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January 28, 2016

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What is this year's Gala theme?

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Your mission begins in Costa Mesa at 1700 hours on Saturday, May 21 at Crevier Classic Cars, otherwise known as Monte Carlo. There will be a silent and live auction (streamlined to maximize your party time), buffet dinner, dancing and casino activities galore.

Dress to kill.

Want to join our team of high-powered Gala operatives? We are seeking volunteers for soliciting auction items, creating table arrangements and much more. Contact Carolyn Gregg for details.

Contact Alyssa Hamilton for questions about Gala donations.

Await further instructions.


Spencer West brings inspiration to WSOC
On Wednesday, January 26, Grades 5-12 and a select group of WSOC volunteers were treated to a talk by motivational speaker and human rights advocate Spencer West.

He described his journey, from losing his legs from the pelvis down at the age of five, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in his wheelchair and on his hands. He emphasized focusing not on what a person can't do, but what they can do. He spoke passionately about his work with Free the Children, an organization that raises funds to create long term "sustainability, not charity" for villages in Africa.

He thanked WSOC students for their work with charity groups such as Stop Hunger Now and Warm Up America and encouraged them to continue to help others in need, whether it be globally or locally.

See more about Spencer West here. 
Eurythmy performances
Our Eurythmy teacher Miyoung Schoen led students in a series of beautiful performances for parents and fellow students in the last few weeks.

Grade 3 shared their work from the latest block. Two poems, Cock Robin and Jack Frost, were the main pieces. Grade 4 presented a part from "The Song of Hiawatha" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Grade 5 performed a variety of pieces: rhythm exercises, New World Symphony by Drovak, a poem from India, In the Bazaars of Hyderabad, by Sarojini Naidu, and rod exercises.  

Eurythmy, unique to Waldorf schools, is the art of movement that attempts to make visible the tone and feeling of music and speech. Eurythmy helps to develop concentration, self-discipline, and a sense of beauty. This training of moving artistically with a group stimulates sensitivity to the other as well as individual mastery. Eurythmy lessons follow the themes of the curriculum, exploring rhyme, meter, story, and geometric forms.

Grade 5 readies for the Pentathlon

Each May, Waldorf schools across the country gather fifth graders for the annual Pentathlon. WSOC will go to Coronado Island on May 13 (parents are welcome) to compete with other Waldorf schools in this annual celebration of fifth grade grace, skill, and determination, as a crowning salute to the curriculum (ancient history) of the fifth grade in Waldorf schools around the world.

A Pentathlon comprises five athletic components. Most Waldorf Pentathlons include: the long jump; the javelin throw (pictured); the discus throw; wrestling; and a relay race. The community of fifth graders are mixed and sorted in to four city-states: Sparta, Corinth, Athens, and Thebes.

In Waldorf Pentathlons, the characteristic of beautiful form is paramount. It is not how fast, how far or how superior your results are athletically, but how you look, behave, and perform while achieving excellent results.

Gardening with Miss Catherine
"The Grade 3 students and I made these seed balls on the day it was storming - thunder and lightning. The ingredients are drought- tolerant wildflower seeds, biodynamic compost and clay.

We counted them (385 total!), then divided them by the number of children + Miss Valenzuela-Mier + Miss Angie + Mr. Knauss and put them in bags. The children were to find places for them on the surface of the earth (in a garden or pot, etc.) in full sun and either water them or wait for the promised rain.

Soon, we will be planting warm weather plants like tomatoes and basil - and hoping against hope that they don't get devoured in the greenhouse!"

--Miss Catherine, Pre-K teacher and Grade 3 Gardening teacher

Powered by curiosity

Honda Engines donates 25 single cylinder engines 
to WSOC Grade 10
(From left) Rich Hlaves, Honda engine product and technical manager for Tru-Power, a Corona-based Honda distributor; John Machado, Distributor Engine Representative, Western Region Honda;
 and WSOC science and physics teacher Jennifer Staub
In true Waldorf fashion, Grade 10 learned by doing! During the four-week mechanics part of their physics class, each student disassembled and then rebuilt an engine while learning basic engine construction, the function of each part and how components work together to produce energy. High school science and physics teacher Jennifer Staub said the unique project was born out of a desire to make the physics principles of motion and mechanics practical and engaging.

Rich Hlaves, a Honda engine product and technical manager for Tru-Power, a Corona-based Honda distributor, was responsible for coordinating the Honda engine donation, worth $8,000. He noted that Honda is enthused about the Waldorf/Honda physics project, because virtual education today often substitutes for knowledge gained through real life experience.

"These students will develop a working knowledge of mechanics and engines so they understand mechanical problems that may arise with their cars, recreational vehicles, and even small household appliances," he said. "The engine tear-down and re-build project may even lead some of these students to consider engineering careers."

Later in the school year, the same engines will be used by 9th graders learning about combustion, and 11th graders studying electricity and magnetism. Grade 10 parent Sue McPhail, mother of Zora, was instrumental in garnering this wonderful Honda donation.

Check out our coverage in the Daily Pilot here!
Michaels goes big for Knit-a-Purlooza!


Michaels Craft store is sending us a whopping 800 skeins of yarn and needles for Knit-A-Purlooza! We are so grateful to them, and to Wende Zomnir, founding partner of Urban Decay Cosmetics and parent of Crash in Grade 7 and Cruz in Grade 4, for creating this incredible opportunity.

We will get to that 1000 squares in no time. Come by the office and pick up your supplies. Let's do this for Warm Up America.

Thank you Michaels!  

Parent Education
For more information about the work of Susan Johnson, M.D., F.A.A.P, click here

What Affects Your Child's Learning and Well-Being? with Susan Johnson, MD, FAAP. In this two-part lecture series, you will learn about Dr. Johnson's integration of anthroposophical and allopathic disciplines, the potentially negative impacts of premature academic instruction on a still-developing child, and how Waldorf Education addresses learning differences. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to this highly esteemed behavioral and developmental pediatrician! Click here for flyer and details.
Friday, February 5
7- 8:30 p.m.
Meadows Hall
Saturday, February 6
9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Meadows Hall
RSVP to Alyssa Hamilton. Thank you!
*JUST ADDED! Susan Johnson also will be speaking on Thursday, February 4 in the Kindergarten at 6:30 p.m. Subject: The Young Developing Child. RSVP to Miss Terri here.

Miss Barbara's Support for the Parenting Journey series began this last Wednesday, but you are still welcome to participate! Ideal for parents in Playgroup through Grade 3. Click here for flyer.
 Health Through Singing
"Every human being has a singing voice. Our work is to unveil, take away hindrances, and free the voice." -- Mrs. Valborg Werbeck Svardstrom
Christiaan Boele invites you to come and experience an evening of song, laughter and the tonal arts through the work of Mrs. Svardstrom's School of Uncovering the Voice. Click here for more information.
Monday, February 1
6 p.m.- 8:45 p.m.
Westside Waldorf School, Pacific Palisades
$25 at the door, family rate $65. All welcome, no experience necessary.

Budget Preview Meeting February 2
Members of the Budget Mandate Group will present a WSOC Budget Preview meeting at Eurythmy Hall, 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 2. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the preliminary budget for next year, ask questions and understand items that will impact the budge for 2016-17. Please join us!
Company of Angels
VALENTINE'S DAY is sneaking up on us! We have a delightful display of lovely items to purchase for your sweetie!  New items are arriving now, including fantastic hair ties, ceramic heart dishes as well as lovely white ring dishes, and Malabrigo yarn - The colors are luscious!
Additionally, we have refreshed our supplies of: colored roving, doll skin of various tones, jump ropes and double dutch ropes.
Thank you for shopping "YOUR" store!

Roll & Go...Easy as 1-2-3!

Enchanted Slumber's all-in-one design creates an effortless organic blanket for travel, school, and naptime. Included is a removable organic lavender and buckwheat pillow. 

 Please come in and take a look - I am over the moon over this gorgeous product! 


Community News
Photo by Kevin Sullivan OC Register
Fermentation Farm is in the news! Check out the OC Register article here. Fermentation Farm is owned by Yasmine and Derek Mason, parents of Bryn in Grade 4 and Dax in Grade 1. Located a mere stone's throw from school on Victoria, the shop features homemade kombucha, sauerkraut, yogurt, pastured eggs and much more. You can also take classes on how to create these delicious, gut-healthy items at home. A membership club store, Ferm Farm now boasts 2,100 members. Lifetime memberships are $25; a one-month trial membership costs $5.
Annual Giving closes January 31!
Our Annual Giving campaign wraps up this month. It's not too late to make a gift or pledge. We have raised $73,000 with a little more than half of our school community. Just think, if everyone in the community made a gift or pledge we could meet our goal of $100,000. That would make an impact right here in our school! For those of you who have made a heartfelt gift, thank you for your generous support. You are making a difference in our community. There is still time to make a gift or pledge. Make a gift online at or contact Carolyn Gregg. Thank you!

Middle school basketball tournament
Photo by Steve Emahiser
Photo by Olive Sun, Grade 8
Photo by Olive Sun, Grade 8

On Saturday, January 25, four Waldorf Schools came to WSOC and participated in a Round Robin basketball tournament. WSOC went 2-1, beating Westside, Highland Hall (on overtime) and losing to a very strong Ocean Charter team.

Great job everyone, and a special thank you to Coach DeMichele!

High school basketball

HS Boys' Basketball Team Schedule
Thursdays at Apollo Park, Downey (except where noted):
     1/22 - WIN (18-14)     
     1/28 - vs. Arroyo 
     2/4 -   vs. Carson (4-5pm)
     2/11 - vs. Gateway (3-4pm
     2/18 - Playoff Games (TBD)

HS Girls' Basketball Team Schedule
Tuesdays at Apollo Park, Downey:
     1/26 WIN (21-15)
     2/2 -   vs. Arroyo (4-5pm)
     2/9 -   vs. Pasadena      Waldorf (4-5pm)
     2/16 - vs. Carson (3-4pm)
     2/23 - vs. Arroyo (4-5pm)

Move-a-Thon takes place on Friday, February 12. Not a fan of door-to-door asks? No problem. Here is the link for friends and family to donate online. Proceeds benefit WSOC's Games, Eurythmy and other movement programs. Thank you in advance for your participation!
Grade 11 seeking practicum opportunities
WSOC 11th grade students are looking for a place to do their practicum. We always reach out to our community to see if anyone might be able to accommodate a student. 
They will all be available to do their practicums Monday through Friday, March 14 - 18, 2016. If you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting one of our students please contact . Thank you in advance for any leads!
Areas of interest are as follows:
  • software design or business management
  • music production or graphic design
  • modern media or clothing design
  • automotive industry
  • forensics or civil engineering
  • medical fields or media/business communications
  • education (shadowing high school teachers)
  • radio station
  • politics/civil rights or fashion or entertainment/media
  • STEM fields (research, not medical)
  • culinary
  • HCW: music therapy or music production / audio engineering
"My daughter benefitted greatly from her week working with a graphic designer at Urban Decay.  As a senior this year she is applying to Graphic Design programs across the country.  Her practicum was instrumental in giving her full confidence that this is the career path she would like to follow."-Gina Illes

WSOC employment opportunity
We are bidding our beloved business manager Kim (Sava) Capristo farewell after nine years of dedicated service (and she's been a WSOC parent for 15 years!). She will be leaving her position this coming June. We wish her much success in her future endeavors!
Full-Time Business Manager
Seeking experienced Business Manager to join our staff, beginning the summer of 2016.This position oversees the strategic management of the financial activities  and human resources of the Waldorf School of Orange County. We are seeking candidates with a minimum of three years non-profit accounting experience and a thorough understanding of Human Resources particularly as it pertains to California law.  BA or equivalent required. The candidate should be familiar with Waldorf Education and the principles on which it is based. Salary range is $48,200 - $63,000 depending on experience. Full tuition remission and benefits included.  
Email letter of introduction and resume to
School Calendar Events



* Winter Clothing Swap Friday, February 5! Click here for flyer.

Ongoing Events
HS Japanese Club
3:10 - 4:30 pm
Grade 6 Classroom

HS Boy's Basketball Practice
Monday 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Friday 1:15 - 3:15 pm

HS Girl's Basketball Practice
Monday 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Upcoming Events and Class Meetings
Friday, January 29
Grade 12 Field Trip
8:30 a.m.
Friday, January 29
High School Skate Night
Fountain Valley Skate Center
6:00 p.m.
Monday, February 1 High School Applications Due


Tuesday, February 2  Budget Preview presentation given by members of BMG- for the WSOC Community.

6:30 p.m., Eurythmy Hall


Wednesday, February 3 Walk Through the Grades Tour

9:00 a.m. Adults only, reservations required


Wednesday, February 3 Grade 4 Field Trip: Homestead Museum


Thursday, February 4 Susan Johnson, MD Early Childhood Talk

6:30 p.m., Kindergarten classroom


Friday February 5 & Saturday, February 6

Susan Johnson Parent Education lectures

7:00 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m. Saturday, Meadows Hall


February 7-10, Grade 5 Field Trip to Sequoias


Monday, February 8 Grade 10 Parent Evening Mexicali Trip

7 p.m.






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