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Newsletter for our family and friends
March 20, 2014
Track and Field 2014 Grade 7 & 8
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Dates to Remember
Japanese Study Hall: Every Mon.
3 - 4 pm Grades  5 - 8
Located in Grade 6 classroom

Study Hall: Every Tues.
3 - 3:45 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 6 Classroom
Math Club: Every Tues.
3:15- 4:15 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 7 Classroom

Middle School Basketball Practice:
Every Mon & Tues
3 - 3:40 pm Grades 6 - 8

High School Jui Jitsu Club
3:30 - 4:30 Every Tues. & Fri
Meadows Hall

Friday, 3/21

Grade 8 Project Presentations

Eurythmy Hall

6 - 9 pm


Saturday, 3/22

Grade 8 Project Presentations

Eurythmy Hall

12 - 6 pm


Sunday, 3/23

Grade 12 Projects Presentations

Meadows Hall

2 - 6 pm


Monday, 3./24

Spring Play Group Begins


Monday, 3/24

Grade 3  Field Trip: Highland Hall Waldorf


Thursday, 3/27

Grade 7 & 8 Orchestra Competition

Garden Grove

8 am


Friday, 3/28

Grade 3 Field Trip: Camping


Monday, 3/31

Grade 5 Parent Evening


Wednesday, April 2

Grade 6: Medieval Games



Wednesday, April 2

Miss Catherine Parent Evening

6:45 pm


Saturday, April 5

Grade 11 Monologues

Information to come


Monday, April 7

Board Meeting

6 - 9 pm


Tuesday, April 8

Grade 7 Play: Le Petite Prince -Parents Only

Eurythmy Hall

7 pm


Wednesday, April 9

Grade 7 Field Trip: San Diego


Wednesday, April 9

Grade 2 Parent Evening

7 pm


April 21 -25

Spring Recess Sports Camp Hosted by 11th Grade



College of Teachers
Catherine Averett
Chris Bennett
Christiane Bohr
Jenell Carlson
Barbara Cubanski
Kurt Faerber
Ingrid Feck
Brad Holm
Andrea Hubert
Masami Inoue
Lisa Masterson
Angie Meier
Holly Richards (Chair)
Kimberly Telfer-Radzat
Robin Theiss
Deborah Waring
Miriam Whiteley
Board of Trustees
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett (Chair)
Chris DeRosa
Joe DeMichele
Gina Illes (Administrative Rotation)
Lisa Masterson
Denise Ogawa (Admin. Rotation)
Kim Sava (Admin.  Rotation)
Colin Severn
Jaime Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone
Linda Timmons (Admin. Rotation)
Abril Turner
Wende Zomnir
Parent Association Chairs
Cindy Baker (Education Chair)
Sara Rodelo (Fundraising)
Jaime Stahl (BOT Rep)
Brooke Tomblin (Outreach)
Accreditation and Affiliations
Fully accredited by the 
Schools Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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12th Grade Projects

This year the 12th grade projects had three components: individual research, class community service and attendance at the Youth Conference in Dornach, Switzerland.


Come and enjoy the students as they share what they have learned, engage in discussions, offer a slideshow and give a recitation.  It will start at 2pm with a welcome in the Meadows Hall and then there will be four rotations with a small group of students in each classroom allowing for an intimate setting in which to hear about their projects, ask them questions and have discussions.


From  5:25pm  - 6:00pm everyone will reconvene in the Meadows Hall to watch the slideshow and hear about the class community service project, the Youth Conference at the Goetheanum and highlights of the class trip to Switzerland and Rome.


Click here for a detailed list of each students project



8th Grade Projects


Did you miss the first round of presentations?  Be sure not to miss the remaining presentations.  For full details of projects, students and when they are scheduled click here for schedule! 

  • March 21 6 - 9 pm
  • March 22  12 pm - 6 pm
Track and Field












The Track and Field Event for Grades 7 & 8

Were held here on Estancia grounds.  With over 344 from eight different Waldorf Schools, our parents from these grades hosted and ran the event flawlessly.  A special Thank You to Mr. Brad  for organizing the event and to the lead parents who made it possible.  We have a very impressive amount of awards! To view them please click on the links below:



For award results click here!  For all records of placement please Click here! 














Gala 2014!
Gratitude abounds!

Thank you to the 220 attendees, the 27 volunteers, the 424 active bidders, and the 242 donors who made this event a show-stopping success.  We ate, we drank, we shopped, we gave, we danced, and we took in the spirit of the Kiki as only Isis Design could create it.  To quote the Doubletree staff (paraphrasing), "Our ballroom is not recognizable.  Never before have we seen it so transformed, so polished, so beautiful.  The silent auction is the best we've ever seen.  Your staff is incredible and professional.  This is the nicest event we've ever hosted."  In fact, members of the Doubletree front desk staff joined our silent auction as active bidders, and some of them took home items!  Now that's cool!

A great big thank you goes out to our generous sponsors whose support makes a significant difference in our success:
  • Isis Design
  • Acra Aerospace
  • Compax
  • Merchsource
  • Urban Decay
  • HCT Packaging
  • Burnham Benefits
  • Post Alarm Systems
Administratively, we are still dotting our i's and crossing our t's on closing the event and calculating the proceeds.  In the meantime, so many of you are curious, we are happy to provide the data of proceeds earned on-line (pre-shopping and raffle ticket purchasing) and on event night:
--Raffle items (castle, blanket, rug):  $6,400 ~our largest raffle ever~
--Silent auction:  $37,000
--Live auction:  $41,000
--Donation to begin the next phase of the campus master plan....the new grades 1 - 8 playground:  $37,700

We are very pleased with these results.  It demonstrates a capable team effort by many to put the event and auction together, combined with an extremely supportive and generous community.  It took EVERYONE to gain this result.

For all who were there on event night and experienced the technological mishap with BidPal while we were raising funds to launch our playground renovation, we apologize and BidPal apologizes more.  We are working with them to find a satisfactory solution.  Denise will provide an update when the solution is known.

THANK YOU EVERYONE, whether you were there physically or in spirit (including our at-home bidders).  This was a tremendous group effort.  What a team we are WSOC.  Next week, we will send more pictures in an event wrap-up. Thank you!
Team Kiki
Thank You Registration Team!
Gabe and Johnny model the Dick Brewer longboard and the Tony Hawk bike.
A full house
The Kiki room was rockin' and captivating, thank you Isis Design!
And the Raffle Winners Are......

A giant hug and thank you goes out to each person who bought a raffle ticket for the creative and beautiful community craft items.  


With much regalia, the winners were drawn on stage during the Kiki Gala on March 15, 2014.


Congratulations to the super lucky winners:

  • The winner of the gorgeous Starry Night Hooked Rug is Diane and Frank Digrado, who are brand new to our school this month with children in Pre-K and 1st Grade.  They had the excellent sense to say, well we know our kids started, but we really want to come to this party...and they won!
  • The winner of the magnificent Afghan Blanket is Sara Rodelo, who is our Parent Association Fundraising Chair and worked behind the scenes for months leading up to the event, and during the event itself.  
  • The winner of the Dream Castle Kiki is a very lucky person from the Boulder Waldorf School that was hit by the devastating flooding experienced throughout Boulder this past Fall.  This mother of a kindergarten student cannot believe her luck.  She saw our notice about the raffle item in the Shining Mountain Waldorf School newsletter (that's Boulder) and thought she would pitch in for our cause by purchasing 1 ticket!  The Boulder Kindergarten was especially hard hit during the flooding, losing all their toys.  So I think we can all feel great about this magical castle going to people who genuinely needed it more than any of us who have been on dry land all year!
Thank you to the huge and dedicated team of talented crafters who created all our raffle items.  You generated $6,300 for our school!
Jzin Teng, WSOC parent, dedicated volunteer, master crafter and genius Facebook Queen, promoted the Kiki Castle with this flyer.  That's how the Boulder Waldorf School and many other people who we've never met were able to participate and support us.




WASC Accreditation Team


This coming Tuesday we will be hosting the WASC visiting team on our campus from 8am - 3pm.

Darel Hansen -  Principal of Martin Luther King HS in Riverside, CA

James Rieger - Director of Allied National HS

Waldorf Adult Education

Do you have a desire to delve deeper into the Waldorf teachings, expand your mind and satisfy your soul:


Click here for Foundation Studies 

Click here for Early Childhood Studies! 

Click here for Teacher Training! 


Board Chats

Board Chat Follow Up

Please click on this link to see the board response to the concerns, questions and suggestions brought to the February Board Chats.   


Aftercare Forms Due

Aftercare Forms for April due March 28th!


Click here for Big Aftercare Form 


Click here for Little Aftercare! 



Spring Recess Sports Camp - April 21-25

Back by popular demand for one more week this year...



For students Grades 1-6.

If you're looking for good wholesome fun for your child, half a day of childcare for a week over spring recess, or your child came to the February Break Camp and has not stopped asking you about the next one....then boy-oh- boy do we have great news for you!


Sports Camp 2014 #2 will be held the second week of spring recess.

Monday - Friday, April 21 - 25

9AM - 1PM

The cost is $250 for the whole week

Daily rate is $55

This is a win-win.  11th Grade is raising funds for their class trip AND it provides a service to the community.

Sign up in the front office so the 11th grade can make their plans.


February Break Sports Camp!   

We all made some new friends.

Annual Giving Fund Looking for 24%


To see how your children's class(es) are doing, click here Annual Giving Participation by Class


The average class participation is 65%

The total school-wide participation is 76%

Our goal has always been and will always be 100%.  To everyone who has not yet given, it's nearly April, so it's absolutely time to get on board.  


1st Grade is nearly there, with 96% participation.

5th Grade:  79%

3rd Grade:  78%

12th Grade:  77%

11th Grade:  70%


If you can't remember if you have given for the 2013-2014 school year, contact Denise Ogawa.  It's a quick thing to look up, you are not bugging her.


To make your gift visit, or stop by the office for an envelope.  


Happening in the High









                                                                                         Grade 12  Europe Trip 

The 12th grade has returned from their senior trip to Europe! They visited the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and took part in a youth conference there. They also performed eurythmy! In Rome, they saw all the sights--Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Basilica, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and Vatican City, where they heard from the Pope.

12th Grade Projects
 This Sunday, March 23rd, from 2:00-6:00PM in the high school. The seniors will be presenting their projects, showing pictures and talking about their senior trip, as well as sharing their community service experiences from this past school year. All ages are welcome, though quiet and focus will be necessary to absorb the fascinating content of these projects.

Grade 11 Catalina

The 11th grade is spending this week on Catalina! They are working as volunteers maintaining and restoring the native plant life and spending the evening observing the stars with their Astronomy teacher, Mrs. Eden Boric.


Grade 10 in Mexicali, Mexico

The 10th graders are back from their week-long field trip to Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico! They stayed with their host families, attended school at CETYS Preparatoria, took a tour of a bread factory, and enjoyed dancing and socializing at parties. They were immersed in Spanish the whole week and got a close look at the reality of the Mexico/US border. Kristen Peet says, "I got an understanding of the Spanish language and I feel more cultured." Jaspar Saadi-Klein comments, "I learned the ability to immerse myself in a culture. This made me want to learn a lot more Spanish."



Company of Angels

 Abundance has sprung in the Company of Angels.  To read more about specialty items to feature in your home or office, or create for your honey bunnies click here! 


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