assistance Center. Virginia and West Virginia are served by the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium, while Kentucky and Tennessee can turn to the Southeastern Equity Center.


Curious about how the math, science, and reading literacy of a sample of US 15-year-olds compares with that of students across the world? Results from 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) are now available here. But keep these caveats in mind.


Check out this annotated list of practice guides on Common Core State Standards implementation from the Center on Innovations in Learning! 

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Editor: Caitlin Howley




As you prepare for the close of 2013, we hope that you take some time to reflect on the year's many accomplishments! For instance, we note that all four states in the ARCC region continue to pursue ways to transform education so that their students are well-equipped for meaningful, productive adult lives.  In this issue, we share a bit about some of these state initiatives with which we're privileged to be involved.
We wish you happy holidays and all the best in the new year! 
Unbridled Learning in KY
Anthony Marchese, Kentucky Co-Cordinator
 Since 2010, Kentucky Commissioner of Education Dr. Terry Holliday has led a transformation of the state's programs and services to support educators as they prepare all students for college and/or career. 
Known as Unbridled Learning, this effort includes new standards and new accountability measures. 
The ARCC Kentucky team of Dr. Anthony Marchese and Dr. Doug Walker, with support from Jeannine Branch, is using a variety of resources, tools, and technical assistance techniques to help the Kentucky Department of Education make the spirit of Unbridled Learning a reality for all Kentucky learners. Learn more about the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its campaign to ensure student success here.

ARCC Facilitates WV Commission 

ARCC Director Sharon Harsh leads Commission facilitation

Balancing good financial stewardship with educational equity is at the heart of work that the ARCC is helping the West Virginia Commission on School Governance and Administration to accomplish. Established by the West Virginia Board of Education in March of 2013, the Commission was chartered to review the current governance structure of county boards of education and to make recommendations for restructuring the system if needed. Recommendations will include strategies for improving efficiency while maintaining effectiveness--particularly for students in smaller county districts.


In the fall of 2013, the ARCC was invited to assist the Commission to clarify what it had learned from various stakeholder group presentations and other resources and then to develop a clear set of recommendations to the Board of Education. Read more about this process in the West Virginia School Board Association publication, The Legislature.

The Comprehensive Center network is augmented by seven Content Centers, which provide resources, tools, and training to regional centers and states. Each Content Center specializes in a key area of reform. This quarter, we introduce you to the Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL). CIL focuses on five key issues: innovation for students with disabilities, personalized learning, learning in and out of school, learning technology, and innovation for better learning outcomes. Visit the Center's website for the new Handbook on Innovations in Learning and access to a database of resources for leaders of change!
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