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April 11, 2013 

 Mustard Flowers    


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Dates to Remember
8th Grade Projects
Annual Giving update
Mayfaire Preparations
Mayfaire Singers
Calling all Golfers!
Academic Chess
Orchestera News
Hearing Screening
Happening in the High
Soccer Team
Parent Workshop
Recycle for Life
School Calendar 2013/2014
Center for Biography & Social Art



Dates to Remember
April 12
Turn in Hearing Screening Form (K, 1, 3 & HS)

April 12 & 13
Grade 8 Projects
April 15 & 16
Grade 4 Pilgrim field trip
April 16
Pilot Cup Practice
Miss Holly Parent Evening
April 17
Pilot Cup Practice begins

April 19
Medieval Games

April 24
Grade 3 Parent Evening

April 26 
HS Arts Festival

May 4

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8th grade projects 
8th Grade Projects
Don't miss the educational presentations of our talented 8th grade students. 
Friday, April 12 (7 pm - 9 pm) 

Saturday, April 13 (2 pm - 4 pm)



If making your donation to the 2012/2013 Annual Giving Campaign has eluded you, then there's an AG Caller or a Board Member trying to reach you.  100% participation from all families is our goal.


Annual Giving Statistics

Current School Wide % Participation:  76%

% of Financial Goal Reached:  85.4%


% Participation by Class (ranked most to least)

Grade 10:  100%

Grade 11:  92%

Grade 2:  91%

Miss Holly's K:  87%

Grade 7:  85%

Grade 8:  83%

Grade 4:  83%

Grade 3:  81%

Grade 9:  79%

Grade 1:  78%

Grade 12:  75%

Grade 5:  76%

Grade 6:  66%

Miss Barbara's K:  58%

Miss Terri's K:  53%

Miss Catherine's K:  38%


Whether your class is nearly there, or needs a little kick, your class and the school needs you.  Four classes are VERY close to reaching 100%.  For everyone who has already given, many of you seven months ago, THANK YOU!  



#1)  www.waldorfschool.com/annual    VERY EASY. 

#2)  Envelope in front office.  ALSO VERY EASY.

#3)  Send a pledge email stating amount and date of gift to come (prior to July 31, 2013) to dogawa@waldorfschool.com.  WE HAVE TO ADMIT, THAT SOUNDS PRETTY EASY TOO.


To see Participation by Class Graph, click here.

class of 2021 
May Faire Preparation 
  1. Mark your calendars for May 4, 2013 10 am - 2 pm.  School wide celebration requires your child to be present & your participation.
  2. Flowers needed to beautify our beloved event; commitment is 2 buckets per family. Please bring them on May 2 (at drop off) or May 3 early in the a.m.  Establish relationships with flower vendors using this flyer click here!  
  3. White clothing and pastels are signature for this event, does your child have something to wear?
  4. Cake walkers; do you have a bakery vendor or recipe planned?
  5. Ticket sales begin April 29- May 3, invite your family and friends.

Calling All Singers for the May Faire Festival!


I would like 4 singers and 2 acoustic guitar/ukelele player. We will begin rehearsals on Friday April 12 at  4:00 pm. This requires a level of commitment so if you are interested and available, please let me know.

Thank You,
Tiesha Hutchins



 Friday, May 17
Golf All Day 
or Come for the BBQ & After Party
Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club 
Arroyo Trabuco Golf 1
  • Accepting golfers of all levels 
  • Foursomes, doubles, singles -- all okay
  • Accepting WSOC parents and encouraging guests from the outside:  co-workers, neighbors, extended family
  • Hey ladies, women can golf too.  Could this be the year an all-female team takes home the big trophy?
  • About the FOOD.  It's going to be GOOD.  Lunch for golfers provided by Habit Burger!  Dinner is Arroyo's famous BBQ buffet, of course with delicious options for vegetarians, and the option to go Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Golf registration starts at 10:00AM.  Shotgun start at noon.
  • The BBQ and After Party starts at 5:00 PM.
  • Dancing under the stars 'til 10:00 PM.
  • The After Party will be set in a fun outdoor lounge space produced by, yes you guessed it....Isis Design (the same team who produced the Gala).
  • Still accepting event sponsors, golf challenge sponsors, tee-box sponsors, advertisers and auction items.  
Contact Denise Ogawa in the front office if you:
  • Would like to invite an outside guest.  We can email them an invitation or provide you with an event brochure.
  • Are booking for a large party and would rather not do it on the website. We're happy to help take care of you and your guests.
  • Are interested in a sponsorship or advertising.  We have ways for you to support the school from $25 - $10,000. We'll help you find your opportunity.
Thanks to our sponsors and partners...
ACRA Logo    ISIS Logo Large

Arroyo Trabuco Logo Habit Burger Logo

Event proudly sponsored by 




Academic Chess sign-up sheets are in! Click here for form!


Jzin a Waldorf parent and master crafter, will perform a puppet show on April 25 at 3:30 for more information click here!




Fine Tuning!

Congratulations to Grade 7 & 8 Orchestra for 
receiving a superior rating (performance and sight reading) at
 Southern Californina Band & Orchestra Association Festival

orchestra 2013  


Hearing Screening
April 17 for K, Grade 1, 3 & HS
Please fill out the attached form with check for $20.00 and return to class teacher by tomorrow April 12. 



Happening in the High
Congratulations to our boys basketball team for placing runner up in league.
HS Boys Basketball 2013
Coach Brandon Dreessen with HS Team

  Pilot Cup & Upper Grade Soccer Team


Soccer Practice for Grades 5-8

Every Wednesday & Friday 3-4:30 pm

Starting April 17th



Painting Workshops with Angelika Kolbe


Learn wet-on-wet painting in an engaging format from a true master.  In addition to being a Waldorf class teacher for 16 years at the Waldorf School in Marnburg/Germany, Angelika taught drawing and painting to high school students. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University in Hamburg/Germany, we are lucky to have her with us for this special parent education event.  Please take the opportunity to join Angelika for these painting sessions.


The total workshop is 6 sessions.  You may sign up for all 6 or pick and choose dates according to your availability.


Dates:  April 26, April 29, May1, May 3, May 6, and May10. 

Time 8:30 - 10:30 in Big Aftercare


To cover the cost of materials, each session is $10. Cash only please. Sign up in front office.



We are partnering with "Recycle for Life" to be a collection location for used items you may just be tossing or otherwise have no use for.  Not only do we get to participate in recycling, but we get to earn funds for the school while doing it.  


So the next time you change the ink in your printer or trade in for the latest cell phone, remember we have a place for it.  Please bring it to the front office with a smile on your face and know you are doing some good.


School Calendar for 2013/2014
Planning your family vacation just got easier.. .please click here for viewing!
News from the Center for Biography & Social Art


A new three-year cycle of the Biography and Social Art Certificate Program will begin this coming summer-July 2013-in Chestnut Ridge, New York, and enrollment is now open.  There is growing interest in biography work today.  Many adults long for rich learning experiences, personal transformation and a more conscious understanding of life.  Rudolf Steiner anticipated the need for this important work-for the cultivation of people capable of "a special kind of human understanding."  Biography work has much to contribute to community development, adult education, health care, elder care, all areas of human experience.  The Biography and Social Art Certificate Program develops competent leaders in this growing and vital endeavor. 


For more information or to request an application, visit: