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Newsletter for our family and friends
December 5, 2013
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Dates to Remember
Japanese Study Hall: Every Mon.
3 - 4 pm Grades  5 - 8
Located in Grade 6 classroom

Study Hal: Every Tues.
3 - 3:45 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 6 Classroom
Math Club: Every Tues.
3:15- 4:15 pm Grades 6 - 8
Located in Grade 7 Classroom

Basketball Practice: Every Mon & Tues
3 - 3:40 pm Grades 6 - 8
DEC 11
Early Childhood Information Evening
7  PM  
DEC 12
HS Movie Night
7 pm Meadows Hall

DEC 13
Grade 6 Field Trip

DEC 13
Grade 7 Dance
6 - 9 pm Journey School

DEC 13 - 14
Early Childhood Advent Spiral

DEC 14
Morning in the Kindergarten
10 am

DEC 17 Grade 6 Orchestra
St. John Divine, 11 am

DEC 18
Grade 10 Poetry Evening
Meadow Hall 7 PM
DEC 19
Grade 8 Field Trip
DEC 20
Early Dismissal 12:30 PM
DEC 23 - JAN 3
Winter Break

JANUARY  6, 2014
School Resumes

Winter Playgroup Begins
9 - 11 am

Grade 8 Play

JAN 10
Early Childhood Deadline

JAN 12
Grade 5 Field Trip

JAN 14
Taiko Project Performance

JAN 17
No School - Parent Conferences

JAN 17  - Feb 27
Simplicity Parenting Workshop
6 -8 pm Every Thursday

JAN 20
No School - MLK  Birthday

JAN 22
Walk through the Grades

JAN 25
HS Winter Formal

JAN 31
Grade 8 Play

JAN 31
HS Snow Day
(HS campus off site)
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Brooke Tomblin (Outreach)
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Winter Festival

Winter Festival

1 - 5:30 pm

Rain or Shine


We are prepared for the weather gathering cozily under a tent to raise our singing voices, and recommend that you dress appropriately for the cool wet weather.


A few reminders:  
It is strongly suggested that you pre-purchase your tickets to avoid lines at the event itself. Tickets will be on sale at drop-off and pick up tomorrow.  Tickets are 50 cents each. Each booth requires tickets rather than cash. Admission is free. For booth descriptions Click Here!

Winter Festival Sign up for Twinkle Star Cafe.  This very special cafe is presented by Grade 4. The students provide sophistcated food service to children in Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Musical ambiance is provided by the 5th & 6th grade strings.  This is an exclusive experience for children only and extended to siblings and cousins in grades Pre-K - 3rd grade.


Worth Mentioning Twice: As is tradition, the festival will end quietly at sunset as the 7th grade walks the advent spiral. Please join in the singing of " In the Bleak Midwinter," and celebrate this beautiful event together as a school community. This is a reverent moment, and requires each individual to encourage the calm and quiet after such a festive day. Please refrain from  conversation and the use of cell phones and other electronic devices, and collect all students and children around the spiral for this lovely closure to our evening.  

As soon as the spiral is over, the 7th grade students will lead everyone to the exits to say goodnight.  Please leave quietly, carrying the mood of the day along with you.  

Although cleanup efforts will begin after the spiral, no children are allowed back among the booths. We ask that you arrange care for little ones so that they do not lose the magic of the day.


GREENS!  This is currently what we have for the Winter Festival decorations and spiral walk. This is enough for a spiral walk but not enough for the magnificent decorations we are accustomed to viewing, please stop by your local tree farm/vendors and ask them for cuttings.


Winter Greens Ready for Pick-up

First, the 12th grade sends a hearty thank you to all of you who so generously supported their fundraiser.  They earned over $4,000 for their upcoming trip to Dornach, Switzerland to attend the International Youth Conference.  


If you ordered and have not yet picked up, your greens are awaiting you in the main office.


If you ordered an item to be delivered to a recipient you specified, then that item has already arrived at that lucky person's home or is on the way.  Those items are not here.


Grandparents Day

On Friday November 22, the day dawned gloomy and overcast, but the mood of the school was one of excited anticipation. By the time we began school that morning the sun had put in a most welcome appearance so that our Grandparents and other special friends were able to take refreshments and await the gifts that the children were eager to share. The HS Orchestra/ensemble serenaded those who were waiting to enter the hall and the children in their classrooms were awaiting with joyful anticipation their turn to present. The assembly featured an offering from each class and the selections ranged from little (Grade 1) dwarves marching along to an amazing display of balance and coordination given by the 7th Grade. This opportunity for the children and students to show what they have been learning in an artistic way is a time-honored tradition and way of giving thanks to the parents, grandparents and other special friends who make this education possible. What a fitting way to begin the Thanksgiving break! 

Early Childhood Application Deadline

Pre-Kindergarten &

Kindergarten Application Deadline:

January 10, 2014


This is a friendly reminder that we have our last Early Childhood Information Meeting on Wednesday, December 11 at 7 p.m. before the January 10, 2014, application deadline for the fall of 2014.


Attendance at one Early Childhood Information Evening is mandatory for those who want to enroll their children in Pre-K or Kindergarten. It is a wonderful evening with kindergarten teachers who will share some background on Waldorf education and provide valuable information about the Early Childhood curriculum and the importance of learning through play and hands-on activities. Applications will be available at the meeting. And, there will be lots of festive homemade treats!


Simply sign up online at This is also a great opportunity to sign up for a Walk Through the Grades (next one is in January 2014) if you'd like to learn more about the school.


Please Note:  If you have already attended one Early Childhood Information meeting, you do not need to attend again. It's only mandatory once! 


Happening in the High

10th Grade Poetry Evening

As a culmination of the 10th Grade Poetics Block, the students will host a poetry evening, where they will share recitations from famous poets as well as their own original work. Don't miss this special evening!


Wednesday, December 19

Meadows Hall, 7:30 pm

Recommended for Grade 7 and up (just too long to sit for younger)

It will be about 1-1/2 hours with one short intermission

It's free! 


Dia De Los Muertos - A submission missed in the last newsletter


The high schoolers recently spent a week gaining a greater understanding of the traditional Mexican Celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead (November 2).  In addition to the making papel picado, tasting pan de muerto, and decorating altares, the 11th graders went on a field trip to the Museum of Latin America in Long Beach for a Day of the Dead tour. They looked at alters created by local artists and studied the famous works of Jose Guadalupe Posada.  Many of the high school students also attended downtown Santa Ana's 11th Annual Noche de Altares. where they learned more about the altars, tried traditional foods, and experienced the music and dance of Mexico.



Annual Giving

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful and prompt support.


School-wide we have reached 35% participation.  Just because we realize you enjoy knowing when your child's class is doing well, here are the classes who are ahead of the school-wide 35% average:

  • Miss Barbara's Pre-K:  60%
  • 3rd Grade:  53%
  • 5th Grade:  45%
  • 7th Grade:  37%
  • Miss Terri's Kindergarten:  38% 
  • 9th Grade:  36%
Classes not listed remain below 35%.  Check the newsletter in 2 weeks to see if your class had made the list.


Congratulations to the Whitney family who are now the proud owners of reserved parking for the year.  So you'll see there are now two reserved spots marked with posts on the sidewalk.  They are on the end of the parking lot fairly close to the trash receptacle entry gate and the Eurythmy Hall.  Please do not park there any time of day or for any school-wide event.


If you did not receive a mailing via USPS  or if you have questions about the Annual Giving Fund, please contact Denise Ogawa, or (949)574-7775, ext. 210.


Go to to pledge any amount that is auto-deducted monthly from December through July or to make a lump-sum gift.  


The Company of Angels




12 - 4 pm


Get ideas from your wee ones BEFORE the Winter Festival starts, and sneak in later to purchase! 

Coming in January

Simplicity Parenting Workshop on Thursday evenings beginning January 17 through February 27 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. This workshop will be held on our campus but it is extended to our community and friends. For more information click here! 

Orchestra Ensemble Pretend City Performance

We were honored to be asked to perform at the Pretend City 

Children's Museum Gala & Auction to offer entertainment to their guests and earn the big bucks in support of their worthy cause.  A talented group of orchestra students from our high school and 8th grade kicked off the evening themed "Rock the City" with rock 'n roll pieces.  The traditional orchestra sound was complemented by our own multi-faceted students who delivered that "Rock the City" vibe with an electric guitar and the drums.  


Thank you to the Miss Wondercheck and the students for representing us so well, and to their parents for getting them there. 


To learn more about Pretend City, visit the Pretend City Website.

Annual Gala & Auction - March 15, 2014

Please Save-the-Date for a great time!


Last year we were extraordinarily proud that a minimal number of people purchased an auction item to donate, rather than obtaining a donation.  Let's continue with that momentum this year by encouraging every family to contribute something that they do not have to buy!  


Next week, we will send via email the materials needed to obtain a donation.  Please think about those businesses you frequent or of friends or family who may have access to something we could auction.  The sky is the limit.  We auction everything from restaurant certificates to handmade scarves to week-long vacation stays in great destinations.  Let your creativity inspire you.  We welcome several families collaborating together to create heartfelt themed packages as well.


There will not be an auction affiliated with the Golf Tournament this year, so all auction items obtained will be presented in affiliation with the Gala on March 15 (either on-line or at the event).


For those of you really thinking ahead, the Golf Tournament will be May 14, 2014.


If you are interested in helping with the auction, please contact Erica at the front desk to get contact information for Sarah Rodelo (our Parent Association Fundraising Chair).  Ask anyone who helped last year...they enjoyed it!