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Newsletter for our family and friends
April 3, 2014
Hay, we enjoyed our April's Fools Day!
The Senior class played several well-orchestrated "delightful" pranks on their friends and teachers including:  filling Meadows Hall with Hay and lining the wall with a "We Love Eurythmy" sign made entirely of post-its (pictured above).  It was great fun and no one was injured.
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Dates to Remember
Japanese Study Hall: Every Mon.
3 - 4 pm Grades  5 - 8
Located in Grade 6 classroom

Study Hall: Every Tues.
3 - 3:45 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 6 Classroom
Math Club: Every Tues.
3:15- 4:15 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 7 Classroom

Middle School Basketball Practice:
Every Mon & Tues
3 - 3:40 pm Grades 6 - 8

High School Jui Jitsu Club
3:30 - 4:30 Every Tues. & Fri
Meadows Hall



Friday, 4/4

Grade 3 Play: Purim

Handwork Classroom Lanai Stage

8:45 am & 1:15 pm


Saturday, 4/5

Grade 11 Monologues: "Bi-Polar Bath"

Eurythmy Hall

7 pm


Monday, 4/7

Learn about Steve and Kate's Camp

Eurythmy Hall

6 pm - 8 pm


Monday, 4/7

Board Meeting

6:15 - 6:45 pm


Monday, 4/7

Spring Sport Camp Sign up Due!

Monday - Friday, April 21 - 25

9 am - 1 pm



Tuesday, 4/8

Grade 4 Parent Evening

7 pm


Tuesday, 4/8

Grade 7 Play: The Little Prince

7 pm

Eurythmy Hall


Wednesday, 4/9

Grade 7 Field Trip: San Diego


Wednesday, 4/9

Grade 2 Parent Evening

7 pm


Thursday, 4/10

Grade 7 Play: The Little Prince

Eurythmy Hall



Monday - Friday, 2 Weeks 4/14 - 4/25

Spring Break- No School


Monday - Friday, 4/ 21 - 4/25

Spring Recess Sports Camp Hosted by 11th Grade


Wednesday, 4/30

Early Childhood Information Evening

7 - 8:30 pm


Saturday, April 5

Grade 11 Monologues

Information to come


Monday, April 7

Board Meeting

6 - 9 pm


Tuesday, April 8

Grade 7 Play: Le Petite Prince -Parents Only

Eurythmy Hall

7 pm


Wednesday, April 9

Grade 7 Field Trip: San Diego


Wednesday, April 9

Grade 2 Parent Evening

7 pm


April 21 -25

Spring Recess Sports Camp Hosted by 11th Grade


College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Chris Bennett
Christiane Bohr
Jenell Carlson
Barbara Cubanski
Kurt Faerber
Ingrid Feck
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson
Angie Meier
Holly Richards (Chair)
Kimberly Telfer-Radzat
Robin Theiss
Deborah Waring
Miriam Whiteley
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Gina Illes (Administrative Rotation)
Lisa Masterson
Denise Ogawa (Admin. Rotation)
Kim Sava (Admin.  Rotation)
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Linda Timmons (Admin. Rotation)
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir
Parent Association Chairs
Cindy Baker (Education Chair)

Kristen Krofina (Volunteer Chair)
Sara Rodelo (Fundraising)
Jaime Stahl (BOT Rep)
Brooke Tomblin (Outreach)
Accreditation and Affiliations
Fully accredited by the 
Schools Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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AWSNA Website
Grade 11

Some material is not appropriate for children, recommended for grade 7 and older. 



Tickets are available in Company of Angels and through high school students on a first-come-first-served.  This is a popular and well-attended event that is likely to sell out.  Pre-sale tickets are highly encourage if you want to go and have a seat.

Summer Camp


Learn about Steve and Kate's Camp

April 7 from 6pm - 8pm

Steve and Kate's Camp is excited to be opening at the Waldorf School of Orange County this summer and are sending both the Costa Mesa Community Director and the Summer Director to field questions for families of our school about their camp program.  Feel free to bring the whole family to meet them, they will provide food and refreshments.  Please RSVP if you can at  


May Faire


May Faire is May 3
May Faire is the first Saturday after we return from Spring Recess, so we need to talk about it even though we are mere days into April!

The May Faire Committee is hard at work creating a beautiful day that will live in our children's memories. They wanted to let you know the following:

* Admission for Parents is FREE this year.  Closer to event day, your room reps will have for you 2 FREE wristbands per family.  You may purchase additional wristbands for guest during pre-May Faire tickets sales or at the event.

* The new normal is NO PARKING in the BLUFFS.  You may park at Fairview Park and walk in.

* To be consistent with our policy for class plays and performances, Photography and Videotaping during the May Pole Dance Ceremony will only be done by each class' designated photographer who will be wearing a lanyard badge to allow them to stand in the photographic zone.  To everyone else, please enjoy the event and do not stand in the photographer's zone.  Each class will be responsible for making the photos available.  We are sure you can appreciate reverent intention of the performances, as well as the ability to watch the dancing without having a sea of bodies holding cameras standing in front of you, or standing directly behind the dancing (which means the photographers are IN everyone's pictures). This is for the Procession of Students arriving on the field/ Class Performances / May Pole Dancing / On-Stage Musicians only.  Once the performances are over, you may take your own snapshots.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

* The bounty of flowers is only possible through the community's effort in obtaining flower donations.  Please do not wait until we return from Spring Recess to coordinate your flower donations.  Use the letter attached to visit your local grocery store floral department, floral shop, Home Depot, any place that sells flowers.  Ask if they can donate flowers that are near their expiration date.  Each family is asked to bring in two buckets of flowers. Drop off will be May 6 - 7.  We can also take greens and cuttings from your home gardens with long stems.  Thank you!

Grade 7 Play

You are invited to see a Eurythmy performance of "The Little Prince" performed by grade 7.  Recommended For all ages and free admission.


The Little Prince

Tuesday, April 8

7 pm        

Eurythmy Hall


Early Childhood Volunteers Needed

The Early Childhood Department is working on building up their substitution pool for next year. If you are interested in assisting, please submit a letter of interest in Miss Terri's inbox at the front office.


Thank You


Board Meeting


April 7 Board Meeting 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Please see attached agenda. If you would like to sign up to address the board from 6:15 - 6:45 pm, please send an email to 


Click here for Board Agenda! 


Happening in the High




Grade 11 

Recently, the 11th grade class took a week-long field trip to Catalina to work with the Catalina Island Conservancy. During the week, they removed invasive plant species, removed old fencing, and helped with beach cleanup. They also went through Naturalist Training with the conservancy and learned about the history and wildlife of the island.



Upcoming Soccer Schedule

March 27th, 2014 - Waldorf versus Emerson #2, 4:30 pm at Emerson

April 3rd, 2014 -     Waldorf vs. Emerson 2, 4:30 pm at Emerson

April 10th, 2014 -   Waldorf vs. Emerson #1, 3:15 pm at Arroyo

April 29th, 2014 -   Waldorf vs. Arroyo, 5:00 pm at WSOC

May 1st, 2014 -     Waldorf vs. Emerson #2, 3:30 pm at Arroyo

May 8th, 2014 -     Soccer Playoffs, 4:45 pm at WSOC                                              


Spring Recess Sports Camp - April 21-25

Back by popular demand for one more week this year...



For students Grades 1-6.

If you're looking for good wholesome fun for your child, half a day of childcare for a week over spring recess, or your child came to the February Break Camp and has not stopped asking you about the next one....then boy-oh- boy do we have great news for you!


Sports Camp 2014 #2 will be held the second week of spring recess.

Monday - Friday, April 21 - 25

9AM - 1PM

The cost is $250 for the whole week

Daily rate is $55

This is a win-win.  11th Grade is raising funds for their class trip AND it provides a service to the community.

Sign up in the front office by April 7 (that's next week) so the 11th grade can make their plans.


February Break Sports Camp!   

We all made some new friends.

Easter is hopping in the store. Do come on by! 



Craft Group

Please join us any Tuesday for a cup of tea and simple craft outside the Company of Angels 9 -11 am with Miss Christine. 

  • April 8 Craft: Wet Felted eggs and lace eggs
Calling all Festival Singers!

Calling all the talented ladies and gents from WSOC...Looking for festival singers! Please join me outside the Company of Angels every Thursday morning beginning April 10th from 8:45-9:30 to rehearse. This will be the only practice time! We will sing songs that most of us know already. If you play the acoustic guitar please come along it always helps to have an instrument! 

Please me if you're interested: Tiesha



Eurythmy 101

Elisabeth Beck is offering three sessions of "Eurythmy 101" on Wednesdays from 2:05 - 2:50 in the Eurythmy Hall.  Class dates are:  April 30, May 7 and May 14. Please come to find out what your children experience in the Eurythmy lessons and have a bit of fun yourself. Sign up in the front office. Minimum of 10 participants for more information click here!

Our Condolences

Our Condolences to Christine Newel,l our handwork teacher, who recently lost her Father on March 25, 2014 in Canada.  Jack Benson WWII Great Grandfather of Jack in Miss Holly's class and Jack and Renee in High School.


Sign up for Summer Play group today!  You will find the sign up sheet in the front office, please note that all sign ups must submit payment to secure spot.  to find out more, click here!

First Grade = First to 100% Annual Giving


Congratulations and well done First Grade.  You are the first class to reach 100% Annual Giving Participation.


What does your class need to to do reach 100%?  It couldn't be simpler.  Every family needs to contribute to the Annual Fund by making their gift

--On-line at


--Stop by the front office and slip a check into a handy Annual Giving envelope


1st Grade = 100%

5th Grade = 79%

3rd Grade = 78%

12th Grade = 77%

Miss Barbara's Class = 75%


To see the rest of the classes, click here.


If you can't remember if you have given for the 2013-2014 school year, contact Denise Ogawa.  It's a quick thing to look up, you are not bugging her.


Save the Date for Daniel & Kate!

Daniel Pitts our WSOC Eurythmy Pianist and Katie his wife a former WSOC Choir teacher were accepted this year into AIMS (American Institute of Musical Studies), an American summer opera and accompanist coaching program in Graz, Austria. It's one of the more prestigious American programs, having been around for 44 years now, and the faculty comes from all over the world. The intensive morning-to-night program includes lessons, coaching, masterclasses, aria recitals with orchestra, German language classes, and much more. 


They will be doing some benefit recitals from south Orange County to Santa Barbara to raise funds to cover costs. They're planning on a 45-minute recital or so, lots of arias and some Lieder, and we'd talk a bit about AIMS, and ask for support.


Here are the dates for their upcoming recitals:


Saturday Mar. 29, 2:00 pm at Fields Pianos in Santa Ana

Saturday April 19, 2:00 pm at Fields Pianos in Santa Ana

810 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705; (714) 662-2038


Katie also has all of our upcoming performances on her website:!upcoming-concerts/c11so



There will be a recital at our school on May 7 at 7:00 PM in Eurythmy Hall 


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