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Dates to Remember

Thursday, 6/12

Last Day of School

For Early Childhood


Thursday, 6/12

Grade 9: Marionette Play- The Turnip

Parents Only 

Eurythmy Hall

7 pm


Friday, 6/13

Last Day of School

For Grades 1 - HS

12:00 pm Early Dismissal


Saturday, 6/14

Grade 8 Promotion

Eurythmy Hall



Saturday, 6/14

Grade 12 Graduation

Parson's Field in back of High School



SEPTEMBER 2, 2014  







College of Teachers
Catherine Averett


Chris Bennett


Christine Bohr


Jenell Carlson


Barbara Cubanski


Kurt Faerber


Ingrid Feck


Brad Holm


Andrea Hubert


Masami Inoue


Lisa Masterson  


Angie Meier


Holly Richards (Chair)


Kimberly Telfer-Radzat


Robin Theiss  


Deb Waring


Miriam Whiteley 


Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Gina Illes (Administrative Rotation)
Lisa Masterson
Denise Ogawa (Admin. Rotation)
Kim Sava (Admin.  Rotation)
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Linda Timmons (Admin. Rotation)
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir
Parent Association Chairs
Cindy Baker (Education Chair)

Rachel Hulan (Volunteer Co-Chair)

Kristen Krofina (Volunteer Co-Chair)

Sara Rodelo (Fundraising)   

Jamie Stahl (BOT Rep)

Brooke Tomblin (Outreach)
Accreditation and Affiliations
Fully accredited by the 
Schools Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Awsna Logo New 2013

AWSNA Website
Newsletter for our family and friends
June 12, 2014
High School Sailing Club and Summertime Dreams!
Have A Great Summer
We look forward to your return on September 2, 2014!

Please note some helpful hints before you leave campus tomorrow:
  • Clean out your family file folders in the front office
  • Students clean out your lockers / cubbies / classroom hooks / aftercare belongings
  • Take home student medications unless you are attending summer camps 
  • Summer Office and Scrip Hours:  Tuesday - Thursday 9 am - 2 pm
  • Scrip yearly obligation due date is July 24
  • Scrip will be closed for all sales from July 24 - August 5 for processing. New Scrip period starts August 5
  • Company of Angels will be open Wednesdays 9 am - 2 pm
  • A complete listing of upcoming events are on the website, or you can download next year's basic calendar (includes school holidays, major school events, but not class events)  Click here for 2014/2015 school caldendar! 
Class of 2014 Graduation and 8th Grade Promotion
The whole community is invited to a heartfelt graduation ceremony in proud and joyful celebration of these wonderful students!   
High School Class of 2014
Saturday, June 14
2:00 PM
On the South Lawn at Parson's Field (same field we use for May Faire)
Grade 8 Promotion
Saturday, June 14
11:00 AM 
Eurythmy Hall 

Welcoming New Teachers This Fall

The College of teachers is thrilled to welcome two new teachers to the High School this coming fall.


Eric Johnson, who will be teaching the Physical Sciences, comes to us with a strong background in classroom Physics, along with Chemistry and Math. Before teaching, Eric worked in computer chip programming and nanotechnology diagnostics. Eric is devoted to the art of teaching and to the success of his students, and we are fortunate to count him as a new faculty member.


Steve Graff will be holding the Math program in the High School. He has been teaching all levels and grades of High School math for the last ten years.  As well as a passion for his subject, Steve brings a keen sense of the needs of the students. He notes that "the challenge is to wake up each morning and wonder how you can excite encourage and engage the individuals, and bring their artistic and emotional center into the classroom realm." Steve had a career in private industry before taking up teaching, and is beloved by colleagues and students alike.


We also extend a warm and hearty welcome to our own Yvette Fabian, who will be teaching first grade this Fall. Many children know and love Miss Yvette, as she has been assisting in the grades over the last few years. As a graduate of our teacher training program and a beloved colleague among us, we are delighted to for her to embark on the class teaching journey with a boatful of enthusiastic hands on deck!


Miss Kelli and Miss Arieta will be taking on the Kindergarten while Miss Holly is on her sabbatical year. We are grateful for the continuation of the same known and loved  teachers; our children will be in loving and capable hands. 


What do all of these people have in common? They are all known for their genuine interest in the students in their care and for their individual talents and expertise in their respective teaching realms. We are so excited to be filling out our High School curriculum and widening our pedagogical circle.




Happening in the High




The high school students had a great evening at Prom! The elegant event was held at the Mesa Verde Country Club and the students of the Waldorf School of San Diego also attended. All enjoyed an evening of creative masks, a photo booth, Italian food, "Guess the Senior from the Baby Picture," lots of dancing, and a live performance by the 9th grade band.



9th Grade Marionette Play


There will be an evening performance of the 9th grade's marionette play, a highly altered, creative rendition of "The Turnip!" All are invited to meet the handmade marionettes up close this Thursday evening at 7:00 in the Eurythmy Hall.


Please note our retraction:  performance is for Parents Only as all the students, grades 1 -12, will see it performed Friday morning in assembly.  







Thank You, We'll Miss You, and Good Luck!

"The time has come, the walrus said"

 to say goodbye to four of our longtime community members who have worked in various capacities in the school over many years. These four women have been  instrumental, each in her own unique way,  in making the Waldorf School of Orange County what it is today. They will be greatly missed by all of us.


Ingrid Feck has given 22 years of service to our school beginning in the Kindergarten, then taking a class 1-8, and ultimately she was one of the founding members to shape our High School.  Her dedication and passion to teaching was clear in the outpouring of gratitude from the seniors at last week's high school banquet as they honored her and bid her farewell.


Miriam Whiteley has been with the school for 12 years serving first as Administrator, then as a class teacher from Grades 6 - 8, and finally began a first grade class teacher journey eight years ago as the teacher of the 8th Grade being promoted this weekend.  Her dedication and commitment to our school and to Waldorf education has been ever-present in all she brought.


Sandy Meadows is bidding a fond farewell to her years of service to WSOC.  Sandy single-handedly  grew our Scrip program from the ground up into the huge success that it is today. Her tireless hours in the 'Scrip Store' have brought in extra revenue for our school, and will continue to do so thanks to her amazing work.  Sandy, your legacy lives on!


Rachel Skelly has worn many different hats over the years. First as a parent,  then as an assistant in the Pre-Kindergarten. However Rachel really found her niche in our school store, using her community outreach skills to create our 'Twice Upon a Time' shop and heading up our weekly craft group.  

Pilot Cup Soccer - Grades 5 and 6
I had the pleasure of coaching the Waldorf Wildcats 5th/6th grade boys soccer team for the Costa Mesa Pilot Cup.
I could not be happier with our boys. The fact that we finished in 1st place in our pool and advanced into the quarter finals with a group of boys in which over half have never played on an organized soccer team before, is very impressive. I love the fact that, Elijah P., who has never played on a soccer team before scored the winning goal of the game that advanced us into the quarter finals. The boys all showed exceptional athletic skills and soccer abilities, but more importantly they all showed respect and sportsmanship on and off the field. Several of the referees commented to me after the games how well our kids conducted themselves. We really came together as a team and utilized each of our strengths for the benefit of the team. Each player in each game, touched the ball positively adding to the success of our team. After each practice I would ask them the same question, "Are you having fun?" in which I would always get a resounding YES. I didn't have to ask at the games, you could see it on their faces.  

-Mr. Brown, Volunteer Pilot Cup Coach

Congratulations to both the Boys and the Girls teams for making it to round two in the playoffs!  Although we didn't take home the medals, the gold shone through our hearts through teamwork and sportsmanship. Thank You to the volunteer coaches: Mr. Brown, Mr. Ruvalcaba, Mr. Severn and Mr. Tubbs 
News From the Teacher Training Program

Two of our courses end this month: the two-year Foundation Studies Course and the two-year Grades Teacher Training Course. Nine students have completed the current FS Course, and all have expressed a wish to continue in the new Teacher Training Courses we are offering in the fall, either in our third Grades Training or our very first Early Childhood Training. This exciting new venture has two parts: an EC component spearheaded by Holly Richards, and also classes shared with the Grades students. So far we have six students for each course, Grades and EC.


We are proud to announce that four students will be graduating from our current TT Course on June 21, having completed four years of training: Eden Boric, who currently teaches in our High School; Gina Garrison, currently an administrative team member.; Tiesha Hutchins, who of course is well-known to you all as director of our Aftercare Program, and Christina Sbarra (Mrs de Benedetto) from Maple Village School in Long Beach, who will be taking the new First Grade there this fall. Please join me in congratulating them all! Everyone is most welcome to attend the graduation in the Eurythmy Hall on Saturday, June 21 at 2.30 pm.


If you are interested in joining one our courses this fall, please sign up this week.

Chris Bennett,

String Swap

Did you miss the String Swap? We still have instruments for sale or in need!

Please take a look at the list of families looking for instruments and contact them directly via your roster or email Erica at the front desk for contact information.


For Sale:

Violin 3/4 $100 WSOC
Cello 3/4 Negotiable D. Johnson Grade 6
Cello 3/4 $ 800 R.Hulan Grade 6

Cello 1/2 W. Eijpen Grade 3
Viola 13" D. Thompson  Grade 3
Viola 13" M. Hoffman Grade 3
Cello 1/2  S. Bermejo Grade 3
Cello Full  D. Johnson Grade 6
Cello 1/2 A. Walter-Cusini Grade 3
Violin 1/8 J. Teng -Roussanova Grade 3
Cello 1/2 R. Trinh Grade 3
Cello 1/2 L. Timmons Grade 3

Excellent Annual Giving Results

This has been an outstanding year for the Annual Giving Fund.  Thank you for the participation, generosity, and commitment to the school.  School-wide participation is at a strong 89%.  We continue to strive for 100%, the campaign remains open until July 31.  It's easy to participate -  

8th Grade Trip Memories and Gratitude
The 8th Grade would like to thank you the WSOC community for making their trip possible. Through your support of Hot Lunch and their other fundraisers, you contributed to their ability to take a final trip together as they culminated their beautiful  journey with Mrs. Whiteley.  You will read in their stories (link below) about their amazing excursion with Deer Hill Expeditions in which they traveled to four states, camped under the stars, did a lot of river rafting, and were of service to the Navajo Nation tribe.  It was an exceptional experience and significantly worth the investment of having the proper equipment, leadership, and expertise of the professionals at Deer Hill.


Please take a moment to read the students' short stories of their adventures, filled with gratitude to our communityfor your support.  Click here to share the adventure!
Bring Your Friends to Company of Angels This Summer



We will be open during Summer Break every Wednesday!  This is the most exceptional time to introduce your friends to our store.  More shoppers means more support for our school as all proceeds directly benefit WSOC!

Be sure to read the latest on what's going on in the Company of Angels flyer.

click here to read the flyer! 

Community Survey Response

Thanks to all who responded to the community survey.  The Board, College, and Administration will review the responses in detail at our summer meeting, which will help guide our actions moving forward.  We will share results and any corresponding action plans with the community in the fall.  


Many of you used the comment box to provide more detailed feedback and we will be considering each of those comments.  Although the comment box would expand to fit comments up to 5000 characters, some responders felt constrained by the size of the text box as it appeared on the screen.  Additional comments may be submitted to any Board member by e-mail (see school roster) or anonymously by a letter left in the front office or mailed to the school marked for the Board's attention.  


Finally, we want to clear up some apparent confusion regarding the role of class sponsors and student advisors,  those resources are available in the high school only and the questions on those topics were part of the section addressed only to parents of high school students. 


Thanks again for your participation.   


Board of Trustees  

Battery Recycling Results

The City of Costa Mesa Battery Recycling Program presented our school with a check for $300.  Grade 3 accepted the check on behalf of our school.  We look forward to next year's challenge with our goal of making it to first place for a chance at $1000 dollars!  Save the earth and your batteries for a great cause.  You can continue to drop off your batteries this summer.




Thanks from the Executive Leadership Council, WSOC Parent Association
Dear Parents,
The Executive Leadership Council of the Parent Association would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for all your support this year.  Through your volunteer efforts, we were able to have a positive impact on our children's education and their experience at WSOC.  From those who baked brownies or took a time slot at Festival of Children, to all those who served on year-long committees such as May Faire, Gala, and Yearbook, we applaud you!! And a special thanks to our Room Reps who kept us in the loop all year and supported our class teachers.  It does take a village to raise a child, and our community is a vibrant and healthy one because of the active participation of so many.

 We look forward to another exciting year in the fall with increased visibility, more community outreach and lots of community-building events. Thank you all for signing up at Registration to let us know yourinterest in participation next year. We have been actively recruiting leaders for committees and you will be hearing from them shortly as we prepare for another school year.

Save the Date - all Room Reps and committee volunteers are invited to a Parent Association Kick-Off Meeting to celebrate the start of the new school year on Wednesday August 27 in the evening. Location TBD.

    Thank you again for your time, talent and treasure this past year.

    The Executive Leadership Council, WSOC Parent Association

    Cynthia Baker - Parent Education
    Rachel Hulan - Volunteer Leadership
    Kristen Krofina -Volunteer Leadership
    Sara Preston Rodelo- Fundraising
    Jaime Stahl - Board Rep
    Brooke Tomblin - Community Outreach

Lovely New Kindergarten Playhouse




When life gives you lemons... you make Lemonade; for EVERYONE for years to come! 


When the Marovish Family bid on the tree house at the 2013 Gala they were moved by the thought of creating a fun addition to their yard but...fate decided to tempt them to donate the treehouse project to our Kindergarten yard  instead.  .  .and the results are incredible!   


Mr. Norgaard, who led a talented team of builders, said "It was such a fun project on many levels, working with the teachers during the design and brainstorming ideas, building it with a great group of dads (it was a great community building experience), and most importantly seeing the enjoyment of the children while playing on it. I would do it over again in a heartbeat."


Thank You to the Marovish Family for donating what could have been their own personal treehouse and the team of wonderful, hard-working Waldorf Dads who volunteered their time to make it happen.

Mr. Burnett

Mr. Diaz

Mr. Heller

Mr. Sears

Mr. Norman

Mr. Piazza

Mr. Norgaard



Thanks for a Magnificent Move-a-Thon

Sporting a rainbow of colors representing their teams, the Grades 1 - 8 students were off and running in team-spirit fashion to celebrate and raise money for our school.  
Led by their 8th grade team captains in an event designed by 12th graders and staffed by high school students, the teams competed in a team relay where they had to strategize which team member(s) would be best at performing each leg:  skipping, wheel-barreling, cartwheeling, crab walking, piggy-backing, hopping, three-legged running, backwards running, and plain 'ole running.  
The relay served as part of the warm-up for the 45-minute run on a quarter mile track.  Teams competed for the most cumulative laps run by a team, as well as most laps by an individual.  The swiftest runner gave it his all with 28 laps, with 2nd and 3rd place not far behind with 24 and 23 laps.  
They finished off the moving with an obstacle course involving water!
In addition to awarding prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the long run and group relay, spirit awards were given for:
*Best team leader
*Most encouraging
*Best team effort
*Most spirited team
The 38 students who earned $150 or more in donations were entered into a raffle for fun movement prizes.  10 students won things such as a basketball, frisbee, sticky mitts, or a skateboard.  Thank you to all the students who tried so hard to earn money for WSOC.  Congratulations on a job well done.
The classes with the top dollars earned were:
1st place:  4th Grade with $3,898 ($300 prize for their class)
2nd place:  3rd Grade with $3,497.60 ($200 prize for their class)
3rd place:  2nd Grade with $2,554 ($100 prize for their class)
Grades 5 and Grade 6 were really close.  
In total the students earned over $15,000 for the school.  Thank you everyone for your support and participation.

WSOC Summer Camp


Miss Tiesha's Summer Fun (Miss Tiesha is our Big Aftercare Supervisor)

  • Monday-Friday 
  • 9 am - 2 pm
  • Drop-ins welcome 
  • Hourly rates available for those taking advantage of other camps on campus
  • Perfect for older siblings   


Camp will include water play, walks to the park, crafts, art classes, story telling, and bike rides to the beach.



Camp Weeks:

June 23-27

June 30-July 3 ($180 due to short week)

July 7-11

July 14-18

August 4-8

August 11-15



$225 5-days

$175 3-days

$100 2-days

$75 1-day

$125 3- days

$150 5- days


Please make a deposit of $100 at the time of sign up. Spaces are limited!  
For more information contact Tiesha at 
For Flyer click here! 


Kindergarten Camp

$180 per week, drop in's welcome 

Camp hours 9 am - 1 pm

Entering Pre-K through rising Grade 2


Payment due at sign-ups, located in the front office. 


June 16 -20         Miss. Terri

June 23 -27         Miss. Terri

June 30 - July 3   Miss. Kelli & Arieta

July 7 -11             Miss. Kelli & Arieta

July 14 -18           Miss. Catherine

July 21 -25           Miss. Catherine 

Orchestra Camp

Strings Summer Camp on WSOC Campus


June 23 - June 27  

Beginning Strings Ages 7- 9

9:30 am - 1:30 pm


June 30 - July 3  

Intermediate/Advanced Strings Age 10 +

9:30 am - 1:30 pm


For detailed information click here!  

To sign-up come to the front office 

Theater Camp-NEW!



.  Make checks payable to Arts & Learning Conservatory 

Japanese Summer Study



日本語 にほんご NIHONGO

(for students Rising Grade 5 ~ 8)


In this Study Hall I will help students review this year's work and do their summer Japanese homework.   We will also enjoy games and some cultural activities.  The students can attend only one day or more days depending on their needs.


Dates and Time: Aug 12, 13,14   (Tue -Thurs) 10:00-12:30 pm

Place: Grade 6    Classroom (Tentative)

Fee: $10 per day  (*Japanese snack will be provided)


Scroll Spacer  



2014 Summer Japanese Day Camp

For High School Students


Let's speak Japanese and learn Japanese Culture through fun activities!

Dates and Time: August 11 - 14 (Monday - Thursday) 1:00-3:30

Place: WSOC Grade 8 classroom (Tentative Location)

Fee $100 for 4 day


To reserve your space come into the front office to sign up or contact:  Masami Sensei