Newsletter for our families and friends
June 11, 2015



The whole community is invited to a heartfelt graduation ceremony in proud and joyful celebration of these wonderful students!


Saturday, June 13, 2:00 pm 

On the South Lawn at Parson's Field 

(same field we use for May Faire)


Congratulations to this inspiring class for receiving acceptances to: 


43 colleges and universities

and a collective total of over $850,000 in merit-based scholarship awards.


We wish them all well in their next life adventure! The seniors have made the following plans for the upcoming school year:


Maisie: New England College, Health Science with a minor in Spanish

Stephanie: Appalachian State University Honors College, Music Therapy

Renee: Chapman University, Business

Julia: Saint Mary's College of California, Undeclared Humanities

Felix: Cal Poly Pomona, Chemistry

River: Orange Coast College

Ben: UC Santa Cruz, Undeclared Engineering & Information Sciences

Tate: University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Music - Vocal Performance

Keir: UC Berkeley, History

Austin: Orange Coast College

Maya: San Francisco State University, International Relations

Alexis: Orange Coast College

The Class of 2015 would like to thank the community for their support throughout their journey here.  This slideshow was played at the Gala, but is meant to be seen by the whole community.  Enjoy!


See the Class of 2015 slideshow.



We look forward to your return on September 8, 2015!

Please note some helpful hints before you leave campus tomorrow:
  • Clean out your family folders in the front office
  • Students clean out your lockers / cubbies / classrooms hooks / aftercare belongings
  • Take home student medications unless you are attending summer camps
  • General school office hours:  Tuesday - Thursday, 9 am to 2 pm  
  • Summer Scrip Office Hours: Wednesday 9 am to 2 pm
  • Scrip yearly obligation due date is July 31
  • Scrip sales for the new year will be August 1
  • Company of Angels will be open Wednesdays 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
  • A complete listing of upcoming events are on the website, or you can download next year's basic calendar (includes school holidays, major school events, but not class events).  Click here for 2015/2016 school calendar!



The Parent Association would like to thank the following 12th grade parent volunteers who have held significant volunteer roles in the past and are "graduating" this year from their Waldorf journey:


Annie Stawicki has been a dedicated TA Conversationalist and the High School Room Rep for the past several years as well as a past Advisory Board member and Annual Giving chair. Thank you Annie for your many volunteer contributions to our community.

Kai Kaiser was a former Board member, Class Room Rep and Ombudsman whose service to our school has been immeasurable. Thank you Kai for your dedication to our school.


Denise Ogawa, in addition to being our Development Director for the past five years, was also a former Board member. Thank you Denise for your devotion to our community.

We want to thank ALL the parents in 12th grade for their support these past years and look forward to welcoming each and every one of them into our Alumni Association where we are sure they will remain active participants in our community!

The Parent Association would also like to thank the following parents who will be leaving us this year and have served in formal leadership roles during their time with us. We cannot thank them enough for their significant contributions to our school over the years:

Chris DeRosa - Board member
Jennifer DeRosa - Gala chair
Rainer Doemer - Board member
Lori Hayden - Parent Association Chair, Inventor of Room Rep Meetings, Room Rep for countless years
Alex Hayden - Advisory Board member, father of WSOC real estate dealings, including the high school expansion land and the 25 year lease
Steve Pope - Board member
Norm Paredes- Gala chair extraordinaire
Gary Tryan  - Gala chair extraordinaire

A special shout out to our Parent Association committee chairs this past school year - we couldn't have done it without you!

Darshi Balasuriya - Yearbook
Claudia Boden - Yearbook
Colum Clarke - Annual Giving
Jennifer DeRosa - Gala Chair
Deb Johnston - Admissions
Yasmine Mason - May Faire
Peter Norgaard - Website, IT and special woodworking projects
Amy Rasmussen - Knit-a-Purlooza
Laura Roth - New Parent Welcome
Allison Severn - Company of Angels Bakers
Liz Shier-Burnett - Scrip/Amazon, Knit-a-Purlooza
Olivia Slutzky - May Faire
Diana Tabone - May Faire
Liz Wenger - Knit-a-Purlooza

We would also like to thank our room representatives, the Board of Trustees, and Tuition Assistance conversationalists. Their service is invaluable to our community! There are too many parent volunteers who served on each committee or volunteered in the classroom, Company of Angels, Scrip Office, Craft Group or at festivals to list in the newsletter but we recognize each and every one of you who gave of your time and shared your talents this past year with our school community. THANK YOU!

Parent Volunteer of the Month will resume in September when we begin accepting nominations again. Thank you and have a wonderful summer!

The Parent Association Leadership Council

Brooke Tomblin, Kristen Krofina, Jaime Stahl, and Rachel Hulan



The WSOC high school basketball team, the 2015 League of Fellowship Champions, were presented with this banner in honor of their win.


Our school year has come to an end once again and I continue to ask the question..."I cannot believe the year is over!"  I am completing my 22nd year at our wonderful school and THAT I cannot believe.  I am asked so many are coming back?  Yes...I am back for next does one leave?  I have such a joy of seeing these precious children grow up before my very eyes.  One such girl is Renee G. (senior) who used to come in my office and sit on my lap.  Her bright red curly hair and smile was such a delight on those special she is a High School Graduate at our school.  These are the gifts that keep on giving.

I want to thank the community for supporting The Company of Angels this year.  Social media and internet sales has definitely affected our business BUT with your support we can continue to be large part of this community.  Our Twice Upon A Time Shed has been a huge success.  Thank you one and all for donating your 'lovely' used clothing.  Thank you Lisa Maris for your countless hours of work in this area.  Thank you's also must go out to our volunteers in the store:  Sharon Pittenger, Carolyn Gregg, Alexandra Kiesselbach, Kathi Ramming (alumni parent), Lisa Maris, Sabrina Feldman, Allison Severn, Claudia Boden and Sara Rodelo.

A heartfelt thank you also to all of our Slice of Heaven bakers.  Every morning these baked goods arrive and are so enjoyed by parents and students alike!  Thank you, Thank you!!

Have a great summer and make sure to pop by the store for some summer shopping!

With Love,


The Boy's team earned 2nd place in the Pilot Cup Finals.  
The Girl's team had only one loss to the eventual champions of the Pilot Cup Tournament. 
For more details, please read the attached for the results of the 2015 Pilot Cup.


Lyon Air Museum was transformed into Gatsby's Garden, complete with grass under our feet and festive lighting hanging above, through the inspiration and talent of Gala co-chairs Jennifer DeRosa and Jaime Stahl.  Massive amounts of fun were enjoyed in celebration of WSOC, as generosity and gratitude underscored every dance move, every belly laugh, and every gift!  
The evening earned over $100,000 (net) with many thanks to each donor, auction item procurer, bidder, guest, raffle participant, volunteer, and sponsor.   It takes a village, and you are the best team anyone could dream up.  

Thank You to our Sponsors who made a significant impact to the bottom line!
Denise will put in sponsor logos in a bit...

Thank you to Claudia Boden for documenting the evening photographically - enjoy the pics at the end of this newsletter! Lastly,one thing is for certain, THE 20'S LOOK GOOD ON YA'ALL.


Incoming Pre-K through Grade 2 are welcome to join Miss Barbara, Miss Catherine, Miss Terri, Miss Arieta, or Miss Michaela for week-long camps offered June 15 through August 14 at WSOC (see attached flyer for specific dates/teachers).  The cost is  $180 per week, $40/day drop in.  Sign up in the front office.

The Arts & Learning Conservancy will be offering both Beginning Strings (June 22 - June 26 - entering grade 4 and up) and Intermediate/Advanced Strings (June 29 - July 3 - Ages 10+) summer camps at WSOC. For more information, please click here.

The Arts & Learning Conservancy will be offering Summer Theater Camp (July 6 - July 24 - Ages 9-15).  For more information, please click here.

Mermaid Kingdoms, Fairy Tale playscapes, Toadstool Cottage Night Light, finger puppet Gnomes and more! Come join Jzin Teng of Castle of Costa Mesa and learn how to felt, make small dolls and playscapes this summer. Pick one, or more, of the following 4 themed weeks! These 5 day long workshops (9am-12:30pm Monday-Friday) are for Adults and Children ages 7+. Register in the front office. $250 registration fee per week, payable by check to Jzin Teng ($200+$50 supplies fees).
For more information, you can view the flyer, or visit the website.


Ms Christine Waldorf handwork teacher is offering  three 1 week craft camp over the summer. The students will have an opportunity to learn many craft skills.....wet and dry felting, crate a paper Mache puppet, Japanese's marbling, mosaic, leather work, dyeing  this is just a sampling of the crafts. June 22-26, .July 13-7 & August 10-14, 9:30 to 1:30. fee per week $170 plus $70 supply fee. registration forms in the Company of Angels.



Come get support for summer Japanese homework, review, questions and enjoy time using Japanese during the summer!

DATES:  August 3 (Monday) and August 4 (Tuesday)

TIME1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

PLACE: Grade 6  Classroom (Tentative Location)

FEE: $10 per day  (*Japanese snack will be provided)


RSVP which date(s) your child will attend to Masami Sensei



Presto Pay = Success!  Unplanned shopping trips or eating outings happen.  Print a certificate or reload right before you walk out the door.  Increased flexibility = reduction in the number of times you leave money on the table.

Want to sign up for Presto Pay? Come on in or give Pam a call.   All you need is your checking account information.  It will be handy for the summer break!

Make getting your scrip over the summer easier!  Order online with Presto Pay and local cards can be mailed directly to you.  Otherwise, come on in to the Scrip office Wednesdays 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Upcoming Events and
Class Parent Meetings
Thursday, June 11

Last Day of School for Early Childhood


Friday, June 12

Last Day of School

12:00 pm Early Dismissal


Friday, June 12

Grade 8 Promotion

6:00 pm


Saturday, June 13

Grade 12 Graduation

2:00 pm

All invited

College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Chris Bennett (on leave)
Christiane Bohr (on leave)
Eden Boric
Jenell Carlson
Kurt Faerber
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert (Co-Chair)
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson (Co-Chair)
Angie Meier
Kimberley Telfer-Radzat
Robin Thiess
Brooke Trudeau
Deborah Waring
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Lisa Masterson
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Robin Theiss
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir

Administrative Rotation:
Gina Illes
Denise Ogawa
Kim Sava
Linda Timmons

Parent Association Leadership Chairs
Rachel Hulan
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Kristen Krofina
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Victoria Imsirovic
Parent Education Chair

Jamie Stahl
BOT Representative

Brooke Tomblin
Outreach Chair

The Early Childhood Department is taking applications for a class assistant. Must have at least six credits in Early Childhood education.  Letters of interest can be left at the front office attention Miss Barbara.
"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."
Winston Churchill

You all must have amazing lives.  Congratulations on a successful year and for playing an important role in it.  Here is the year in review from the Development department.   If you just want to skip the minutia and get to the total, the 14/15 school year generated a total of $626,413 in giving!  Positively amazing.

Glossary of terms:
Operating budget = "lights on" day-to-day expenses
Restricted fund = designated for single purpose
  • Annual Giving reached a record high of 98% participation.  This is a huge accomplishment and a source of great pride for our school.  The high participation enabled us to achieve other gifts (see below) because philanthropists are inspired by evidence of an organization's own commitment.  Annual Giving raised $84,830 for the 2014/2015 operating budget.
  • The Move-a-Thon generated $14,983 in funds and lots of sweat.  This is for the operating budget.
  • The Gala proceeds reached over $100,000 in net proceeds (we're rounding for now because IT JUST happened).  Gala proceeds are for the operating budget, with the exception of funds raised specifically for the playground and the bonus gift for the endowment.  For the purposes of this article, gala proceeds are stated as combined regardless of "the bucket" it is funding.
  • The Pacific Life Foundation donated $5,000 for the operating budget.
The support for the Playground Fund (a collection of restricted gifts) is remarkable and still going.  $39,000 of the $400,000 earned/pledged was raised at the 2014 Gala. The remaining $361,000 was earned/pledged during the 2014/2015 school year just since February.  Amazing work community!

The following gifts are for Restricted purposes as noted below:
  • $8,100 from the Brenden Mann Foundation for the High School Japanese Club and new microscopes.
  • $3,000 from the Brenden Mann Foundation in support of a High School community bonding trip.
  • $10,000 from the BLITS Foundation for HS Leadership Through Service.
  • $12,500 from a lovely collection of anonymous donors for the Strings Instrument Storage Project, being built this summer.
  • $5,000 from the Brenden Mann Foundation in support of Faculty Recognition.
  • $10,000 from the Brenden Mann Foundation in support of next year's 8th Grade Community Service Class Trip.
  • $10,000 From the Meadows Family for the Endowment.
  • And finally, $22,000 from the Brenden Mann Foundation for technology/equipment to be used in the High School.
When you add it all up, 2014/2015 was a big year with a whopping total of $626,413 giving.  The footnote is that some of this is being pledged over time for the Playground Fund.  This does not include in-kind giving or gifts made to a specific group or class.

We are overwhelmed by your generosity.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Our giving community is in excellent company!

The 20's Look Great On You!
Thank you Jennifer DeRosa for bringing the garden to life!
Auctioneers Alex Hayden and Colin Severn facilitating impromptu ukelele duet

Fierce Charleston contest judges.

Event Chair, Jennifer DeRosa, kicks up her heels.
Event Chair, Jaime Stahl, with her Mom.

Entertainer, Kim Capristo, brings Charleston contestants and judges front and center.

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