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Newsletter for our families and friends
September 4, 2014

Happy First Week Of School
It's Wonderful To Be Back
Smiling Faces Everywhere
These first few days have been just beautiful.  Whether the students were returning to school as veterans or setting foot on campus for the first time, they did so with great spirit, an excellent attitude, and with eager anticipation for the year of learning ahead.  We are overjoyed to have the classrooms filled with activity, energy, and smiling faces once again!  

The traditional first day of school assembly (attended by Grades 1 - 12, faculty and staff) was positively amazing and bursting with enthusiasm by students and teachers alike.  We welcomed new students and faculty/staff.  Each class teacher and high school sponsor shared a highlight of something on the horizon for their class. We sang and we applauded!  Seeing so many smiling faces side-by-side in the Eurythmy Hall was a fantastic way to begin the new year with spirit and community!  

With gratitude from a very happy group of people,

The WSOC Faculty and Staff

Add September 26 to Your Calendar
for Back-to-School Night...with a twist!
Parents - Do You have the courage to take up the Michaelmas Challenge?

Friday, Sept. 26, 5 - 7 PM
  • An evening of families working together with games, activities, drama, and more.
  • This is our "back-to-school" night, but it is not a conventional meeting.  Instead, it is a night for your family, with a lot of fun (and some important information too, including something far too exciting to announce in a letter).
  • Don't miss the chance to "cast-on," especially if you're not sure what that is.
  • Bring blankets, chairs, and a picnic dinner.  If you'd rather purchase dinner from a food truck that option is great, too.
  • May you picture yourself armed with a sword of iron as you accept this challenge and we bid goodbye to the summer's radiance, looking forward to the winter's inner quietude of strength. Join us.  Happy Michaelmas!

Welcome New Families
Welcome Tea Art
New Family Welcome Tea
Thanks to all the New Parents who came out to meet us this week!  We enjoyed spending the morning with you, sharing some treats, and learning more about you.

To all - We are welcoming so MANY new families and students.  Check out the bulletin board in the front office to learn who they are so you can say HELLO.

New Family Orientation
Wednesday, September 17
7:00 - 8:30 PM
Meadows Hall (high school side of campus)
This is for new families, as well as any family would enjoy a "refresher."  Please join us. 

 by Sept. 16.

News from Early Childhood

Kindergarten Assistant Substitutes Needed
The Early Childhood Department is looking for people to add to their pool of substitute assistants. Please leave a note in the front office to the attention of Miss Barbara, stating your interest and any relevant training or experience.  

Freezer on the Fritz
The freezer shared by all the kindergarten classes has seen better days.  If you have a freezer you are no longer using, they will be thrilled and chilled to put it to good use.

Little Aftercare Assistant Needed

--Job opportunity for someone wonderful

--15 hours per week

--12:30 - 3:30 Monday - Friday
--Minimum 12 ECE units required

--Please send resume and contact information to Lisa Masterson, lmasterson@waldorfschool.com


Parking Lot Reminders
Parking lot 2013
This red lane is for drop-off and pick-up only.
Follow These Guidelines 
for a Better Parking Experience
  • Please remember we have tiny, young people in our parking lot.  Drive slowly and with awareness, especially when backing out.
  • No parking on the Red Lanes.  No leaving your car unattended.  
  • Red Lanes along the flagpole are for drop-off and pick-up only, any time of day.  If you need to linger longer, please don't use this lane.
  • There is currently one parking space with a "reserved" sign in front of it.  It's toward the entry end of the lot near the wooden fence.  These good planners and generous donors purchased the space at our last fundraising gala. Please do not park in this space any time of day for the 2014/2015 school year.  It rightfully should be available to them 24/7.

We have already had one unfortunate parking lot incident brought to our awareness.  A charcoal Honda Fit was backed into while parked in the small parking lot near the high school.  If you know anything about this, we'd like to put you in touch with the car's owner. We appreciate your help with this, please contact Lisa Masterson in the front office or at lmasterson@waldorfschool.com.

Mentor Needed
Looking for an 8th Grade Mentor
One of our 8th grade students is looking for someone to mentor them in the restoration/making of illuminated manuscripts.  The area could be expanded to include book making, paper making, and parchment preparation.  If you know anyone who has expertise in any of these areas, please contact Miss Kimberly, 8th Grade Teacher.  

Hot Lunch - Order Today for Next Week
Help the 8th grade fund-raise for their service-oriented field trip at the end of this year by ordering Hot Lunch for your child.
  • Available 5 days a week with healthy options, including gluten-free, vegetarian and larger sizes.  
  • Sign up for "Emergency Lunch!" your saving grace when you find your child's lunch in the backseat of your car after you've left. Simply call the front desk and inform them your child will need an Emergency Lunch and they will deduct the amount from your account. 
  • New! Simple flat rate pricing is $5.80 for regular size entrees, $6.80 for large.

To order:  choicelunch.com

Use school code: waldorfoc

Simplify a Monday Night AND Support a Good Cause
Drive-Through Take-Out Dinner Fundraiser
Supporting the High School 12th Grade Trip Fund
  • Skip making dinner on Monday, September 22!
  • As simple as order, drive-through, heat, and EAT!
  • $10 for an Italian dinner, enough for one hungry adult
  • Includes fresh romaine salad with garlic croutons, penne pasta with marinara sauce and meatballs, and a homemade dessert.  Vegetarian option available.
  • 9th Grade students will be selling tickets soon.
  • Bring your ticket to the drive-through spot in the parking lot on Sept. 22 from 3 - 4 PM and dinner is done!
  • The high school students thank you!!!
  • Click for complete flyer.
Upcoming Events
September 8, 6 PM
Board of Trustees Meeting

September 13
Foundation Studies Begins!

September 17, 7 PM
New Family Orientation
Meadows Hall 

September 22
Take Out Dinner Fundraiser 

September 26, 5 PM
Back-To-School Night
For the whole family

September 29
Michaelmas Celebration
For Grades 1 - 12 students during regular school day

October 1, 9 AM
Walk Through the Grades  - reservations required

October 7
Red Cross Blood Drive
More info to come

October 13

October 13, 6PM
Board of Trustees Meeting

Upcoming Class Meetings and Class Field Trips
September 8, 6:45 PM
Grade 7 Parent Meeting

September 9, 6:30 PM
Grade 4 Parent Meeting

September 10, 6:30 PM
College Financial Planning Evening
For Grade 12 students and parents
Linden Room

September 11, 7 PM
Grade 8 Parent Meeting

September 12, 8:30 AM
Grade 4 Field Trip

September 15, 7 PM
Grade 3 Parent Meeting

September 22-24
Grade 7 & 8 Ropes Course Field Trip

September 23, 7 PM
Grade 5 Parent Meeting

September 23, 7 PM
Grade 6 Parent Meeting

September 28 - October 
CETY's Mexican Exchange Students Visiting Grade 10 

October 3
Grade 3 Field Trip

Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Lisa Masterson
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir

Administrative Rotation:
Nancy Mitchell
Denise Ogawa
Kim Sava
Linda Timmons

Parent Association Leadership Chairs
Rachel Hulan
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Kristen Krofina
Volunteer Leadership Co-Chair

Victoria Imsirovich
Parent Education Chair

Jamie Stahl
BOT Representative

Brooke Tomblin
Outreach Chair

Therapeutic Eurythmy
Miss Truus is happy to offer her services of Therapeutic Eurythmy, for both children and adults.  She works via teacher referral at WSOC, independently, and also by referral through Dr. Susan Johnson and Dr. Daniel Brousseau.


To learn more, visit www.healingartofliving.com


If interested contact Erica in the front office for Truus Geraets contact information.  


Foundation Studies Program
  • Our new course starts on Sept. 12.
  • There are still spaces available!
  • Contact Erica in the front office to obtain Mr. Bennett's contact information and to sign up.
Volunteers Needed
Festival of Children Logo
We are looking for a few more parents to volunteer at the WSOC Festival of Children booth in South Coast Plaza this month.  

It's easy, fun, and of great service to the school.  

Greet our booth's visitors, hand out brochures, and talk about our school.  This is not "sales", the interested people come to you!

Shifts available on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 - 4:00 PM.

 Thank you,
Brooke Tomblin
Parent Association Outreach Chair

New Things in Store
Company of Angels

Welcome back one and all.  There have been a few lovely changes in and around the store:


1)  The garden has been cleaned up - vines and bushes taken off our chain link fence.  Such a more lovely view from the parking lot...yippee.


2)   Store hours have changed:  Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 3:30pm.  Note we are closing ½ hour earlier - no longer 4:00pm.


3)  'Twice Upon a Time' will begin a transformation.  At this time we are not accepting any donations.  We are trying to streamline the process and with everyone's help this shall be done.  We are looking for gently-used clothing and possibly shoes.  No books, toys, housewares please.  Look for future postings and date we will be reopening - possibly mid-October.  Thank you for your patience and for holding on to your donations.


4)  'Doterra Essential Oils' will be for sale in the store within the next two weeks.  We are very thrilled to have this new product to introduce to our community - many are already converts!  A wonderful educational seminar was given on August 27th and much was learned regarding the healing powers of oil.  We will have another seminar in October.  Look for postings.


Three Angels traveled to the New York Gift Show mid August and found such treasures.  What an eye opener...great new items will be gracing our shelves and have slowing begun to show up.  Thank you one and all for your support.  


100% of the profits from Company of Angels benefits our school!


Love - The Angels

Not An Intentional Cloak and Dagger...

If you're noticing that we don't include the personal email address or phone numbers of individual people and wondering why...


It is because this newsletter is a web-based document and we need to protect the privacy of that contact information from appearing in places other than this newsletter intended for our community. Ideally, we could give you the ease and power to contact everyone directly without having to ask the front office for a phone number.  We would if we could, as it would be simpler for us too.   

You'll also notice when mentioning a student, we do not include their full name.  There is a reason for this as well.  Thanks for your understanding.

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