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June 9, 2016
Hello Waldorf Families!

The end of the school year is upon us! Grade 8 just left on their long-awaited 10-day class trip to Alaska.
They took a chartered bus to LAX and then flew Alaska Air to Anchorage on a red-eye.They are camping in four different locations along the Kenai Peninsula, and staying at the University of Alaska Anchorage for three nights.

And, most importantly, they are gaining independence and grit!

Alaska, northwest of Canada, is the largest and most sparsely populated U.S. state. It's known for its dramatic, diverse terrain of wide-open spaces, mountains and forests, with abundant wildlife and many small towns. 

Our seniors are getting ready to receive their diplomas, and our entire student body is feeling the full force of spring fever. We are bursting at the seams and ready to be outdoors- camping, traveling, going to the beach, and enjoying a variety of summer camps. Scroll down to check out our flyers! 

For ages incoming Pre-K to rising Grade 2- we have camps offered by our Waldorf Early Childhood staff, Monday through Friday 9 a.m.- 1 p.m., that feature water play, arts and crafts, walks, and much more. Think unstructured, old-fashioned FUN. Just being a child, reveling in the outdoors and in the simple joys of summertime!

Rising Grades 2-6 can enjoy Miss Christine's awesome art camp, and Miss Tiesha's Summer Fun Camp is geared toward rising grades 3-6. For rising grades 3-8, we offer Performing Arts summer camps through our own Debora Wondercheck's Arts & Learning Conservatory- strings, orchestra and musical theater. 

For high school, our high school humanities teacher Robin Theiss has a comprehensive English grammar and writing workshop for rising Grade 9. We also are offering teen acting classes with Gina Garrison and Kim Capristo (both experienced actors and Waldorf alumni parents).

This summer, there will be lots of busy elves on campus constructing our new playground, planting trees and creating an entirely different space, full of innovations and fun, for our children to enjoy. Definitely something to look forward to when we return in Fall 2016!

Lastly, the WSOC faculty and staff would like to express our gratitude to the parent body for our beautiful appreciation luncheon on Wednesday, June 1. We were overwhelmed with the delicious offerings, cards and loving kindness displayed in all of your efforts. It was heavenly.

Happy summer to you all. We'll see you in September!


Alyssa Hamilton
WSOC Communications Coordinator

A note from Admissions...

As we part for the summer, let's pause for a moment to appreciate the great gift of a healthy enrollment.  Full classes in nine of our 14 grades represents our community's commitment to WSOC and all that it brings to our children and families. While many private schools are struggling to fill classes, interest in our school continues to grow.  Our wait pools are expanding, tours increasing, and inquiries continuing into the summer.  

As our nation and the world continues to question how children are best educated, and modern science allows us to delve more deeply into how the brain works, we can see now -- more than ever -- that the wider community is increasingly shifting its focus toward the type of education that Waldorf schools have been delivering since 1919. We can embrace being ahead of the curve and feel grateful for having a place here as a part of this wonderful community.

For those who are moving away this summer, we will miss you and wish you well on the next part of your adventure. For those who are returning, we look forward to welcoming you back this fall with our newly-completed playground.  How exciting!

For those who have referred your friends, neighbors, co-workers and strangers next to you on the beach - we thank you. Word-of-mouth is our very best form of marketing.

And to all, great thanks for helping to make this Waldorf school family one of the strongest in Southern California.



Linda Timmons
Admissions Director

WSOC high school graduation is on Saturday, June 18th at 2 p.m. Please join us to celebrate our seniors!

Our 13 seniors garnered $1,593,000 in total merit scholarship dollars offered over four years, and received, collectively, 46 college acceptances! The schools they selected are: Arizona State University, George Washington University, Orange Coast College, Marymount California University, Pratt Institute of Design, Purdue University, San Francisco State University, Santiago Canyon College, Sarah Lawrence College, University of San Francisco, University of California Irvine, and University of Santa Cruz.
Scenes from WSOC community service

Last Wednesday, June 1, the WSOC High School Student Council provided an afternoon of games and food to the families living at the Costa Mesa Motor Inn. The Costa Mesa Motor Inn is a home for many low-income families. One of the most dire problems they are facing is eviction; the motel is slated to be torn down so that new apartments can be built. The Student Council planned a night of fun with games and food to help these families have a night off and to provide the children with some opportunities to have fun. The event featured kids' activities such as jump rope, chalk art, and drawing on pillow cases, and they also got to help run a food booth for the event, which served approximately 60 people. 

"Playing with the children and serving food at the Costa Mesa Motor Inn felt extremely rewarding," said Aby Jaeger, Grade 11, "especially when we saw the gratitude on the parents' faces and the all of the kids' smiles."

WSOC Japanese cultural experiences


As their final content in the Japanese program, the 8th grade class learned about the Japanese Tea 
Ceremony, which was developed in medieval Japan. As their final event in the Japanese program, the 8th grade class visited a traditional Japanese tea master of Urasenke School of Tea, Mrs. Soyu Koizumi, in her beautiful and authentic teahouse with its Japanese gardens in Villa Park. The students experienced authentic "Chanoyu" (traditional tea ceremony), which was influenced by Zen philosophy and developed by renowned Zen monk, Sen-no-Rikyu in the 16th century. With the detailed and thoughtful guidance of Mrs. Koizumi and the staff of her tea school, our students enjoyed a delicious cup of tea and Japanese sweets, and some of them even learned how to make tea using the traditional tea utensils. It was such a rare and precious experience for the students.

The ceremony was simple, but really a synthesis of the Japanese arts with a focus on preparing and serving a bowl of green tea with a pure heart. The basic principles of "Chado" (the Way of Tea) are expressed in the words harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility (wa, kei, sei, jyaku as Japanese terms).By sitting on tatami (straw) mats in the quiet tearoom and sipping the freshly prepared tea we could naturally understand the significance of respect. It was also one of the main themes for the Japanese program in our school, and this is why I take my students to this tea room in their 8th year 
of learning Japanese language and culture.  

At this point, they are ready and well prepared to appreciate the quality and significance of this Japanese traditional activity. I was very proud of the class's respectful, poised and positive learning attitude!
-- Masami Sensei


In Waldorf Schools, foreign languages are taught only orally in the first three years or so. During this time, the students are submerged in the "sound world" of the language and get the rhythm and feeling of it through their bodies. Skit and play practice are the most powerful language and cultural experiences for children at this age. Our Grade 2 students recently performed the Japanese play, "Momotaro, the Peach Boy," based on a popular Japanese folk tale. They recited the story in the form of a long verse and performed in a lively manner. May the brave sprit of Momotaro and friends live in the hearts of the students for a long time!
-- Masami Sensei 

Wildcats participate in Pilot Cup 

Our WSOC Grades 5 and 6 had a wonderful Pilot Cup experience this year- our girls' team made it to the semi-finals and both teams won two out of three games. It was a great opportunity to practice teamwork, working hard for a common goal, and good sportsmanship. Thank you to coaches Wil Eijpen, Gordon Mattey, Brad Holm and Annie Stawicki for your dedication and loving attention to our Wildcats!

Foundation Studies Fall 2016: 
Sign up now!

Have you ever said, I wish I was the one going through Waldorf Education! Or perhaps you would like to learn more about why Waldorf teachers bring subjects to their  students in a particular way. With Foundation Studies, you can! Waldorf School of Orange County's two-year program enables participants to experience many of the subjects their child learns, including a study of great literary works such as Parzival, form drawing, wet-on-wet watercolor, projective geometry and more. Additionally, courses include Child Development and the Basics of Waldorf Education, a Biography Workshop, and other fundamentals of Waldorf Education.
The program, which began in 2009, is directed by Chris Bennett, who joined the faculty of WSOC in September 2009 and is the former director of Kula Makua Adult Waldorf Education in Honolulu, and was an instructor at the London Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar (UK) for many years before that. Faculty members from WSOC support the program, as do several guest teachers from the wider Anthroposophical movement.
This two-year, part-time study is offered from September, 2016 to June, 2018. Tuition is $2,500 per year. Monthly payment option is available (September-June). Please click here for brochure and registering instructions.
The Company of Angels


Stock up for the summer months!

Lead by Kim Eijpen - Basic knitted toys and all are welcome from beginners to experienced knitters.  Yarn and needles will be available for purchase in the store.
Our year has had its ups and downs...
Our adorable children visiting the store.....up
Our Craft Group.....up
Scrip Store in The Company of Angels....up
View through my window at playgroup children....up
Squirrels running around the store....down
Running out of BBQ and seeing the faces on our children....down
Merchandise sales down 10%.....DOWN (Visit your store/hold off on the Internet)....please.
HEARTFELT gratitude goes out to our store volunteers who have faithfully been here week after week...
Alexandra Kanne (gift from the Kerbs/Sudbeck family-3 days per week!), Kathi Ramming (alumni), Claudia Boden, Allison Severn and Kristen Krofina.

Extra Angels always ready to help...Sharon Pittenger, Sara Rodelo and Yuko McCarthy.
A huge shout out to Lynda Shea (grandmother Jaedon in 4th grade) for keeping our garden looking beautiful!
Last but truly not least...Our incredible bakers...which is pretty much all of our grade parents from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8.  At times our busy schedules may have made it difficult for you to bake BUT please know how delighted our parents and children are when they walk through the door and see the treats...so rewarding.  Thank you to our "Slice Organizer" - Laura Fortino-Zeni  who coordinated all of these bakers!
Warm Regards and Wishes,  
The Angels
News from Scrip!

We are very close to the end of the year, so please stop by and check your balance or check it online.  We are available all summer on Wednesdays from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. for your scrip buying needs. The year ends on July 31, so there is still lots of time to meet your scrip obligation. We are available for Presto Pay sign-ups.  

Enjoy your summer, and thanks to the entire community for the extra support we receive from the scrip program! 

Summer Scrip for vacations...

Holiday Inn
Princess Cruise Lines
Royal Caribbean
Southwest Airlines

Thank you,
Pam Lusk

Bidding loving farewells and welcoming new faces

Masami Inoue and Beka Castro will be taking their one-year sabbaticals in 2016-17. We wish our amazing teachers a well-deserved, relaxing and rejuvenating year off!

Lisa Masterson, our wonderful faculty coordinator, will be returning to Portland where she will serve Waldorf Schools in the Pacific Northwest, and continuing with her Waldorf School teacher training across the U.S. and Canada.

Kim Sava-Capristo, our incredibly hard-working business manager for the past nine years and a WSOC parent for 15 years, is moving on to pursue creative endeavors and will also be working as a freelance business consultant. She will stay through mid-August 2016 to transition in the new business manager Jeff Barth, who will start in July 2016.

Michael Knauss, our beloved woodworking teacher, has accepted a position as the Grade 6 teacher at Summerfield Waldorf School. He and his family will be moving to Santa Rosa and we send them off with love and well-wishes.

Emmi Kohout, our supremely talented high school Spanish teacher and college counselor, has accepted a position in a public high school and will be moving on to bring her rich gifts to these lucky students.

We welcome back our lovely Elisabeth Beck, who is returning from her sabbatical to teach Eurythmy in Grades 1-8. We are so thankful to Mi Young Schoen for filling in this year and doing such a remarkable job with our students.

Brooke Tarne and Julia Rodriguez will take over for our superb Early Childhood assistants Kelli Garcia, Oriana Gourley and Lisa Agle.

Mai Nguyen ("Miss Mai"), accompanist for Eurythmy classes and the high school choir, is going on maternity leave and we wish her great joy in her coming life as a mother. She will be greatly missed!
Upcoming events and parent evenings at-a-glance
Click here for school calendar
Thursday, June 9  Grade 7 Spanish Play
Friday, June 10  Grade 5 State Project Presentations
Friday, June 10  Strings Swap
Monday, June 13  Board Meeting
Tuesday, June 14  DOMG
Wednesday, June 15  Grade 6 Play
Wednesday, June 15 Grade 4 field trip pool party
Thursday, June 16 last day for Early Childhood
Thursday, June 16  Grade 9 Parent Evening
Thursday, June 16  Grade 5 beach day
Thursday, June 16  Grade 9 Marionettes Play
Friday, June 17 last day of school for grades and high school
Friday, June 17  Grade 8 Promotion
Saturday, June 18  High School graduation
Thursday, June 23-Sunday, June 26  Adult Education Intensive

Community News

Strings Swap June 10th, 2:50 p.m.
June 10th 2:50 pm
(near flagpole)

What is a Strings Swap? We have generous donors donating their children's outgrown instruments to fellow students, and we have instruments for sale from our community as well; all benefiting our music program for grades 4 -12th.

Here's how to participate:
  • If you have an instrument to donate or sell please contact eruvalcaba@waldorfschool.com prior to this Swap date if possible, so she may list your items to potential buyers.
  • Anyone wishing to sell their instruments should bring it on this day with a price in mind. Sellers will be responsible for their own business dealings, but I will list your items for future inquiries.
  • We have limited donated instruments -- usually for incoming 4th graders -- but do leave your request (instrument and size) for the first available.
Thank you to the Kerbs and Dumaine families for donating instruments!


Yearbooks will be available for pickup  by the flag pole next Thursday, June 16 at drop off and pick up. A gigantic thank you to the Maletychs and Ken Grody Ford for donating ALL of our yearbooks this year!


As a fundraiser for Grade 7, we would like to offer copies of the WSOC Spring Concert 2016 DVD, for $15 each, with checks made payable to WSOC. DVDs can be pre-ordered in the front office, and will either be shipped to you, or ready the week school is out.


Playgroup is requesting a small animal carrier for chicken transport during the summer months. Miss Michaela will be taking them to and from school. If you have one you no longer need, she'd love to have it! Contact Miss Michaela at mheller@waldorfschool.com

Fairview Environmental Workshop

Want to learn more about the natural world around you? Join the members of the Institute for Conservation, Research and Education in an educational and nature-based workshop. This workshop will focus on interrelationships (between nature and humans) through history, plant and wildlife identification, ecological relationships, human impact, positive environmental behaviors and more. 

Saturdays, 6/4-6/25. Fairview Park, 2525 Placentia Ave., Costa Mesa. All Ages. Free. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a participating adult. (714) 327-7525.

Want to help a Waldorf School in Nepal? Here's how!
A message from Tashi Waldorf School: "We were established in Nepal in the year 2000, with the objective of propagating the Steiner Education System in Nepal. We operate through a sponsorship program and donations from generous people from abroad. The school has no other financial resources. As this system of education is still new to whole of Nepal, the need to publicize this system is very much indispensable.  

The school operates classes from Nursery to Grade 4. The Government of Nepal would like us to upgrade our school to Primary Level, for which we are required to run class 5 also.
Over the last 15 years, the school has had difficulty finding a suitable infrastructure. A larger part of our available funds is spent paying the rent for the school building and playground for the children, many of whom come from disadvantaged and poor families. A majority of the children have been attending the school for free.
We would like to request all likeminded people like you to cooperate with us by donating whatever amount is possible for you. Even your smallest support would be gigantic for us. This would be a big help for us to buy land and build the school thereafter."

Tashi Waldorf School,
Children of Nepal,
GPO Box 8975,
EPC 4218, Kathmandu,


Knit-a-Purlooza- 1,037 squares!

Yup, 1037!!!
That's what I've got to say...We ended up with 1,037 hand-knitted, made with love squares! Thank you to our wonderful community for, as usual, going above and beyond to make wonderful things happen.

In Gratitude,
Liz Wenger


Debora Wondercheck recommends this event! The popular Americana/Bluegrass band, Grammy-nominated Della Mae, is coming to Huntington Beach for a single show. The band has just returned from a series of performances in Vietnam for the US State Department where they played before thousands enthusiastic Vietnamese fans.  
Friday,              June 10th
Location:         Huntington Beach Art Center, 538 Main Street, Huntington Beach
Doors Open:     7 p.m.
Show Time:       7:30 p.m.
Ticket Price:      $20.00 at www.TRRanchMusic.com. Reservations required.

Summer Camps
English Grammar and Writing Workshop led by Robin Theiss, 
WSOC high school humanities teacher

July 18-29
Monday-Friday 2 p.m.

Waldorf High School 

Contact: rtheiss@waldorfschool.com.  Email Robin to confirm your participation before July 1, 2016.

The 9th grade English curriculum at WSOC is very intense and fast-paced. It requires a good, solid foundation in the fundamentals of grammar and writing. Students moving on to AP or honors level English at other schools will need to do the same. The cost for the camp is $325 for both weeks. The cost includes all of the materials and instruction.

Scholarships are available if needed. Students who are only able to participate for one week are welcomed. Please email me if you are interested ASAP, so I can organize. I would like at least 10 students in the workshop to make it viable. We welcome all incoming 9th graders, even if you plan on going to another high school. Please spread the word!

Teen Acting

August 1 - August 5
10 am to 2 pm
Bring a sack lunch, snacks/water provided
6 pm performance Friday, August 5
kimpsava@yahoo.com to register

This week-long intensive offers students an opportunity to strengthen abilities through fun group activities and one-on-one training. They will learn techniques to deepen character development, build performance confidence, and create on-stage relationships while delving into the collaborative work of scene breakdown and study.
Finding the balance between building a character and allowing that character to respond in the moment is just one of the many important acting skills we hope to share in this workshop.
Classes led by Kim Capristo and Gina Garrison

About the Instructors

Kim Capristo 
is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York. Her passion for performance and character development led her to study at the Groundlings in LA where she sharpened her story telling skills. Kim has appeared in numerous stage productions both locally and regionally and was a recurring character on Nickelodeon's, Ned's Declassified. She has performed stand up and improvisational pieces drawing material from motherhood and as a student of life.

Gina Garrison obtained her degree in Theater Performance and Directing from Cal State University, Long Beach and is a credentialed Waldorf Grades Teacher.  As a commercial actor, she worked extensively in both regional and national ads (Sears, Swiffer, Dawn, Boston Market, etc.) Gina is a founding member of The Elephant Theater Company in Hollywood, and continues to perform in a variety of their award-winning and world premiere productions. She was last seen in Out of Orbit by Jennifer Maisel at Cal Rep Theatre. 

June 20 thru 24               Miss Barbara
June 27 thru July 1st       Miss Barbara
                  July 4th No Camp
July 11th thru 15th           Miss Catherine
July 18th thru 22nd          Miss Catherine
July 25th thru 29th           Miss Michaela
August 1st thru 5th          Miss Michaela
August 8th thru 12th        Miss Michaela
Summer Camp
9:00 to 1:00
Waldorf School of Orange County
$180/week (drop in $40/day)

Incoming Pre-K through
Rising Grade Two
We will provide a snack. Children bring lunch. Unstructured, old-fashioned FUN!
Sign Up at "Sign up desk between Miss Holly's & Miss Terri's Classrooms"
Camp will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
Please make check payable directly to the teacher hosting the week.
Payment is required to hold your child's spot.

Minimum of 6 children per day to hold camp.

Children's Summer Craft Camp

Location: WSOC...the garden outside COA

June 27th/28/29/30/July1
July 11th/12/13/14/15
Aug 8th/9/10/11/12

Time: 9:30 to 1:30
Age group: grades rising 2nd to 6th

Fee: $250 supplies included
Sample of Crafts:
Wet felting
Dry felting
Japanese marbling
Peg weaving
Dyeing yarn
For more info contact Christine @ newellchristine8@gmail.com
Class size limited to 10 children per week

June 27- August 12, 2016
Summer fun Camp
Sports, crafts, games, and salty beaches!

Waldorf School- Big Aftercare trailer
2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email:
Hours: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Ages: Rising 3rd graders to 6th grade
  • We will leave campus every day promptly at 10:00 a.m. and will return at 2:30 p.m. for pick-up at 3:00
  • Snacks will be provided
  • Children must bring their own lunches
  • We will be going to the beach on Fridays-proper attire is required.


*The school will be undergoing renovation so Big Aftercare will be primarily a drop off and pick up location. Most of the activities will be off-campus and in the outdoors.
*Maximum of 25 kids (friends and neighbors welcome!)
*Weeks with less than 8 children attending will be cancelled.

Weekly price is $225 per child and will be paid directly to the school.
Prorated amount is $175 for 3- day attendance.
Payments must be made up front and in full by June 20.

Week 1
June 27-1
Week 2
July 11-15
Week 3
July 18-22
Week 4
July 25-29
Week 5
Aug 1-5
Week 6
Aug 8-12


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