Community Collaborations International
October, 2011
As promised, CC International has chosen its primary Disaster Relief project for winter/
spring 2012 and is now accepting sign up forms. This project has limited capacity so
please reserve your team's space as soon as you can.

We will be working in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, Alabama area focused on
community recovery from this year's tornadoes.

The Birmingham-Tuscaloosa area was hit by a 1.5 milewide F4 tornado that resulted in 47 deaths, over 1,000 injuries, and massive devastation. It's top winds were estimated by the National Weather Service at 190 mph.


 "We have neighborhoods that have been basically removed from the map."

 -Mayor Walter Maddox


We also have two other domestic projects with space available:

We also have a variety of International Projects


Please complete a Group Sign Up Form to reserve your space.

Thank you,
Steve Boisvert
(212) 208-2522
Community Collaborations International
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