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November 12, 2015

WSOC high school is the flowering of the Waldorf educational journey that, for many of us, began in Pre-K.  Come see the Waldorf High School in action by participating in an immersive two-day experience: The High School Walk Through the Grades and the High School Open House. What makes a Waldorf high school different? How do we prepare our students for college and university? Join us to learn more about the many benefits of our high school, and to gain a deeper understanding of how WSOC supports our children as they blossom into young adults, ready to meet the world. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, November 13, 9-10:30 a.m.: Walk Through the High School. 
Parents only.

Saturday, November 14, 10 a.m.- 12 p.m.: High School Open House. 
For students and parents to meet the faculty and share an interactive experience.
Participation is by reservation only. Events are meant to be experienced in tandem. To RSVP, please visit  For more information, click here for flyer.

As a culmination of the Grade 10 Poetics Block, the students will host a poetry evening, where they will share recitations from famous poets as well as their own original work. Don't miss this special evening!
WednesdayNovember 18
Meadows Hall, 7:00 pm 
Recommended for Grade 7 and up (just too long to sit for younger)
It will be about 1-1/2 hours with one short intermission
It's free! 


Friday November 20th 
Performances at 9:00 and 11:00
Open House 10:30 -11:30 am 

Guests should make reservations here:


Roll up your sleeves for a 
Campus Beautification WORK DAY!

Saturday, November 14
8:30 - 11:30 am
You are invited to roll up your sleeves with members of the Campus Beautification Committee as we spruce up our campus for fall.  We will plant, prune, weed, water, sand and stain, among other things!  Volunteers will be met with a light breakfast snack and given well-defined and specific tasks to ensure an efficient and effective half day of improvement to our campus.  Come share in the satisfaction of some light manual labor and enjoy the results every time you return to campus!  Please contact the parent association ( to be included in the official planning for this rewarding event.  Last minute drop-ins are also welcome (bring your gloves and gardening tools)!  


HS Boy's Flag Football - HOME GAME - TODAY!
Come cheer on the HS Boy's Flag Football team.  The Playoff Semifinals are being played today at WSOC!  

2:00 pm - Playoff Game 1 (Carson vs.Gateway)
3:00 pm - Playoff Game 2 (WSOC vs. ACA)


On Sunday November 1, the 10th graders welcomed 17 exchange students from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. The group enjoyed a bonding field trip on Balboa Island. They lived with their host families (10th grade WSOC families) last week, attended classes in the high school, and returned to Mexicali last Friday. Our 10th graders will join them at their school, CETYS Preparatoria, in late March!


Grade 9 - Geology
Grade 9 finished up their geology block by spending a week exploring Death Valley and  the Mammoth lakes area.  They hiked, sketched and studied the unique geology throughout the trip.

Grade 11 - Catalina 
During the week of October 26, the 11th grade spent the week on the island of Catalina working for the Catalina Island Conservancy. Every day, they were picked up to explore the island, do a work project for the conservancy, and were returned to camp for free time to play games, chat under the stars, and take turns cooking dinner for the group. The conservancy really appreciated all of their help and their positive attitude. The students worked in the nursery, organized the conservancy's storage unit, and cleaned several beaches. On the last day, the 11th grade hung out in Avalon before catching the boat back to Newport Beach.

Grade 12 - Idyllwild
Grade 12 completed their Transcendentalist block by spending the week in Idyllwild.  They "unplugged" by abandoning their cell phones and internet, read works by Thoreau and Emerson, journaled, completed projects, and immersed themselves in nature.


On Saturday, November 7, several high school students explored downtown Santa Ana's Dia de los Muertos celebration. They looked at traditional altars, tried new foods, and interacted with the community members who were present to honor their relatives and friends. 

On Friday, November 13, the 11th grade will go on a field trip to the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach to view their art collections, experience more Dia de los Muertos altars, and take part in an art workshop.


The high school would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to those of you who bought tickets for the Take-Out Dinner on Monday, November 9. We hope you enjoyed your dinner and we appreciate you for contributing to the high school!


Dear Parents,
We would like to share with you our revised guidelines regarding recess on the playground. With these guidelines in place, we strive to provide vigilance without repressing the benefits of unstructured playtime.

We have implemented the following changes:
  • Parson's Field is now a separate duty area so that five staff members are on duty during both recesses.
  • Off-limit areas include the Aftercare trailer, the red refreshment trailer, and the shot-put nets on the field. We set aside the area by the garden as a quiet area.
  • At least once a month, recess will be on the agenda for a faculty meeting.
Student playground rules and expectations have been discussed and refined. We clarified expectations for the staff while on duty and it was stressed that we all work as a team to enforce our rules, while still allowing our students the benefits of playtime.

Playground lessons help children learn the difference between hard-fast and flexible rules. Joan Almon, author of The Value of Risk in Children's Play(2013), writes that facing risks helps children assess the world around them and their place in it. Striving to climb higher and kick the ball harder is a way to build confidence, stretch their boundaries, and take chances. They also learn that going too far beyond their abilities has consequences and that they have to be patient with themselves and others. Almon notes that children take these lessons into the world as they grow and apply them to real life situations.

WSOC has a rich history of shared recess time. With renewed awareness, we hope to be able to maintain that tradition and truly incorporate it as part of our educational process.
The WSOC Faculty


On Friday, Oct. 30, Grades 4-5 and 6-8 attended performances of an anti-bullying play titled "The Power of One." Using color-coded masks, boxes, and other props, two actresses engaged the students in anti-bullying messages that were the theme of the play. As part of the finale, student volunteers took on the roles that they had seen presented.

What is bullying? Bullying is defined as (but not limited to) actions and/or words that are hurtful, purposeful, and repeated with the intent to cause harm and isolation.

The character roles were: Bully, Target, and Bystanders. The vignettes presented the different types of bullying: Physical, Verbal, Exclusion and Cyber-bullying.  It was stressed that the different types of bullying are often combined as a situation escalates.  A cautionary statement warned the students that once something is posted on the Web, it does not disappear just because it is erased or deleted.

Another message that was emphasized was that the Target needs help and interventions which can be provided when students and adults work together to report the problem and provide interventions with the Target and the Bully. This message was portrayed by the presence of the Bystanders, who can reinforce a bullying situation either by doing nothing, pretending to ignore the situation, or by encouraging the Bully to intensify the attack because it provides entertainment for the spectators. Working together to change the situation is critical.

To sum up the message, the actresses revealed a series of white boxes that got smaller and smaller until the smallest (and supposedly heaviest) box was left on the stage. A volunteer Bystander was asked to use all of their strength to lift the box and look inside. When the box is opened, the Bystander discovered a mirror which reinforced the notion that you have the power to make the difference in a bullying situation because you have "The Power of One."

For more information on this play, visit


Miss Brooke's fifth grade class has begun their study of Ancient India, part of a travel through ancient mythologies that helps teach children about the evolution of human consciousness and offers a reflection of their own developing awareness.  On Monday, November 9, the class celebrated Diwali, an Indian holiday, with crafts, food, traditional Indian dress and jewelry, and dancing offered by Aarthi Patel (her son Tayne is in Miss Brooke's class) and her sister-in-law.  

Diwali, meaning festival of lights, celebrates the return of Lord Rama and his wife Sita. 


THE COMPANY OF ANGELS is decking their halls this week-end and will be open for Holiday shopping on Monday, November 16th.  Every year we try to bring you the delights of the holiday season in hopes you will support your community school store.  Remember to please keep your eyes on your little ones...many breakable items will adorn our shelves.  With The Scrip Center in the store - make The Company of Angels your one stop shopping center.  

November 16th, Monday - The Holidays Arrive in the store
November 20th, Friday - Open for Grandparents & Friends Day
December 5th, Saturday - Open for Winter Festival
December 13th, Sunday - Open for a week-end day of Holiday shopping - 11:30am - 3:30pm

9:00am - 4:00pm

Santa Fe Jewelry Artist 
The Founder of The Company of Angels with Reinvented Antique Jewelry 

You will not want to miss this truly unique event.
We are accepting gently used clothing Monday - Friday for Twice Upon a Time.  Clothes have been flying off the shelves and hangers!!
Sending Best Wishes to all.

Come Swing Your Partner!

Saturday November 21, 7:30 pm 
Eurythmy Hall
The International Forum delegates along with other AWSNA representatives will culminate their American tour at the Waldorf School of Orange County. The final event on Saturday November 21 will be an evening of American square/folk/line dance. Our own Ms Renee Boblette will be the caller and the Kuffle Creek String Band will provide the musical accompaniment.

This is a family event. Please plan to bring your family and have a chance not only to meet our foreign visitors, but also to just have some "swinging" fun.
Upcoming Events and
Class Parent Meetings
HS Japanese Club
3:10 - 4:30 pm
Grade 6 Classroom

Thursday, November 12
Grade 8 - HS Shadow Day 

Thursday, November 12
HS Boy's Flag Football Playoff Semi-Finals
3:00 pm 

Friday, November 13
High School Walk Through
9:00 am

Friday, November 13
Grade 11 Field Trip
Museum of Latin American Art 
11:00 am - 2:50 pm

Saturday, November 14
High School Open House
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Saturday, November 14
Campus Beautification 
8:30 - 11:30 am

Monday, November 16
Grade 1 Parent Study 
7:00 - 7:45 pm

Wednesday, November 18
Grade 10 Poetry Night
Meadows Hall
7:00 pm

Wednesday, November 18
Grade 4 Parent Evening
7:00 pm
College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Christiane Bohr
Eden Boric
Jenell Carlson
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert 
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson
Angie Meier
Robin Thiess
Brooke Trudeau
Deb Waring (Chair)
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Leslie Morrison
Colin Severn
Olivia Slutzky
David Tabone
Abril Turner
Deb Waring (College Rep)
Wende Zomnir

Administrative Rotation:
Carolyn Gregg 
Gina Illes
Kim Sava
Linda Timmons
Parent Association Leadership Chairs
Rachel Hulan
Olivia Slutzky
Jamie Stahl
Lorri Whitney

The Parent Association would like to recognize the wonderful volunteer spirit of Kathy Christian, our November Parent Volunteer of the Month!
Kathy Christian is the mother twins Grant and Teddy in 2nd and Stella in 5th Grade.  Kathy is tireless in her commitment to Waldorf, and helps in so many areas of the school it's guaranteed this list will overlook something.  She assists Ms. Christine in handwork at the high school, and as part of the craft group she makes many items for the Elves' Workshop at Winter Fest.  Kathy created the dragon for Michelmas, which was a big hit.  She coordinated and ran the Cake Walk at last year's May Faire, as well as creating the lovely baskets for the Gala.  Kathy is always one of the first parents to participate in the volunteer responsibilities as a class parent.  She is creative, enthusiastic and a masterful craft person.  The Waldorf School of Orange County community would not be the same without her contributions.
Many thanks from the Parent Association to Kathy Christian for all that she does!
If you know an outstanding parent volunteer that you would like to see recognized, please let the Parent Association know by submitting their name in the Parent Volunteer of the Month nomination box located in the front office. Students are also welcome to nominate parent volunteers - just not their own of course!

We will be needing all hands on deck for our upcoming Elves Workshop for Winter Festival 2015. Last year we ran out of little treasures early on. 

If you can help craft goodies for our magical event, please pick up a craft bag at the Company of Angels.


Available 5 days a week with healthy options!
Salads, cucumber rolls and sandwiches are popular cold items. Roasted chicken, ravioli and pizza top the hot item list. Many more options to choose from. Check it out! 

Order in advance:
Use school code: waldorfoc

By ordering, you help the 8th grade raise money for their service-oriented trip to Alaska!

hot lunch
If you have any questions about the program, contact Gina Garrison at


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