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October 15, 2015

Still seeking a few more housing possibilities for our foreign visitors from November 18-22.   22.
If you have a private room (shared bath is fine) in your home to open to a guest from a Waldorf School in another country, please email:


Join WSOC Pre-K teacher Miss Barbara for this six-part series, exploring how to provide a nurturing, rhythmic home life.

Support for the Parenting Journey
Wednesdays, October 7 - November 11
9:15 - 10:30 am

Please click here for more information.

The final night of a 3-Part Series for Journey School and WSOC Parents:

Supporting Our Children Through Puberty with Patti Connelly
Wednesday October 28 (Part 3 of the Series - Boys and Puberty)
Meadows Hall

Suggested donation $10 per session

Please click here for more information.


How to Recognize if Your Child has a Learning Difference 
with Susan Johnson, MD, FAAP

Please note that the October 16/17 dates have been re-scheduled

Lecture - Friday, February 5
Workshop - Saturday, February 6


Ms. Andrea's sixth grade class garnered explosive results with their homemade volcano projects, a hands-on part of their geology/mineralogy block. As throngs of students and parents watched in anticipation, the intrepid sixth graders poured ingredients ranging from vinegar and baking soda to hair bleach and yeast into their volcanos, which yielded impressive eruptions of "lava." One of the best parts? One group's volcano doubled as a delicious cake, which was promptly devoured by the class at the end of the event.

"For our volcano project we made an island with two volcanoes. We made it out of paper maché and a cardboard frame. We painted it with acrylics and glued on moss to make it look more realistic. Our eruption was "elephant toothpaste", which is hair bleach, yeast, dish soap and food coloring. We had three meetings, two 3-hour ones on Sundays and one 2-hour one on a Wednesday. The first day we paper machéd the volcano. We had to make flour-water paste and got it all over the floor. The second time we painted it, and the third time we glued on the moss. That time, Emma dropped a paintbrush into the volcano ... and then promptly another one as she tried to get the first one out!
Our final product and eruption was a success."

--Chloé, Emma, Ruby and Veronika


WSOC high school is the flowering of the Waldorf educational journey that, for many of us, began in Pre-K.  Come see the Waldorf High School in action by participating in an immersive two-day experience: The High School Walk Through the Grades and the High School Open House. What makes a Waldorf high school different? How do we prepare our students for college and university? Join us to learn more about the many benefits of our high school, and to gain a deeper understanding of how WSOC supports our children as they blossom into young adults, ready to meet the world. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, November 13, 9-10:30 a.m.: Walk Through the High School. 
Parents only.

Saturday, November 14, 10 a.m.- 12 p.m.: High School Open House. 
For students and parents to meet the faculty and share an interactive experience.
Participation is by reservation only. Events are meant to be experienced in tandem. To RSVP, please visit .  For more information, click here for flyer.

Halloween Costume Drive 

The High School Student Council is sponsoring a Halloween costume drive to benefit the residents of the Costa Mesa Motor Inn.   Please donate any old Halloween costumes (child and adult sizes) or dress-up accessories.  

Things you can bring;

- gently used costumes
- Hats, scarves, silly glasses
- Capes, wings, masks, props. etc.

Bring your donations to the drop boxes located in the High School and Grades offices by October 29. 

High School Fundraiser Take-Out Dinner

  Monday, November 9
  3:00-4:00 pm
  Drive -thru in lower school parking lot

  Tickets are $10 each
  Available through 9th grade students or 
in the high school office (

Please click here for more information


It is time for the 8th grade's annual holiday greens fundraiser.

With temperatures still hovering in the 80's we know it is hard to imagine that the holidays are nearing, but with an order deadline of early November we have to look ahead and start thinking about the people in our lives who would most appreciate or who are most deserving of one of these beautiful evergreens.  

Greens sales is a WSOC tradition.  We have worked with Sherwood Forest Farms for years and are never disappointed in their products.  They are based in the Pacific Northwest and pride themselves on sustainably-harvested evergreens. Their harvesting practices promote growth in the forest; trees are not cut down and they never use old growth materials.  The items are beautiful and are guaranteed to be fresh.

As a class, we have worked together for years to raise money for our upcoming 8th grade trip to Alaska, but we still need some help in reaching our goal.  We are hopeful that you will consider supporting us by purchasing a gift (or gifts) through this fundraiser and that you might even consider asking those closest to you to do the same.  

Be creative!  You can order something to be hand-delivered by you (for the locals in your life) or you can order items and have them sent directly to someone's home (for those who aren't so close by).  It's one of our community's favorites and we are excited to be coordinating it this year.
Packets will be distributed in Grades 1-12 this Friday. Please be on the lookout for them.  For Kindergarten, look for the packets available at your class sign-in table.  Additional packets can be found in the office and additional questions can be directed to Allison Severn.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

The Class of 2020


October Parent Volunteer of the Month
The Parent Association would like to recognize the wonderful volunteer spirit of Johana Baird, our October Parent Volunteer of the Month!
Mother of Nicholas in 4th grade and Sophia in 6th, Johana is one of those volunteers who is quietly but actively involved in just about everything that needs to be done.  Whether it is baking delicious treats, helping out with classroom duties, making amazing plant arrangements for events, cooking and hosting beautiful dinners with her husband at their home to raise funds at the Gala, acting as class room rep, or just about any other volunteer duty you can think of, Johana is always busy providing support for the school and our community.
Many thanks from the Parent Association to Johana Baird for all that she does!
The Parent Association would also like to thank these additional outstanding volunteer nominees; Kathy Christian, Claudia Boden, and Lori Whitney.
If you know an outstanding parent volunteer that you would like to see recognized, please let the Parent Association know by submitting their name in the Parent Volunteer of the Month nomination box located in the front office.

Upcoming Events and
Class Parent Meetings
Middle School Volleyball Practice - 
Grades 6-8
Tuesdays & Thursdays
3:00 - 4:30 pm
HS Japanese Club
3:10 - 4:30 pm
Grade 6 Classroom

HS Flag Football Practice
Grades 9-12
Mondays 3:00 - 5:00
Fridays 1:15-3:15

Thursday, October 15
HS Boys Flag Football Game
El Dorado Emerson HS
4:00 pm

Friday, October 16
Miss Barbara's Parent Evening
6:00 pm

Monday, October 19
Make-up Photo Day

Monday, October 19
Grade 11 Parent Evening
7:00 - 8:00 pm
Oak Room
Wednesday, October 21 
Early Childhood Info Evening
7:00 pm

Wednesday, October 21
Miss Catherine's Parent Evening

Wednesday, October 21
Grade 10 Parent Evening
7:00 pm
Linden Room

Thursday, October 22
HS Boys Flag Football Game
4:00 pm
El Dorado Emerson HS

Friday, October 23
HS Beach Day

College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Christiane Bohr
Eden Boric
Jenell Carlson
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert 
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson
Angie Meier
Robin Thiess
Brooke Trudeau
Deb Waring (Chair)
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Angie Meier (College Rep)
Leslie Morrison
Colin Severn
Olivia Slutzky
David Tabone
Abril Turner
Deb Waring (College Rep)
Wende Zomnir

Administrative Rotation:
Carolyn Gregg 
Gina Illes
Kim Sava
Linda Timmons
Parent Association Leadership Chairs
Rachel Hulan
Olivia Slutzky
Jamie Stahl
Lori Whitney

The Alkaline Battery Recycling Program will begin in October.  All Costa Mesa public and private schools are invited, this will be our third year participating. The school that collects the most batteries (in pounds) will receive $1,000.

A minimum of 50 lbs. will be required to receive the minimum award of $300 which we have been awarded each year; let's go for the bigger prize!


Looking for Used Books!!

Aftercare is asking for gently used books to fill our bookshelf. Chapter books, book series, picture books, and children's stories would be appreciated. There will be a container on the ramp for book deposits, October 5 - November 16. 


Happy Fall....Happy Spooky Halloween....

We are celebrating the upcoming Holiday with a few select items including lovely books for the fall season and Halloween.  What is new on the we go:

     *  A Load of new chapter Books
     *  A Shipment of Hape Toys for the very young
     *  Compendium Cards
     *  Surprise Balls
     *  Jump Ropes - an array of colors
     *  Wooden Sling Shots
     *  Finger Flashlights - just right for your children to wear on Halloween Trick or Treating

Remember...Pam is in the store to help you with all your Scrip needs as well as walking you through the sign up procedure for Presto Pay.  We welcome special orders - I will let you know if we are able to fulfill your needs.

Kind Regards....The Angels


Last week our WSOC craft group needle-felted Little Mouse 
in a Pumpkin House Fall craft. 

Check out details of our upcoming weekly schedule here:

Some of our upcoming highlights...
-  Felted Christmas Trees:  November 17, 2015
-  Jzin's Guardian Angel Wool Relief workshop: November 29, 2015

We will be needing all elves hands on deck for our upcoming Elves Workshop for Winter Festival 2015. Last year we ran out of little treasures really early. Please check with Christine Newell if you can help craft goodies for our magical event!

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