2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Playgroup - Grade 8:  (949) 574-7775
High School:  (949) 574-7754
Company of Angels:  (949) 574-7735
The Scrip Store:  (949) 574-7739

Newsletter for our families and friends
October 16, 2014

"The fact is that given the challenges we face, education doesn't need to be reformed -

it needs to be transformed. The key to this transformation is not to standardize education,

but to personalize it, to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child,

to put students in an environment where they want to learn and where they can naturally

discover their true passions."  - Sir Ken Robinson


It's happening here!


If you have never been to a WSOC high school event, never toured through our high school classes in session, never spoken to a WSOC high school student, or alumnus, about their experience, then we would love to meet you at our Open House.  Come and see where the Waldorf Journey leads!


Over the 25 years I have been exposed to them, Waldorf High School students have always made a strong impression on me. I am consistently in awe of their unusual confidence to speak their mind or sing in front of a group, their ability to hold conversations and have opinions that differ from their peers.  How unlike each other they are for their age. I remember high school being a time of just wanting to 'fit in', but I see these Waldorf students just naturally figuring out who they are, what is important to them, and honoring how different they are from each other. They seem to develop a distinct confidence in figuring out how to do anything they try.  These students do not just learn and memorize information in quantity, but they learn how to be curious about a subject, to look at it from many angles, and are encouraged to debate, forming their own questions and opinions. It turns out that colleges seek out these well-rounded Waldorf students, and professors are thrilled to have them in their classes. We are very grateful that both of our sons will have access to this education throughout their high school years. I have confidence that they will not only be well prepared for college when they graduate from Waldorf High School, but most importantly, they will be well-prepared for life. - WSOC Parent


For an event flyer, click here

To RSVP, click here

Race to Nowhere 
Join Us for a Free Screening of this Acclaimed Documentary

Race to Nowhere
At the historic Port Theater in Corona del Mar
Tuesday, October 21, 7pm
Hosted by WSOC
For tickets and details, please see attached flyer.
Reservations required.  Seating is limited.

Experience this thought-provoking film, in style, at The Port.  You don't have to eat popcorn for dinner because their snack bar is more like a restaurant, and they have a bar.  Please come and enjoy!

"The Race to Nowhere is another inconvenient truth. It's a wake-up call to all of us who care about children, the purpose of schools, and how we define success in American education." - The George Lucas Educational Foundation 
Coming Soon - Grandparents & Special Friends Day
In order to better host our growing community during this special event, 
this year's Grandparents & Special Friends Day will take place over TWO DAYS.  Please let your loved ones know they may choose to attend either:

Thursday, November 20 at 1:00 p.m.
Friday, November 21 at 10:30 a.m.

Both performances feature the Grades 1 -12 classes and will be identical.  On both days the Grades 1 - 12 classrooms will be open for your loved ones to visit.  The school day ends at the end of the open house session.  Aftercare will be available as usual on Thursday, and will begin at Noon on Friday.  Please reserve aftercare so they may appropriately plan staffing.

An email invitation is to come next week.  That email invitation will include instructions to reserve your seats for either Thursday or Friday.  You may reserve the seats on behalf of your loved ones, or forward the information allowing them to do it themselves. Performances will take place in the Eurythmy Hall.  To ensure people who have reserved seats will get a seat, there will be "ticket takers" at the door, making the reservation aspect pretty important.

Knit-a-Purlooza Events


"Knit-In" with Grade 6 Families - October 26

Everyone is invited to join the Grade 6 families for coffee and snacks as we cast-on for our community service project "Knit-a-Purlooza." We will gather Sunday, October 26 at 9:30 am outside the Company of Angels. Helpers will be there to aid anyone who has never knit before. Many of us are new to knitting, so just come with your needles and yarn, and an open mind. We will provide the instructions, support, caffeine, and treats.  Bring your bag of any acrylic yarn and #10 needles you have and could share.  Thanks, see you there! 


"Brew and Knit" - October 30

Please join us for the Knit-a-purlooza brew night at Valiant Brewery in Orange, Thursday, October 30th, 7:00 pm. Knit, sip & be merry! 


Want to learn more about Knit-a-Purlooza?  Please see the attached flyer.


Thank you to our friends at 



Scrip Community Partner Cards 

Vons/Pavilions/Safeway Shoppers - Time to Renew Your Community Partner Registration

If you shop at Vons, Pavilions, or Safeway, it is time to update your community partner registration before it resets on November 1.  Go to:  escrip.com.  On the bottom left you'll find the link to sign connect your earnings to WSOC.  If you have never registered benefited from these earnings before, follow the same instructions and use supporter ID: 141583183

Double-dipping encouraged: Link your Vons Card to WSOC to earn track-able family credit AND use scrip to pay for your purchases!

Attention Amazon Shoppers

Double-dipping is fabulous for Amazon users!  This is your chance to use your favorite rebate credit card and earn money for WSOC at the same time.  Log into waldorfschool.com .  Go through the portal for Amazon on the upper right of the home page and enter any word into the text box.  Buy gift cards at 7% and then go through the WSOC portal again using your newly-purchased gift card to make your purchases for another 7%. 

Other Community Partners

There are plenty of retailers who will support us through your shopping.  All you have to do is register your card.  Here are a couple of examples:

  • Register your Target charge card or Target VISA to benefit WSOC. Our number is 28060. At target.com, go to 'in the community' and follow the prompts from there (this is Target's way of giving to schools as they do not participate in scrip fundraising). This is a "random act of kindness" not track-able to individual family scrip accounts.  But please do it, it's money on the table.  It does not require an annual renewal.
  • Register your Ralphs Club card.  Our number is 80234.  At ralphs.com under 'Community Contribution' section. This is a "random act of kindness, not track-able to individual family scrip accounts, but please do it!  The Ralphs Club card needs to be renewed annually.
Upcoming Events and
Class Parent Meetings

Friday & Saturday, October 17-18

Grade 4 Field Trip


Saturday, October 18

Morning in the Kindergarten

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Reservations required


Saturday, October 18

Grade 4 Parent Morning

9:00 am


Monday - Friday, October 20 - 24

Grades 9 - 12 Away on Curriculum Field Trips


Tuesday, October 21

Race to Nowhere Screening

Port Theater

Reservations required

7:00 pm


Wednesday, October 22

Miss Barbara's Parent Evening

6:30 pm


Saturday, October 25

Waldorf Volleyball Tournament

Grades 6-8

10 am - 1 pm


Sunday, October 26

"Knit-In" with Grade 6 Families

Outside Company of Angels

9:30 am


Sunday - Tuesday, October 26 -28

Grade 6 Field Trip: Mojave

9:00 am departure, 3:00 pm return to school


Wednesday, October 29

Grade 11 Field Trip: Museum of Latin Art


Wednesday, October 29

Grades 7 - 11 College Finance Planning Evening

Meadows Hall

6:30 pm


Wednesday, October 29

Community Town Hall Meeting

Eurythmy Hall

7:30 pm


Thursday, October 30

Brew & Knit

Valiant Brewery, Orange

7:00 pm


Friday, October 31



Friday, October 31

Last day to sign up for "Presto Pay"

to be eligible for $100 Scrip Drawing

Monday, November 3

"Presto Pay" $100 Scrip Drawing

WSOC Scrip Store


Tuesday, November 4

Room Rep Meeting

Handwork Classroom

8:45 am


Wednesday, November 5
Walk Through the Grades

Reservations required

9:00 am


Wednesday, November 5

Pre-K & Kindergarten Autumn Festival


Wednesday-Thursday, November 5-6
Grade 4 Field Trip: Lazy W


Friday, November 7
Kindergarten Lantern Walk


Monday, November 10

Board Meeting 


Tuesday, November 11 ACT Aspire Test for Grade 8 & 10 


Tuesday, November 11

Grade 8 Parent Evening 

7:00 pm


Wednesday, November 12

Grade 9 Parent Evening

Linden Room - 7:30 pm Optional group study at 7:00 pm


Wednesday, November 12

Pre-Kindergarten Lantern Walk


Friday, November 14

Grade 3 Play

Eurythmy Hall

7:00 pm

College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Chris Bennett
Christiane Bohr
Eden Boric
Jenell Carlson
Barbara Cubanski
Kurt Faerber
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert (Co-Chair)
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson (Co-Chair)
Angie Meier
Kimberley Telfer-Radzat
Robin Thiess
Brooke Trudeau
Deborah Waring
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Lisa Masterson
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Robin Theiss
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir

Administrative Rotation:
Nancy Mitchell
Denise Ogawa
Kim Sava
Linda Timmons

Parent Association Leadership Chairs
Rachel Hulan
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Kristen Krofina
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Victoria Imsirovic
Parent Education Chair

Jamie Stahl
BOT Representative

Brooke Tomblin
Outreach Chair
American Red Cross Blood Drive

The Waldorf Community, with the help of the Red Cross Team, collected 20 pints of blood last week. The Red Cross Staff informed us that for every pint of blood donated three lives are saved. Congratulations to us! We just helped 60 people in need of that life giving fluid - Blood. Also thank you for the outstanding job of manning the registration and refreshment booths by our high school students. Thank you one and all!  

Town Hall Meeting
October 29, 7:30 PM
In response to parents who have expressed an interest in better understanding and more transparency of our school finances, the Parent Association cordially invites you to a Town Hall meeting.

Wednesday, October 29, 7:30 PM
Eurythmy Hall
(note the time is 7:30, not 7:00 as stated in previous communication)

The Board of Trustees will discuss its process for setting a school budget, prioritizing expenses, implementing Tuition Adjustment, planning for the future, and will also preview budget issues for 2015-2016.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you would like to submit a question prior to the meeting, please send to the Parent Association by October 27 at parentassociation@waldorfschool.com
College Financial Planning Evening

Wednesday, October 29

Grades 7 - 11 College Finance Planning Evening

Meadows Hall

6:30 pm - 7:30pm


This meeting time allows for people to join both the Financial Planning Evening, as well as the Town Hall Meeting at 7:30pm.

Steiner Study Group
Are you interested in learning more about the works of Rudolf Steiner who started the Waldorf school movement?


Please join our study group on Tuesdays from 9 am - 10.30 am. We are reading 'Anthroposophy in Every Day Life' by Rudolf Steiner.  If you are interested to know more, please contact Helena Gorka, alumni parent.  You can obtain her phone number through Erica at the front desk.  

Support For 8th Grade
Fruit Delivery Fundraiser

Back after a several year hiatus, the 8th grade will be selling shares in our collection of backyard fruits.

Have you ever driven by a lovely tree, under which lay pounds of once edible fruit now rotting? Here is our solution. The 8th grade will be gathering this bounty, along with herbs and backyard grown veggies, occasionally eggs, to offer to the community. Once a week, on Wednesday, we will have your items packed and ready for pick up by 1:10 p.m. in front of the office. Only $30 per month (not per week!)

We can only support 10 families right now - first come, first served. Sign up in the front office with Erica.  The first session includes Oct. 29, Nov. 5, Nov. 12, and Nov. 19.

PS - if you have any fruit to donate, we will take that, too! Please drop off on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings. 

Greens Fundraiser

The 8th Grade is looking for people in the market for winter greens. 

Your Grades 1 -12 student should have come up with a packet last week.  If not, we have extras in the front office.

Our school has sold these fresh products from the Pacific Northwest for many years, always with the highest level of satisfaction.   The 8th Grade runs the program this year to earn the final funds needed for their final class trip.  


If you have access to people who might enjoy these products, please help them:  co-workers, employees, neighbors, friends and family, or even yourself.  This is completely non-mandatory and there is no pressure.  But if you are able to support them with your purchase of a very nice product or gift, then that is good for everyone.


Thank you for your support!  Funds from both activities will benefit the year-end class trip.
 - The Class of 2019
Sports and Children Event
Coaches and parents interested in learning how to foster a happier and healthier sports culture for their children, please click here for the flyer on the Sports and Children event on Friday October 24, 6-8:30pm at the Waldorf School of San Diego. 
Craft Group

Please join our craft group every week Monday Mornings 8:40am-10:50am in the fresh air garden in front of The Company of Angels Store. 


On October 20 we will be needle-felting a little mouse in a pumpkin house. Don't miss it.
For more craft group information - schedules and a gallery of our past craft group projects, please click here.
Grade 7 Thanks You
On behalf of the 7th grade class we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the entire Waldorf School community for their support of our Yard Sale.  As many of you know, we were raising funds for next year's 8th grade trip, and our yard sale was a huge success!  We earned about $3,000 thanks to everyone's donations.  We are so grateful to all of you for your generous contributions of so many wonderful items to our yard sale, and thanks also to everyone who stopped by to shop.  Our class parents and students thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and support!
Big Aftercare

Baba the storyteller is coming! 
 November 12 at 3:30 pm.

This is something the children look forward to year-after-year.

The regular fee of $7.00 applies. You will be charged the drop in rate if you did not sign up for aftercare.
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