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Gulf Coast Alt Break Trip Report
Our Waterfront Volunteer Facility on the  
Gulf Coast
For the past eight years, Community Collaborations International volunteers have been an important part of the continued improvements to the lives of the people living on the Gulf Coast. Volunteer teams from over 60 universities and colleges have worked with our community partners completing environmental, early childhood education, low income housing, and hunger related projects.
This past spring break, Framingham State University sent a team of 30 volunteers. Check out their blog below.
Complete a volunteer team sign up form and join us for a winter or spring alternative break trip to continue our important work on the Gulf Coast.
(March 2014 dates are filling up so let us know ASAP)

  Framingham State University Alternative Spring Break 2013 Blog Entries

I never thought that I would be excited to wake up at 6AM. I never thought I would enjoy bagging oyster shells. I never thought that after one week I would have 29 people in my life that I could genuinely call friends. I never thought I would have the privilege of meeting so many inspirational people in Biloxi, Mississippi- but I thought wrong. I'm not exactly sure what my expectations were going into ASB, but I am certain that I was underestimating the power of this experience. My eyes were opened and I learned more about myself, my trip mates, and the people of Mississippi than I ever thought possible. It would take days to recount every positive experience I had on ASB, so here are two of the most impactful moments for me:  READ MORE

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Early Childhood Education on the Gulf Coast

Due to recent budget cuts, Head Start programs need more help than ever.  We partner with Mississippi programs to provide support for Head Start and Early Head Start students.


"The Head Start staff and the children were great to work with, I felt like we were really needed in that classroom."


In addition to Head Start, we also partner with Boys and Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast.

Questions about our Early Childhood Education Projects?
Hunger and Homelessness on the Gulf
Gulf Coast communities are still rebuilding from a series of natural disasters and economic hardships. Volunteer teams also work in food banks, homeless shelters, elderly housing, and low income housing.

We  also need university and college volunteer teams to work on our other domestic and international projects this coming summer, winter,  and spring.

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