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CH Kitty Club Newsletter
January 2013                                                                                                         Issue # 27
   Welcome to the CH Kitty Newsletter 
Tardy Peebucket  
           Happy New Year CH Kitty Fans
I have to apologize but this is a rather long issue of the newsletter. But then I guess that is a good thing. This means alot is going on in the CH Community around the world.    
Enjoy the issue and please see all the information that is out there about and for
CH Kitties.  
Shakey and her mom.        
CH Kitty of the Month: Lannister - The Lion Who Stole Our Hearts  
by Elise Murphy 
All rescue stories are special, but even those of us heavily involved with rescue sometimes get caught up in one particular case.  The little creature you saved just tugs at your heartstrings and won't let go, no matter what you try to do or think.  That is how little Lannister was for me (left), my husband (middle), and our friend and CH Kitty Sky Angel, June (right) and her husband, Corey (below, right).
One morning in September, I got an alert that a 12 week old CH kitten "Madison" was on the kill list at Chicago Animal Care and Control and despite his super adorable picture (below, middle), no one was stepping up to save him.  After a couple hours of frantic email conversation with CACC volunteers and begging with my rescue to take him in despite the fact we had no room, I sent my husband to pick him up with the understanding that he would need to be fostered by me until he was large enough to be fixed and some room opened up for him.
I got home to the most adorable little orange furball.  He purred the second you opened the door to his temporary home, our master bathroom, and wiggled and wobbled his best to get in your lap, though he couldn't yet stand or walk.  He was super dirty, had a URI, was covered in fleas, and too small for flea treatment at about 1/2 pound, so we carefully washed him in Dawn dish soap a couple times a day and picked the fleas off for a couple of days until they were all gone.  He ate like the biggest little pig and never gained any weight.  He wasn't quite sure how to use a litterbox (I can't tell you how many times I opened the door to find diarrhea all over the walls, bathtub, idea HOW he even got it some places ;)), but he loved us, he would purr all the time, even during bathtime, and was the most fun little guy to be around.  The name "Madison" just didn't suit him.  He had the heart of a lion, though his body was tiny, so we named in Lannister (or Little Tyrion Lannister, fully, for any Game of Thrones fans out there)!
Since he wasn't able to come out with our cats yet, he started coming on field trips with me.  We went to the park to play when it was nice outside, and there on the grass he learned to stand and take a few steps!  We went to the shelter to get checkups, play, and get cuddled.  He was my little sidekick.  Once we even got a day visit from the awesome June Liston, who also (no surprise!) fell head over heels in love with him.  Soon, he was able to come out and hang with our other cats, who were neutral to him, at best.  Nanako hated that he got so much attention and was sure to tell him anytime he came near.  He was our little cuddlebug, lover, and sweetheart.  I was totally on my way to foster-failuredom.  For the 3rd time.
Lannister's Wobbly Run
Lannister's Wobbly Run
Lannister & Harmony Playing
Lannister & Harmony Playing
Then he went through a tremendous growthspurt and was big enough to be neutered.  His appointment happened in November and he was to be placed on our rescues website for adoption. I stalled and stalled, I didn't want to give him up, I couldn't just let him go to anyone.  IF he was to go anywhere, he had to go to a friend, someone I trust, and someone who would update me on him!  I had been talking with June about Lannister over the course of his growing up and when I was just about unable to stall any longer, I got a call that she wanted to adopt him!  We met up a couple of weeks ago and he's been loving life in her house ever since.  He now has 2 wonderful older sisters, one of whom plays with him and keeps an eye on him, and of course his new human parents who just love him to pieces.  
Giving Lannister up was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I cannot be more happy that I did so.  He is so happy in his new home, with kitty friends that are positive towards him, and now instead of one loving family, he has two.  June graciously sends me frequent updates on the little man and it's amazing to see how much he's gotten better with a feline friend to play with and carpet all over - our little lion can now RUN!
 Life according to Riley Dean: 


The World According to Riley Dean:

New Year's Resolutions!

By Riley Dean (With a Little Help From Mommy)


Happy New Year! Well, now that we've all gotten through another year, it's time to think about our New Year's Resolutions for 2013! For example, I, Riley Dean, have resolved to go only in the litterbox from now on (heh, heh, we'll see how long that lasts...wait, I think that was on my Resolutions list LAST year)!


For all of you CH kitty parents, here are a few New Year's Resolutions that my mommy came up with for herself. You may want to use some of them too! After all, we all know that CH kitty Mommies and Daddies are the best parents in the world!


1. Feed ferals: It makes CH kitty parents happy to see their fur-babies all warm, safe and content in our homes. However, not all kitties are so lucky, and this sometimes includes CHers. If you know of a feral colony near you, why not bring them a bag of food? Or get involved with a feral feeding group in your community? Many of them get donated food from pet stores, and some groups even participate in Trap and Release (TNR) programs to get ferals spayed and neutered. This helps control the feral population.


2. Make an indoor/outdoor cat into an indoors only companion: It's easier than you may think! About five years ago, there was a large gray "neighborhood cat" hanging around our house in particular (probably because my family kept feeding him). He seemed to really like the outdoors, but after a little bit of coaxing and training, he became a very happy indoors only cat - and he became my sweet cousin, Eli! The average indoors only cat lives up to three years longer than an indoor/outdoor cat (and up to TEN years longer than a feral cat!). Coyotes, cars, bad weather and diseases are just a few of the dangers that can befall an outdoor cat. So if you have a cat that likes to come and go, think about limiting his time outside, and maybe even weaning him off of the outdoors altogether. You can spend those extra years inside, cuddling.


3. Think about adopting a senior pet: For every bright-eyed, rambunctious kitten looking for a home, there are adult and older cats who often get overlooked. Sometimes their owners have passed away, lost their homes, or had other changes in life circumstances. My adopted brother Kip (who is a dog, but we don't hold that against him) was with his first Mommy for eleven years before she passed away from Alzheimers. Her family brought him to the Humane Society, where he was inconsolable for weeks. What some people didn't realize was that he still had a lot of love to give. My Mommy adopted him last year, and people tell her all the time that they seem like they've been best friends for years (it feels that way to her too!). If you're looking to add to your family sometime this year, please remember that adult and senior pets deserve a second chance. Also senior pets especially make great companions for senior people!


4. Go ahead and get that pet insurance: You don't realize you need it until you do. Many pet insurance companies are beginning to accept CH kitties. I just got my policy last year! The cost per year may vary depending on the company and age of your kitty, but if something unexpected DOES happen (scratch on post - heh, heh, that's my version of "knock on wood"), it'll definitely be worth it!


5. Educate others about CH: This group does a great job spreading the word about CH kitties and what great fur-babies they are! Through our newsgroup, newsletter, rescues, blogs, books, and as individuals, we are changing the way that people look at CH kitties. We can let people know that they are not in pain, they deserve a chance, and they are wonderful companions! If you can educate one new person (if it's a shelter, rescue or a vet, even better!) about CH this year, you may save a life!


Happy New Year, everybody! May 2013 be filled with love, luck, health, purrs, headbumps and happiness for all!

The Rescue of  CH Kitty Charlie Rose, All because of a Speeding Ticket in California 
  By: Megan Cousins 

Photo From Devore Shelter

A couple months ago I had to go on a business trip.I spent a little over a month in California, away from home.One day, as I was headed to my office, I accidentally exceeded the speed limit and was unfortunate enough to have caught the attention of a passing police officer.Thoroughly irritated that I had gotten a ticket while away from home, I decided to forgo work that day and headed to the nearest animal shelter (Devore) for some much needed cuddle time with some kitties. In the back of my mind I knew it was probably not the best idea, considering the fact that I had recently seen a special needs calico kitty at the Devore shelter being crossposted on Facebook. But hey, I am a special needs advocate and felt compelled to just "check things out."
When I got there I was immediately drawn to her cage.She was gorgeous.Her orange was vibrant and her black was deep and rich.Her personality paralleled her beauty. She chirped and purred and leaned hard into the cage bars as she tried to keep herself steady making "kitty biscuits" and begging for more cuddles. She fell to her side a few times and struggled to right herself.According to comments on Facebook, there was something wrong with one of her back legs.It was immediately clear to me, however, that this little girl had Cerebellar Hypoplasia.I spent too much time with her and fell in love.I knew she couldn't die in that horrible place and knew that without an advocate that would surely happen.
I went to the house I was staying at and started crossposting her on Facebook. I contacted Deb Martin and asked her to do all she could to get the word out. I felt hopeful that someone would come forward for her.That night, however, I couldn't stop thinking about her in that little cage and wondered whether that day had been her last. I could not bear the thought of her being put to sleep when we were working on a plan for her. The next morning I was notified that a few generous donors were willing to financially sponsor her in order to save her life. Deb and I talked and decided that we had to do what needed to be done for her. So, I drove to the shelter (trying desperately to not exceed the speed limit again, while still rushing) and rescued her. The plan was in motion for her to fly home with me to Virginia.
Soon after I adopted her, news broke that many of the kitties being rescued from the Devore shelter were coming down with very serious cases of URIs and some even had Calici. By some miracle, she never once sneezed, her appetite never waned and she never encountered a single set back. She settled in quickly and became my little love bug. I named her Charlie Rose, but she goes by Rosie.    
The day came that we would fly home to Virginia together and I was ridiculously nervous, considering I had never traveled in an airplane with a pet and didn't know what to expect.I was pleasantly surprised, though, because it was easier than I had imagined and I loved having her company. Not only was it easy but it was also great for the CH community. Rosie was a hit! While Rosie was making friends, she was also providing me with opportunities to educate people about CH. I was able to explain why she (and all of the other CH kitties) are so special and why I was willing to fly her from California to Virginia, just to save her life. After two flights and a layover in Phoenix, we finally made it home to Virginia. Rosie was ready to be done traveling but she was still as sweet as can be.
 It has been about a month since we came home together and she has really blossomed into a beautiful girl. I am so grateful to be a part of our CH group. Without the group, Rosie would have met an untimely fate, as would so many of the others we have been able to save.


West Side Cats to the Rescue Yet again for Neigboring States with CH Kitties in Need

Rescue efforts underway right now and we need your help!  These 5 special needs kitties pictured below 2 are Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats, 1 has a neurological issue somewhat similar to CH as well as depth perception issues. He may have Cerebellar Abiotrophy but it's unknown.  1 has has an old injury or birth defect to his paw/lower arm, though he uses it for balance, 1 has gone blind due to damage from a Hartz flea collar: The rescue of these 5 cats  are in the works now to get them to safety and under the wings of West Side Cats in Youngstown Ohio.  The goal seems high but this is to raise money for ground transport from Chicago Illinois to Youngstown Ohio which is a 806 mile round trip journey to safety.  Also the funds raised will assist with vetting and care while under the protection of 501 C 3 Rescue West Side Cats til furever homes are found

(Your Donations will be Tax Deductable) 


 Click to Donate:    Donate to help these 5 precious kitties to safety here


West Side Cats in Youngstown Ohio is an amazing group who rescues many CH Kitties from the mild to very severe!  Thier rescue efforts of CH Kitties have been amazing when CH Kitties in other states had no rescue in sight, West Side Cats stepped up to the plate!  This year alone, the have saved 2 CH Kitties from New York, 3 from Indiana, 1 from Chicago and  now there are 5 more cats who need rescue we are working on right now from Illinois. The
           2217 Mahoning Ave Youngstown, OH 44509

Rescue and Journey of 2 CH  Kitties Singha and Chang  from Thailand to United Kingdom

By: Valerie Harris, United Kingdom
Singha and Chang  started life in the tourist area near the beach in Thailand and were rescued by a  lady staying over there-her name is Ruth Vangelebeek and she is Belgian -she realised they were not 'normal' even though they were only about 6 weeks old and took them to a vet who kept them 2 weeks and decided it was ear mites, however they have some type of Cerebellum problem similar to Cerebellar Hypoplasia which means they lack coordination.  She took them to Soi Dog rescue who advised vitamins and finally read on the web about CH in cats and contacted the CH Kitty Community on Facebook and then posted for a home for them.
I have 2 other cats with CH as well as 4 others with other disabilities and started to talk to her and help her finally deciding I would if possible home them and so finally now at 9 months old and a journey by air from Thailand to Belgium then Eurotunnel France to UK they are with me!       
They were named after Thai beers-sutiable for their drunken way of walking. Singha who is blue eyed means Lion and Chang who is amber/green eyed means Elephant. Both have the short twisted tails that true Siamese cats had going back to the days of the legend of the Princess who stored her rings on the tail of her cat and caused it to twist.
They have settled straight in, very playful, cheeky, fearless boys who don't let their disabilities get in their way.
The first photo was taken in Thailand, the second at Phuket airport awaiting their long flight (they were carried as hand luggage so not in cargo hold). The third and fourth photos are here with me.
On all accounts the most expensive rescue cats I will ever own but they have so much love to give and are a joy and  would have certainly died on the streets but for Ruth's kindness. Ruth also transported rescue street dogs to new homes in Belgium.
"The Examiner"
Lisa Beers Kirry
More public exposure for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties in "The Examiner"
Many know Lisa Beers Kirry in the Cerebellar Hypoplasia Network and her hardwork for CH Kitties.
Way to go Lisa and Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties!!!!

Read article here! 

January Birthdays


This is Pita,

January 18th. she will be 3 years old.

Her proud mom is

Lisa Coconougher.

This is Hippa, sisfur of Nanako, and baby of Elise Murphy. She was adopted at age 8 after being neglected and thrown outside. She's happily been with us for 3.5 years and is now turning 12. We guestimate her birthday to be New Years Day :)
 The Interviews: Life with CH Cats
Radio Broadcast about   "Betty Tales"  (CH Kitty)
"The True Story of a Brave Bobblehead Cat" 
By Author: Ruth Berge


                                        Ruth Berge will be featured on  All Paws Pet Talk Radio.


The first show will air December 30th. at 6:00AM Eastern Standard Time in New England  covering

the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire.  However, you can listen in on the radio stations online live cast.  Please visit the stations website at
 and listen.


Also, please see the many stations around the country where the show will be aired so you can catch the show, you will have to see when it is aired as it will be heard different dates and different times on the various stations.

Stations to hear Ruth Berge speak about "Betty Tales" 


I will post once the podcast is posted on  All Paws Pet Talk Radio but do try to catch the debut show or on a station near you!

Ruth Berge who is an inspired author has written a lovely Childrens Book about her beloved CH Kitty Betty. To our knowledge this is the first book written about a CH Kitty which is wonderful and such a great leap in spreading awareness for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties 
This is a wonderful book for children and adults too! 
To order your copy please visit her website


CH Kitty for adoption and I can't find an adopter.
Rescue groups and individuals contact us from all over the world when they have a CH Kitty they are trying to find a home for.    There are hundreds and hundreds who need homes and often times the pressure is put on us    that a home has not been found for them and it  is taking forever.   However,  the rescue groups who are constantly on the forums and part of the CH Community get CH Kitties adopted out with being actively involved. 
It is nearly impossible for us to place every single CH Kitty across our planet.  We tend to gravitate to those whom are facing euthanasia first to save their lives .  Our group is spread out between the CH Kitty Club Yahoo Forum, Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens on Facebook in addition to CHARGe on Facebook,  Living with CH Cats Blog and    We are all on these many Internet options for CH Kitties and we watch like hawks making sure a CH Kitty is not in jeopardy.  Also there are countless blogs out there for special needs animals, cats such as Catster, Pet of the Day and many others .  
Many special needs animals are finding homes who are for adoption thru social networkingThe one thing we have noticed many of the people who come to us post and network once and disappear or they contact us saying they still have the CH Cat and they really need a home.  Fosters and rescues need to actively post and network their CH Cats in their care and  becoming a part of the CH Community actively in order to find them a home.
If you are a rescue group and have an adoption platform, you must bring the CH Kitties to your adoption events!  If you have a rescue website you should have a huge feature about them with  great photos capturing their personalities, videos and cute biography describing them and their cute personalities both on your website and Facebook Page.  Most often rescue groups have a database of emails of previous adopters, donors and newsletter list.  Emailing your followers also helps in finding them homes with already pre-approved adopters.  Also email blasting to your local rescue email network where your rescue neighbors may have an applicant looking for a special needs cat. Your options are endless in your own backyard.
Also, and this is sometimes argued, but Craigslist is a wonderful platform for getting the word out about a CH Kitty looking for a home thru a rescue group. 
So if you have a CH Kitty and they are looking for a home, I encourage you to be active on the groups being their voice in finding them a home. 
Below are just some of the groups to join and contact to get the word out for the CH Kitty looking for a home.  On Facebook there are literally thousands and thousands of  groups you can be crossposting too that is cat related and special needs related.
Facebook:                Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens 
Facebook:                CHARGe
Yahoo:                     CH Kitty Club on Yahoo 
CH Kitty Club 
Life with CH Cats:          
Educating your audience on the cause of CH and explain this is not a contagious condition and also providing information regarding Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  Even making up a nice poster about Cerebellar Hypoplasia helps.
Cerebellar Hypoplasia Handout: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Tri-Fold Handout
Adoptable Angels
CH Cats Available for Adoption Interactive Map

Search for your town and find the CH cats closest to you! Click on the points in the map below to find information about CH cats available for adoption around the world!  


*hint* click on the name of the pet after clicking on their map point to view their Petfinder bio or Facebook album

View CH Cats Available for Adoption  


CH Cats Available for Adoption in a full screen map

Please Click this link: 


Reese CH Kitty.


Desperate Plea for Reese living in a cage. (To the right)

CH Kitty Reese in Southern New Jersey needs home NOW!!!!!


She is living in a cage NOW!!!  The other cats are picking on her!!!!!   We need to get Reese a home ASAP!!!!!   Out of state adopters please consider helping Reese!!!!!!!

A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not choose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. 


Here is the rescues link for Reese: 

Contact Kim about Reese at    

Three CH Kitty Brothers Looking for homes in Ventura California 
Meet Geronimo, Jerry, and Rusty: sweet, litter box trained, 7 month old CH kittens available for adoption through Greyfoot Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. They are pretty mild and are quite capable of getting around and running!
Contact 805-639-0343 or 805-766-2861 if you are interested in adopting!


CH Kitty Linus looking for a home in Orange County California

Meet Linus who is 6 months old who is looking for a home.  He is very very handsome  Linus tends to run into walls, is not too swift on his feet but boy, is he ever a happy little guy nonetheless! It's hard to resist his adorableness.


If you are interested in Linus, please contact the Kitty Devore Network at 




Tipsy CH Kitty In Huntington Beach California for Adoption thru MeoowzResQ

 Tipsy is a sweet lovable young lady and so much fun!   She is at our adoption event every Saturday in Huntington Beach teaching the public about CH Kitties and Special Needs.   If you would like to come meet Tipsy please email her foster mom at





Hope you loved this month's newsletter, we love making it happen!!!   


Bye Bye Everybody! Love Ziggy

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Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens






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We miss you Tardy!

Ziggy Wigg'n