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CH Kitty Club Newsletter
February 2013                                                                                                         Issue # 28
   Welcome to the CH Kitty Newsletter 
Tardy Peebucket  
                  Hello CH Kitty Fans
This month our ever-talented CH rescue super hero, Deb, has gone on vacation, so Nanako, Hippa and I are stepping in!  This issue is filled with 
love, in preparation for the Valentine's day holiday.  We hope that it fills your heart and that you will share the lovely CHers that still need their furever homes!
-Elise & CH kitties Nanako & Hippa
Adoptable CH puppy of the Month: Zooey the CH Cocker Spaniel

Meet the Zooey Bear!  The world's most adorable, adoptable CH pup!

by Elise Murphy


Zooey is a sweet and inspirational 1 year old Cocker Spaniel with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka she's wobbly, floppy, and can't walk on her own).  Though Zooey requires lots of help from her human caretakers, she's a quick learner, is eager to become more independent, and loves to chill in a playpen to play with her toys, or on the living room floor to watch TV. 


Unfortunately, while on a trial sleepover recently, the adorable Zooey Bear encountered some very mean people.  She was dog-napped, hurt and possibly poisoned, and all of her belongings (carefully and lovingly collected supplies and toys) were stolen - including her custom-made Eddie's Wheels quad cart, which cost nearly $1,000. 


Zooey was dropped off, in critical co

ndition, at an animal shelter and luckily a great local vet was able to stabilize her until she got to an ER veterinarian.  There the Zooey Bear fought tirelessly and endlessly for her life.  The only thing more baffling than why someone would go to such great lengths to steal from and hurt an adorable puppy is Zooey's amazing, unbroken, fighting spirit.  She has made a near full recovery in just DAYS.  She's surprised her loving mom, her vets, and all of the people rooting for her.  As soon as she got home, she was back to her loving, quirky self, almost unfazed by her experiences.  Truly an amazing, amazing dog!!


The animal community has really come together for Zooey!  With the help of Eddie's Wheels and hundreds of Zooey fans, enough has been raised to buy Zooey a new custom quad cart and pay for nearly all of her emergency medical expenses!


Zooey is now looking for a furever home!  She would do best in a single-level home with a yard where she can practice running and zooming around in her beloved cart (she loves it so much she even INSISTS on taking naps in it!!) where she can get a lot of exercise and practice in it.  She needs a forever family who understands her special needs and the extra care that will be required, but that is also prepared to welcome in all of the extra love and affection that she'll bestow upon them.  Zooey gets along very well with other dogs of all sizes and with children.  She's truly a wonderful, wonderful girl.



More information about Zooey can be found on her Facebook page:

Videos of her can be seen on her YouTube channel:
If you're interested in adopting Zooey, please fill out an adoption application here:
If you'd like more information on Zooey, please contact:

Zooey is currently located in San Francisco, CA with her owner, but experienced adopters out of state will be considered.
The World According to Riley Dean: Sweet Valentines!
By Riley Dean (With a Little Help From Mommy)  


Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Are you looking for a way to let a special CH-er know that you care? Here are four ways you can express some CH kitty love on Valentine's Day:

1. Write your CH kitty a poem! - Even if you feel like you're not poetically inclined, how about a quick haiku? A haiku is a short poem, only seventeen syllables long (typically they are three lines: five syllables, then seven, then five again) that describes something about your cat and his/her nature. It can be funny, sweet, or just very descriptive. Here is one my mommy wrote for me:

Riley Dean conquers
The scratching post castle; he
Naps in its tower.

Be creative! Your kitty may or may not fully appreciate your ode of love, but you may really enjoy expressing yourself.

2. Find a Valentine-themed toy - Many pet stores, both local and major retail stores, have no shortage of Valentine-themed cat toys. You can find heart-shaped mice, pole/stick toys, or even "candy hearts" filled with catnip! Great toys don't even have to cost you money. If you know that your CH-er loves toilet paper rolls, give him/her one of those, and maybe cut a small heart shape out of it first. The new look may intrigue your kitty even more! If toys aren't your CH kitty's favorite, how about a nice new blanket to nap on? Fabric stores have really cute
Valentine's Day themed fleece prints. Buying a yard or two should keep your kitty nice and comfy.

3. Have an impromptu photo session - I know, I know, you take pictures of your CHer all the time. But why not take an hour or so to get some great pics? Catster has some really helpful articles about taking perfect kitty photos ( If you want a good laugh, also check out their article about the ways that we sabotage pictures ( Quick tip: my mommy has found that her best pictures come when she takes them using natural light - this eliminates the need for a flash (and the presence of red eye!).

4. Cook a special meal - This can be a special lunch, dinner, or even some heart-shaped cookies! I personally enjoy a bit of shredded chicken, or even a can of tuna or tiny shrimp. You can also find recipes in books or online for homemade cat treats (which you can bake using Valentine-themed cookie cutters). Maybe even use special heart-shaped bowls!

Well, I hope that these ideas help to make Valentine's Day special for both you and your CH-er (and I hope your significant other doesn't get too jealous!). Happy Valentine's Day!
CH Kitty in the News!
Check out this pawesome CH kitty in the news!!

Plea to help PJ!!
PJ was found through a craigslist ad and needed someone who could take care of her special needs. Currently she is with Michelle Micklewright Canzano in Washington State, and is currently undergoing vet care. PJ is having seizure like episodes and she is hypertensive to noise and sometimes to normal movement. She is also having episodes of nystagmus. Rapid eye movement, which is an indication of something going on with her brain.

The bills are piling up so if you can help with the costs for PJ, any amount no matter how small, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Update from Michelle Micklewright Canzano Update on PJ's Neurological appointment:

Hi Laides. I have good and "bad" news. Good news, PJ has gained back the weight she was before xmas and then some. Also Dr. Saunders does not feel she is having true seizures. He feels they are vestibular events. The "bad" news, we really don't have a diagnosis. Top of his list is moderate/severe CH. At first he thought we were talking about Congestive Heart Failure. We had a good laugh. He is concerned about the nystagmus and the vestibular events as those aren't typical with CH. Her sight concerns he does contribute to CH as there is a sight component in the cerebellum. So the differential diagnosises are cerebellar abiotrophy, degeneration, hypoplasia/dysplasia, syringomyelia, meningitis/myelitis, hypoxia, trauma and vascular abnormalities or storage disease.

Ultimately the best diagnostic test is the MRI/and possible CSF analysis (roughly $1700). We could also do antibiotics/anti-inflammatory meds to see if there is improvement on them. The other option is time. If she stays static or improves then there is much less concern of some degenerative issue.

The biggest thing he said that can be done for her is continue the good nutrition and to encourage her to move around (of course all I want to do is hold her, Bad "Foster" Mom!).

Hugs from me and PJ to all of you.

February Birthdays
Happy 3rd "Gotcha Day" to Jewel
February 22 she came to me as a test run.....we all know how that goes!  
-Janice Branwood 
 The Interviews: Life with CH Cats
By Amanda Maurer Woodhead
From Amanda's Blog
Please see the awesome topics Amanda has discussed lately on her blog.
(To view, please click on each topic below to lead to Amanda's blog)
Also, Follow  Life with CH Cats with Amanda on Twitter

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  • fostering
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Adoptable Angels
CH Cats Available for Adoption Interactive Map

Search for your town and find the CH cats closest to you! Click on the points in the map below to find information about CH cats available for adoption around the world!  


*hint* click on the name of the pet after clicking on their map point to view their Petfinder bio or Facebook album

View CH Cats Available for Adoption  


CH Cats Available for Adoption in a full screen map

Please Click this link: 


Reese CH Kitty.


Desperate Plea for Reese living in a cage. (To the right)

CH Kitty Reese in Southern New Jersey needs home NOW!!!!!


She is living in a cage NOW!!!  The other cats are picking on her!!!!!   We need to get Reese a home ASAP!!!!!   Out of state adopters please consider helping Reese!!!!!!!

A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not choose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. 


Here is the rescues link for Reese: 

Contact Kim about Reese at    



CH Wheelie Kitty Philly in Wilmington, Delaware


ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM! I'm Philly, and I'm a cat with wheels! SOME people say no one will ever adopt me, but I betcha someone will. Cuz I'm irresistible!!!! 
Now, my foster mama did say to tell you some things about me. Yes, I can eat and drink on my own, and use the litterbox, but I do have some special needs, and need a little exercise every day to stay strong. (Hey, doesn't EVERYBODY?) She works at the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, and if you think you or someone you know might want their own zoomy cat, she will happily bring me in so you can meet me and, if I do say so myself, fall head over wheels in love with me.


So please click my link: or call up my foster mama at (302) 571-8171 ext. 303, or email her at She can tell you ALL about me!


Neuro pup Tipper in Sultan, WA looking for a home!


My name is Tipper.  Pasado's Safe Haven rescued me from shelter which was a scary environment for me.  You see, I am a very sweet and gentle guy.  I love other dogs and am even very patient with hyper and dominant dogs.  But, when I get to excited, I have an undiagnosed condition that causes me to "tip" over.  So, being able to come to the sanctuary really helped me. by having a more peaceful environment.

I'm not only a handsome guy...I'm kinda the total package!  I'm a very smart boy - I know how to "sit, kennel up, and stay!"   And oh, do I know how to love and cuddle!

I'm approximately 6 years old and an American Staffordshire mix.



Penny, CH kitty in South Elgin, IL needs a home!

Penny came to us in August of 2012 when she was only three weeks old. She was unable to walk, eat, or drink on her own. Later, she was diagnosed with a neurologic disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia. With the help of the clinic staff and volunteers, she learned to eat and drink on her own. Penny is currently in a foster home where she is making great strides towards walking. She is able to get around by rolling and crawling to where she wants to go. She loves to run and tumble around and play with her toys, and when she's tired she loves to cuddle in bed. Penny is litterbox trained and requires a modified litterbox that she can roll in and out of with ease. She is good with the foster's big and small dogs and her other cats. Penny has so much love to give and is looking for the perfect owner to love her and her special needs. 


Please call the shelter for more details and to schedule an appointment to meet Penny. All of our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date on all their vaccinations prior to adoption. For more information on this cat, or any of our other animals, please give us a call at 847.697.2880 ext. 22 or stop by the shelter during our open hours.  



St. Joseph, MO - Terra the trilling CH kitty needs a new home


Terra is a sweet CH kitty who trills in place of meowing. She is occasionally litter-box trained, but mostly paper-trained. She lives in NW MO, in a town called St. Joseph. Terra needs a good, secure home w/ understanding parents.  If you're interested in adopting Terra, please contact Elise at



Eight CH kitties in North Carolina need homes!  Transport available!


All of the beautiful cats in this album have a neurological disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). CH is a non-painful congenital condition that results in cats having a cute, wobbly walk. It is not contagious, does not worsen with time, and does not require medication. CH cats live and act just like any other cat, minus their adorable walk. All cats are currently in foster care in Chapel Hill, North Carolina but transport is available. Everyone is fully vetted (spayed/neutered, vaccinated, FIV/Felk negative, and microchipped) and does great with dogs and cats. Please help our special needs cats find homes - hit share! Email  if you are interested in adding a special member to your family. Transport is available to anywhere in the Midwest or along the East Coast for qualified adopters.  View all of the CH kitties here: 



CH Kitty Linus looking for a home in Orange County California

Meet Linus who is 6 months old who is looking for a home.  He is very very handsome  Linus tends to run into walls, is not too swift on his feet but boy, is he ever a happy little guy nonetheless! It's hard to resist his adorableness.


If you are interested in Linus, please contact the Kitty Devore Network at 




Tipsy CH Kitty In Huntington Beach California for Adoption thru MeoowzResQ

 Tipsy is a sweet lovable young lady and so much fun!   She is at our adoption event every Saturday in Huntington Beach teaching the public about CH Kitties and Special Needs.   If you would like to come meet Tipsy please email her foster mom at





Hope you loved this month's newsletter, we love making it happen!!!   


Bye Bye Everybody! Love Ziggy

Elizabeth Holochwost

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Neal Helman

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Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens                        


Elise Murphy

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Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens






In Loving Memory of Tardy Peebucket

President of Love and his mommy's heart


We miss you Tardy!

Ziggy Wigg'n