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CH Kitty Club Newsletter
December 2012                                                                                                   Issue # 26
In This Issue
Welcome to the CH Kitty Newsletter December 2012. 

In Loving Memory
Another year has gone by with more exciting news for CH Kitties with more awareness and online support for new CH Kitty parents and for to be new CH Kitty Parents thru the internet and social media.  
I am so excited how all of us from around the world have come together for Cats with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, as a village we are making a difference for these amazing Kitties!
I thank each and everyone of you for loving and caring for your beloved CH Kitty and thank all the wonderful rescue groups, fosters, transporters and crossposters out there who have made an awesome difference by getting the word out for rescue and support for these wonderful Kitties.
I would however like to dedicate this months edition to June who is a  wonderful person  and friend.  June has made a huge difference for CH Kitties by flying them to safety when local rescue and help was not available and also flying CH Kitties to their furever homes.  June is a Commercial Airline Pilot and on her days off will help CH kitties by flying around the USA and Canada to help a CH Kitty in need.
Thank you June, A/K/A Sky Angel
Please Click the link below to see slide show of some of the kitties who took to the sky this year
Enjoy the December issue!  It is a big one this month and alot to get out there with the growing recognition of Cerebellar Hypoplasia!
Happy Holidays to all of you!
Debbie Martin and Shakey Pudding Pie.
My Introduction to CH
 By: Katie Karmen and CH Kitty Lucky

I am a mom of a CH kitty who's name is Lucky. Like most people, I had never heard about Cerebellar Hypoplasia before I met her. Lucky got her name due to the condition I had found her in just a few months ago. I had gotten a phone call at about 6 'o clock in the morning from my neighbor who was going to be calling animal control if the cat she had found wasn't claimed. I decided to go out and see if it was one of ours since we knew one hadn't returned the night before. What I found was enough to make anyone with a caring heart cry.
I saw a tiny kitten limping behind a fence. It was deathly skinny and shaking. I scooped it up into my arms and took it inside my home. I knew that animal control would put her down immediately if they had been called out. I placed her in the bathroom to make sure that she didn't have anything contagious before letting her meet the dogs and my other cats. She was very weak and barely had the strength to eat. I had contacted our local humane society to place her, but they were full and unable to take her.
A few days had passed, and we had begun to see her regaining her strength, but she still had the shakes and was having difficulty walking. During that time I had seen a post on Facebook about a CH kitty and the symptoms it had. It had been eerily similar to the way she had been behaving. My husband and I had decided that she needed to have a name by that point. We named her Lucky because she was indeed lucky to be alive. She also looked like the cat on the television show "Alf" that went by Lucky.
I decided that she needed to be seen by our family veterinarian to find out what was wrong. He assessed her and decided that she had Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He also said that she was about six months old and barely weighed two pounds. He described how CH affects cats and what the possible causes of it are. He was very positive about the life she would have even with her condition.
We decided to keep her after not getting any offers from anyone that was willing to take on a special needs kitty. My husband had already started to become attached to her. Over the next two months she continued to gain weight and become more stable when walking. She would still sway to one side at times when walking, but she had figured out the best way to get around without falling. Rather than walking she runs through the house because it increases her stability. She sounds like a galloping horse, and it's easy to know that it is her running.
She is a very loving kitty, and we have all grown quite attached to her in the last three months. She is currently doing well and is very resourceful. Just the other day we found her in the cat room sitting on the feeding table. We have a storage room with litter boxes and a three foot tall table that we keep the cat food on so that the dogs will stay out of their food. I have no idea how she managed to get up there, but it proved to us that she is a very determined little kitty.
She is a part of our family now, and we are blessed to have a CH kitty in our home.
*** Just A quick note about Katie. Once she found her little Lucky she made this photo attaching information for Cerebellar Hypoplasia that she shares on Facebook to bring more awareness for CH Kitties. Thank you Katie***
 Life according to Riley Dean: The Season of Giving!
By Riley Dean (With a Little Help From Mommy)



Ho ho ho! It's that time of year again! Time for tree trimming, family dinners, Santa Claus, and, of course, holiday shopping! Some of you may be wondering what to get your favorite CH-ers (and favorite CH kitty owners). More importantly, what to get ME! Riley Dean! Heh heh. In these economic times, you may be torn between buying gifts for your friends and family (both two-legged and four-legged) or giving to your favorite animal charities. Well, guess what? You can do both! Here are a few online stores that not only have fun holiday gift items, but also use all or part of your money to help animals in need:


1. ASPCA Store - This online store has tons of stuff for both pets and pet owners. There are collars, books, clothes, toys, and even jewelry. They also have a Clearance section with items as low as $7. One particularly cool item is the set of Animal Rescue Gloves ($24.99). These are great to keep in your car in case of an emergency. You can put them on and safely help a four-legged friend in need of rescue. Maybe the best part is that 40% of the purchase price for this item (and most others) goes to the ASPCA, so they can keep rescuing, too!


2. Humane Domain - This store, which benefits The Humane Society of the United States (their website says that every purchase provides support!), has tons of cool kitty and people products. They even separate their merchandise into dog and cat sections! My favorite thing is the selection of those new novelty scratching posts I've been seeing around recently. They have scratchers in the shapes of footballs, bugs, whales, cheese, and even a DJ deck ($29.99-39.99). I think I should add that to my letter to Santa. I've been very good this year!



3. The Animal Rescue Site - This charitable site (one of CharityUSA's Greater Good Network Stores) is endorsed by both PetFinder and FreeKibble (which is one of my mommy's favorite FREE donation sites). They have things like socks and sticky notes for as low as $3. There are tons of paw print themed items, eco-friendly products, and Fair Trade items. CharityUSA has wonderfully high purchasing standards (promising safety and freedom from exploitation) and their stores benefit a lot of other good causes as well. Check them out!


If you decide to do your pet holiday shopping in person at a major pet retail chain (such as Petco, Petsmart, or Pet Food Express), remember that many of them have deals to give donations to local shelters. They will accept donations at checkout (either a couple of dollars or a couple of cans of cat food), and they often have items for sale like stuffed toys where the proceeds go to either local or national charities.  


Also, if you decide to buy new bowls, blankets or toys for your CH-er this year, and the old ones are in good condition, why not drop them off at your local animal shelter yourself? They may be able to give them to a shelter pet in need.


That's all for now! Have a wonderful holiday everybody! Whatever you celebrate, stay warm, safe and happy!

The CH Family Dynamics: Shelter/Rescue Edition

By: Elise Murphy


Meet Michelle Ingrodi and Charm City Animal Rescue!




Michelle's story is new and unique to this article as Michelle also runs Charm City Animal Rescue, a 501c(3) based primarily out of her home in Baltimore City, MD. Michelle started Charm City after fostering for several other organizations. Her mission started out as wanting to help some cats on the street near her house, but she quickly realized how in need the shelters are. She had a huge fear of shelters before, but now visits them all the time as 99% of the animals Charm City rescues now are from traditional shelters.


Charm City is foster based, and Michelle runs the group and fosters the majority of the animals. They rescue mainly cats, and every once in a while have the space for a dog. She's been trying to focus on special needs cats this year - all black, seniors, 3 legs, one eye, CH, etc.


Charm City is located in Baltimore City, MD, but has foster homes all over Maryland and one in lower Pennsylvania!


Home Statistics:


Humans: 1- Michelle

Michelle's Dogs: 3 -
Danger (5yrs/m/german shepherd mix), Rudy (5yrs/m/mountain feist), Holly Berry (1yr/f/pitbull)


Michelle's Cats: 6 -Toby, Rocky, Piper, Oriole (one-eyed), Max, and Scooter - ages 2 through 12


Charm City Rescues @ Michelle's: 40 - 5 of which are CH, 2 are three legged, and 3 have one eye!


Michelle doesn't usually keep the special needs animals, although she really wants to keep all of them. She says she "absolutely adores rescuing special needs animals, it kind of adds a whole new meaning to the word rescue!"


Any Favoritism towards the "permanents?"  Michelle loves all of her fosters as if they were her own pets (and doesn't want to start a jealousy war!), so she doesn't play favorites...mostly. When she can, she makes sure her senior boy, Toby, gets some of her dinner if it's grilled chicken!


Overall interactions: A peaceful "pride," as long as everyone obeys the rule!


When a new rescue comes to Michelle/Charm City, she gives them "The Talk," which is basically: "Welcome to Rescue. You are here for as long as you need to be, and you won't ever be in danger for lack of space. You'll always have good food, fresh water and clean litter. You'll get treats, toys, fluffy beds, trees, towers, tunnels, and lasers. You'll get belly rubs, head bonks and chin scratches. Here, we only have one rule: No hitting. I can deal with anything else, as long as everyone is getting along. If you abide by the Rule, you can stay as long as it takes to find you a home."


The only time Michelle has needed to take extra precaution is with the CH kitties. Holly Berry, they 1 year old pitbull, sometimes has no manners and wants to lick the CH kitties clean.


Most cats are "free roamers," ones that are spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated (including all boosters), dewormed, and given Revolution. Those waiting for treatments are kept in very large dog cages until they are allowed to free roam.




Thaddeus (left) and Carolyn are two CH kitties that are either siblings, or married. They were in the shelter together, and they're the most bonded pair of kitties that Michelle has ever seen. Carolyn cleans Thaddeus from head to toe, and he melts in her arms. Thaddeus also seems to really like the younger kittens. He tries so hard to chase them, and seeing a CH kitty try to hide, stalk, and do the wiggle butt pounce is quite possibly the most adorable thing one can witness.


Wink, a one eyed kitten, is also great buddies with another orphan kitten, Freckles.


CH Kitty Additions:


Because there are so many animals at Michelle's house and so many coming in and going out of the rescue, it is always busy, chaotic, and noisy; but it's also a cats dream. There are toys and trees and towers and such everywhere! So once they overcome the initial shock of being around so many other animals, they become part of the pride, relax, start playing and having a good time.


Michelle tries to start new rescues in the spare bedroom with some of the really super affectionate and sweet "Walmart Greeter" cats, as she lovingly dubs them! It usually only takes a day or two for them to become comfortable, although sometimes she likes taking on the tough cases of very timid cats who need a while to adjust. In those cases, she makes up adoption songs and sings to them to bring them out of their shells!


How they help each other:


Technically, Holly Berry the pitbull (right) cleans all the special needs kitties (not that they want her to). Thaddeus watched the kittens run up the stairs so many times, that one day he just went up them. It took him a while, but he made it up there. He's now learned to lean against the wall for support when he goes up and down. Because of events like that, Michelle doesn't pity special needs animals. She believes they are brilliant in their ability to overcome a handicap.


 Interesting tidbit:

Michelle learned about CH kitties by accident, after having a rescue cat give birth to one a few years ago. She was pretty severe, could barely walk more than a step or two before falling and rolling. 

Michelle named her Lily Bug, and kept her for about 9 months before a local vet tech applied to adopt her. 

Michelle had tried to talk the 

adopter out of the adoption, telling her how hard it could be to care for her, how she sometimes rolls in her poop, 

or misses the litterbox and pees everywhere. But she insisted on giving it a try. Michelle bawled 

like a baby when Lily left, but it turned out to be the best home ever. Her new mom even built bumper pads that velcro onto the walls, to protect her from bonking her head too hard when she falls, a concrete water bowl holder so she couldn't spill it, and a toy that's like a child's mobile so she could bat at the dangly toys while lying on her back. Michelle was in awe of the lengths Lily's new mom went to for her, and decided that if there was a family who'd do that for Lily, then she would always help CH kitties when she came across them....and she's rescued at least 20 of them this year!!


What is Charm City's success secret in rescuing and adopting out CH kitties?


Michelle says "part of me wants to say that it's their personality and how hard they love people. But then I also adore watching them overcome a challenge, like stairs, or getting on a bed. These cats are serious champions, I think that's why they're so appealing. I don't really have a secret to adopting them out, other than to show people how amazing they are, and to tell them to not pity them. They are normal cats, they just wiggle!"

 You want a CH Cat.  Why?
By: Tam Mapes and CH Kitty Up
From: Thomas The Silver Tabby Sanctuary
You want a CH Cat. Why?  Can you answer that question honestly?
 Before you adopt consider your lifestyle carefully.

When you go to see your potential cat you see them only for a short
time. You do not see the care and support they receive on a daily basis. You
see the product of that care. You are told about the special needs of each CH
cat and you willingly agree without really hearing. You are excited and in love.
This is when you need to stop and consider your lifestyle. Can you picture your
life in 1 year, 3 years, 7 years? Is your life stable, your environment? Go back
and consider what you have been told about the care needed by your potential
cat. Can you do that for a month, a year? The cat's lifetime. Being
bounced from home to home can create behavioral issues. I do realize that
sometimes circumstances do change and that the cat must be rehomed for it's protection, but I also see postings for rehoming cats, and I think that the newness has worn off, and they want the latest model. CH cats are like any other.  They form bonds and attachments, They love you unconditionally.

So before you adopt a CH cat, ask yourself, 'Why?' Ask yourself,'Do I have the time?' Ask yourself, 'Can I dedicate myself for its lifetime?'  Because it should be furever.

I have been a 7 day a week volunteer at a shelter/sanctuary near me for 5 years.  We currently have three CH cats. I think I have heard every excuse and reason for rehoming a cat. Some are legit and heartbreaking. The majority boil down to'we're tired of having a cat'. Research CH cats carefully. Familiarize yourself with potential issues, there are lots. If you realize that your house may not be right for a CH cat at that moment, consider volunteering some time at a local shelter.     You win, the animals win!    


CH Kitties and CH Kitty Rescues who need our help right now.

I know often times I will plea for donations for rescue groups who have or help rescue CH Kitties in jeopardy of euthanasia.   A few kitties need help and also a few rescues who depend on donations need our help desperately.
Since it is the Holiday Season below are some of the pleas of the rescues who need our help.
Vail - Rescued by Lyn Serano of Lost Paws Animal Rescue
Vail, Rescued from the Brooklyn Shelter on Death Row. Donations are Tax Deducable, Click Link:






Little Shelter in Huntington, New York Hit Hard By Hurricane Sandy

Donate to help on their website!.
Also please if you can drop off or mail the following to:
bottled water
cat toys and cat treats..this helps the kitties deal with stress and no power
bags of meow mix..sick kitties love this food on top of their real food
wash cloths
warm blankets
Quarters for us to do laundry..
and any human treat you would like to drop off all of us would love


West Side Cats in Youngstown Ohio is an amazing group who rescues many CH Kitties from the mild to very severe!  Thier rescue efforts of CH Kitties have been amazing when CH Kitties in other states had no rescue in sight, West Side Cats stepped up to the plate!  This year alone, the have saved 2 CH Kitties from New York, 3 from Indiana, 1 from Chicago and the countless CH Kitties and special needs in Ohio.

West Side Cats need our help big time!   And I mean big time!  With the winter coming the heating bill and rent will take away most of their operating fund thus not having the extra funds for food, cat liter and saving more kitties and also for the vetting and caring for the sick kitties who need rescue and medical attention.  

Please consider helping and donating to West Side Cats Please!  They are fantastic and they need our support Greatly.  They make such a huge difference when no rescue in sight for CH Kitties!

Please make your Tax Deductible Donation on thier Website, on right side scroll down to Donate Button:
MollyAnn's Christmas Tips

 CH Kitty MollyAnn, Proud Mom Joanne Gulino Switzer



Consider getting the baby fences. This way, your cats can't go near the tree, but they can still explore the      house. The baby fence could even be painted holiday colors to make it less ugly. Decorate it too!


Make sure that your kitten(s) or cat(s) are away from the presents so that they don't rip off the gift wrap.


Consider getting Scotch Pines. They have sharp needles to repel cats. However, this very sharpness can be a potential hazard, so weigh this up before deciding.


Distract your cat. Place toys she likes in the same room as the tree and place his/her scratching post reasonably near to the tree. These are his/her things and encourage his/her to use them rather than hang around the tree.


Apple cider vinegar can be sprayed in place of "Bitter Apple


You can place clear contact paper, sticky side up, under the tree. Cats won't walk on sticky surfaces.


Try plastic ornaments instead of glass. And twist the wire ornament hook around the branch instead if just hanging from the hook shape provided.  


  Christmas Tree Warnings from Olivia and Apricot
Olivia and Apricot 
Photo: Olivia and Apricot, CH Kitty Sisters (Proud mom: Angela Runner) 


Never use tinsel around cats. They may pull it down and spread it over the house and possibly chew on it and choke. Tinsel will cause the cat serious injury or death if ingested - contact your vet right away if you think your cat has chewed, eaten or swallowed any tinsel (or any ribbon or string for that matter).


Aspirin is often added to tree water. This is toxic to your cat. Add sugar instead but still ensure that your cat cannot reach the water because it is likely to have pine sap, preservatives, pesticides and other toxic elements in it.

If you have a live Christmas tree with needles, always sweep up dead needles daily to remove temptation from pets and little people.


When you lock the cats up for the night, try to shut the door to the room with the tree. You'll sleep better knowing they're not swaying from it during the night.


Be extra vigilant with kittens. Keep them from chewing on the extension cord and shocking themselves. Anything that wiggles and jiggles will attract their attention.


Do not put any harmful things on the tree, like human food. If your cat decides to be curious and lick or eat it, then it could make your kitty very sick.


Do not leave hooks laying around, your cat can eat them, and this will probably hurt your kitty's insides.


Don't spray a tree that has electrical items on it. Water and electricity have a habit of short-circuiting into a house fire.


Don't decorate your cat. Allow her the dignity of not being your plaything.


Never leave a kitten in a gift box or carrier under the Christmas tree as a gift; this is dangerous and cruel. If giving a wanted and agreed upon kitten for Christmas, keep the kitten in another room well cared for and bring her out as a gift when it's time, in your hands. Be sure that someone responsible is available all day to care for her, as the noise and excitement is likely to be overwhelming and she should be allowed to retreat as needed. Most importantly, a cat should only be given as a Christmas gift if a family decision has been reached that this is a life-long commitment that particular family members willingly take on.

Introducing CHARGe

By: Elise Murphy


I think that it's pretty safe for me to assume that everyone in the CH kitty community knows the miracle worker, Deb Martin. Deb works tirelessly and endlessly spreading the word about CH kitties, networking them to find them rescue, safe havens, fosters, and adopters all in the nick of time. She works day and night - no situation is too big for her tackle or to at least attempt. I can't even imagine the hundreds of CH cats that must have been saved over the years as a direct result of her hard work networking and coordinating.


Some of you may also be familiar with me, Elise Murphy, and CH advocate Lisa Beers Kirry, who founded the Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats and Kittens Facebook group. We've tried for many months to be Deb's "backups," helping on the back-end when we can and helping up-front as much as possible. Fortunately, through the wonders of social networking, it seems that more and more people are becoming aware of Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Unfortunately, the number of cases where these precious kitties need urgent and immediate help has increased along with it. Even with Lisa and I on backup, things have gotten too overwhelming for even 3 people to handle (the United States is pretty big, you know?!)


Lisa came up with the wonderful idea of recruiting a small CH Kitty Army of people that work in rescue, or that are passionate about CH cats, and that would be willing to help out in some capacity if a CH cat emerged in their area. So far that list has grown to include almost 100 people in 5 countries that have volunteered to spread the word, pull from high-kill shelters, foster, provide rescue, and/or help with transport if rescue is found! It's simply amazing how wide of a global reach these special kitties have!


Even still, the community is just growing, and there is only so much an individual person can do.


And thus, CHARGe was born. We came up with the idea to create a small rescue "group" of reliable CH advocates that could help us take on these urgent cases as case managers and page monitors. I named the group CHARGe (short for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Animal Rescue Group elite), and we are a group of dedicated volunteers from across the US that strive to take on urgent rescue cases of animals with CH and place them into safe foster homes, rescues, sanctuaries, or forever adoptive homes.


We also aim to educate professionals and the public about the condition and provide resources to CH caretakers, guardians, and parents that will help them understand the condition and their kitty's abilities and limitations more completely. To date, I have completed a webpate/handout/brochure that contains all the "basics" about CH kitties and am currently compiling an easy way for new CH kitty parents and guardians to find a CH kitty friendly veterinarian in their area.


Please check out CHARGe's public front on Facebook at

 Are safe zones a CH thing or just a Lilly Grace thing?
By: Jennifer Jasensky
 Lilly Grace is my first and only CH kitty. She's constantly teaching me not only about CH but about life in general. One thing she has taught me is that she needs safe zones. Remember the old commercials "Calgon, take me away", suggesting that a bubble bath provided sanctuary for overwrought nerves. Well, Lilly needs her version of Calgon, her own sanctuaries, moreso than any of my other cats.

Lilly Grace frightens easily, but not from the things you might think. None of my other kitties have frightened her. Being outside to do her "business" doesn't frighten her. Even last night when we were outdoors and a buck and his lady deer friend passed through the yard, she didn't care. But a sneeze, a drop of rain, the sound of the heater kicking on, those things terrify her.
I've been concerned about her during the recent storms. Her normal perches by the window were not offering her any comfort, me gently holding her during a sun shower provided no relief, and there was no consoling her during a recent nearby construction project.

This got me thinking to the evolution of Lilly Grace's safe zones. I remember the first rain storm she experienced years ago after first moving in with us - she spent it in the hall. Despite the lack of creature comforts, she would not let me move her. In later months, she moved to a blanket under the bed (the blanket that had come from the home of Grace, Lilly's first human mom who passed away and became Lilly Grace's namesake). After the blanket came the cheese!
Cheese, you ask? What is this 'cheese' you speak of? Lilly Grace's very own cat-sized cheese chalet, gifted by my sister's kitties who give my cats all the toys and beds they don't like or can no longer fit in (oops, did I just admit that her cats have gotten too fat to fit into the cheese house?!?!?). 

What magic mystical powers that cheese provides for her I will never fully understand, but it is her refuge, her ultimate safe place. Lilly Grace even goes to the vet in her cheese house. She has severe CH and shakes so much in a hard carrier that she hits her head, and in a soft carrier, her fears take over and she scrambles to try to get her footing. In the cheese house she is perfectly content, the essence of laid-back. So if you see a crazy lady at the vet carrying what looks like a big piece of grey swiss cheese, it could be a very well-trained CH mom that does her girl's bidding and is willing to transport her cat in whatever makes her cat happy.
So is it just CH cats that need safety zones? My other kitties don't have the same compulsive need to hide. (Well, except for the one that expertly hides whenever my sister comes by.) Even though I've sent photos, I don't think she believes that the kitty really exists.
Where do your CH cats find their solace?
December Birthdays

Catherine Paciotti's CH Kitty Dotty's Birthday is December 1st 2010. She'll be 2.




Leslie Womack's CH Kitty Kewpie's birthday is December 19th. He will be 3 years old
 Christmas Cards with CH Kitty Winnie, benefits Lots of Love Cat Rescue, in Mass.


Lots of Love Cat Rescue in Massachussetts is selling holiday cards feautring CH kitty Winnie!  


100% goes to rescue and the purchase is tax deductable


 $12 for 10 cards (includes $2. shipping)

To purchase online, follow these steps:
2. click on "donate" button
3. in the "memo" section, please note: "holiday cards".
we will mail them right out to you.


To purchase by cash or check, please email

 The Interviews: Life with CH Cats
By Amanda Maurer Woodhead
From Amanda's Blog
Meet CH Kitties Elvis, Pappy, Harvey, Gil and Scooter featured In Life With CH Cats
                                   Read about Pappy here                         
                                   Read About Harvey Here:
                                   Read About Gil Here:
                                   Read About Scooter Here:
Christmas Gift Idea for Children: "Betty Tales"
"The True Story of a Brave Bobblehead Cat" 
By Author: Ruth Berge

Ruth Berge who is an inspired author has written a lovely Childrens Book about her beloved CH Kitty Betty. To our knowledge this is the first book written about a CH Kitty which is wonderful and such a great leap in spreading awareness for Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties 
This is a wonderful book for children and adults too! The holidays are comming up so what better gift to give but a book about a brave CH Kitty named Betty!
To order your copy please visit her website by clicking below
Slide Show Recap of some of the CH Kitties Rescued in 2012
By: Debbie Martin

Another year has gone by with many CH Kitties in jeopardy of be euthanized by shelters and thier owners. 

Everyday many of us are scurrying for rescue to help to save a precious life of a CH Kitty.   I cannot thank all the wonderful dedicated people out there who work so hard making a difference.    

I put together this little slideshow so you can see the faces of just some of the rescued CH kitties who were in jeopardy of euthanasia.  These are the lucky ones!  Some of the photos are not very nice as you watch as these are the impound photos at the shelters. 

I tried to collect as many  photos as I could from the past year.   I may have snuck in a photo or 2 of a kitty who was not CH as I dont have time to sort all the photos accordingly at times.

To make a difference, please offer to foster a CH Kitty! The ones who die is because no volunteers to help..

  What's on Effie's Mind?
By: CH Kitty Effie and a little help from her mom Missy Green

This is Effie and it has been a long time since I have written for the Newsletter. See, it is so hard to write when your heart has grief in it, and I have been missing my sister, Lovey, so badly! Mommy says she is waiting for me at someplace called the Rainbow Bridge, but we cannot go see her, yet. She says that when we go to see Lovey there that we cannot come back, but that we will be there forever with her! It sounds like a wonderful place, but Mommy says we are not ready to go there, yet. She is right about that, because I like being here with my Fifi!


Oh, and now we have these two new kitties in our house, Shakey and Maggie. I'm not really sure that I like them much. Well, Maggie is okay, but Shakey is a brat! She walks around with her butt swinging from side to side like she is just ALL THAT! Back and forth, back and forth, walking down the hall! She swings that butt so far that you can't even walk beside her! Mommy says she has CH just like me, but I think she does it on purpose! She also picks on poor little Fifi! She should know that Fifi is the queen of the house and they should listen to her. Mommy says that it's because they are both calicos, but I think it's just because she is a brat!

Shakey and Maggie

She also is completely obsessed with Tiger! Anytime Tiger comes inside, she just follows him around and stares at him and sniffs him. He hisses and her and swats, but she just keeps following him around. And when he is not there, all she wants to talk about is Tiger this and Tiger that! Well, I hate to tell her this, but Tiger does not like her or her following him around!


Tiger also says that there is a new kitty outside that Mommy calls Smudge. Well, Tiger likes Smudge even less than he likes Shakey! He says that Mommy feeds Smudge almost all soft food and that Smudge still won't let Mommy pet them! Well, that Smudge is just missing out, because Mommy's cuddling is the best!

Well, I'd better go now, but I am sending two pictures along with this. The first is of me cuddling with a stuffed animal in one of our sleeping boxes and the other is of Maggie and that bratty Shakey! I hope you like them.                                               

Adoptable Angels
CH Cats Available for Adoption Interactive Map

Search for your town and find the CH cats closest to you! Click on the points in the map below to find information about CH cats available for adoption around the world!


*hint* click on the name of the pet after clicking on their map point to view their Petfinder bio or Facebook album

View CH Cats Available for Adoption


CH Cats Available for Adoption in a full screen map

Please Click this link:





Reese CH Kitty.

Desperate Plea for Reese living in a cage.

CH Kitty Reese in Southern New Jersey needs home NOW!!!!!


She is living in a cage NOW!!!  The other cats are picking on her!!!!!   We need to get Reese a home ASAP!!!!!   Out of state adopters please consider helping Reese!!!!!!!

A little more than 4 years ago I adopted out a tortie kitten with CH. I just got her returned. The family moved to Pennsylvania and did not choose to take her with them. Reese is a good girl that gets along with other cats. I think she would do best in a family with another cat or two or as the only cat. 


Here is the rescues link for Reese: 

Contact Kim about Reese at    

The following are CH Kitties available thru K9 Kastle in the NYC area who were rescues from Kill Shelters and Ozzie found tapped in a box after Hurricane Sandy on the streets of the Rockaways.  These kitties need homes!!!!!!!!
Why?  Because thier is no room for other CH Kitties who need rescue!  If you do not live in the area do not hesitate to contact Emily, as out of state adoptions are welcome also.  Also if you can foster and are in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut, please help out and foster to help save a life of a CH Kitty!  If you want to adopt also email and  Contact Emily at 
         (3 of Emily's CH Kitties will be flying to Washington State this week!  2 are going to an adopter and 1 Lisa Kirry will be fostering!)

Personal note from CH Kitty's Twitch and Swagger from Florida


Bye, Bye Everybody!

Love, Ziggy



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