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March 21, 2013 

 Mustard Flowers    


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Dates to Remember
Enjoy the Break!
8th Grade Projects
COA & Craft Group
Spring Break Camps
Track & Field
Mayfaire Singers
Happening in the High
Calling all Golfers!
Study Group
Recycle for Life
School Calendar 2013/2014
Center for Biography & Social Art



Dates to Remember
March 22
8th Grade Play

March 25-April 5
Spring Break

April 9 - 11
Grade 6 Mojave field trip

April 10
Grade 8 Projects

April 12 & 13
Grade 8 Projects
April 15 & 16
Grade 4 Pilgrim field trip
April 16
Miss Holly Parent Evening

April 19
Medieval Games

April 24
Grade 3 Parent Evening

April 26 
HS Arts Festival

May 4

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The Mason Family in Grade 1
Enjoy the Break!
We'll see you on April 8, 2013 
8th Grade Projects
Revised Dates & Schedule 

Wednesday, April 10 (7 pm - 9 pm)

Friday, April 12 (7 pm - 9 pm) 

Saturday, April 13 (2 pm - 4 pm)


Click here to see revised schedule! of students, scheduled dates/times and topics of study.   


8th Grade Play Tomorrow 7 pm

'You can't take it with you."  Start the break with family fun and laughter and join the grade 8 in Eurythmy Hall.


Friday, March 22!
No plastic baskets here! Only loving heirloom favorites for your bunnies 




A lazy afternoon nap, day spa or lunch with friends, could be yours this spring break . . .


Miss Holly's Morning of Spring Play

Students enrolled in  Pre-K through 2nd grade (in some cases 3rd grade) can participate in baking, crafts and stories over Spring Break. Click here to read the flyer!


Spring Fun Camp for Grades 1 - 5

The 11th grade students are offering Spring Fun Camp for students in grades 1 - 5 over Spring Break; for more information Click here! 



Track & Field

The 7th and 8th grade students traveled to Westside Waldorf to compete with nine other Waldorf schools in fourteen different track and field events. Our athletes won the overall medal count, collecting 42 medals on the day.  They competed with great spirit and conducted themselves in a manner that made me and their class teachers proud.  We have a long list of medals, click here to read the entire report from Mr. Brad

Calling out all Singers for the Mayfaire Festival!


I would like 4 singers and 2 acoustic guitar/ukelele player. We will begin rehearsals when we return from our break on Friday April 12 at  4:00 pm. This requires a level of commitment so if you are interested and available, please let me know by April 10. 

Thank You,
Tiesha Hutchins


April Aftercare Forms Due Tomorrow!

We have a small window of time this month due to Spring Break; please turn in your forms by 4 pm 


Click here for Big Aftercare Form 


Click here for Little Aftercare Form 



Things to know in Big Aftercare:


Don't forget to bring one item that's white to tye dye tomorrow in Big Aftercare. 



Academic Chess sign-up sheets are in! Click here for form!


Jzin a Waldorf parent and master crafter, will perform a puppet show on April 25 at 3:30 for more information click here!




Happening In The High



Grade 12 Student in Focus 

If you had attended the Bliss Gala, you had the opportunity to "glimpse" into the aspirations and inspirations of the graduation class of 2013 in short film. As you may have remembered,  Alicia mentioned loving the sound of a "click" of a shutter on her camera, and true to Waldorf will; she knows she can achieve her passions.  Alicia entered a photography contest as part of the Spotlight Program for high school students, where young artists and photographers have their work reviewed by a panel of professional artists and photographers.  Out of the 650 applicants in the photography category, Alicia was chosen as one of the 16 semi-finalists.  Her work will be on display at the Armory Center of the Arts in Pasadena beginning March 16th. 







May 17, 2013 

(A Friday!)




We hope you will join us for the 4th Annual WSOC Golf Tournament, "Driving for the Future", once again at the beautiful Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club in Mission Viejo.  Accepting golfers of all levels for a great day of fun in support of the school.  Also accepting all shoppers and fun-seekers for the after-golf party and auction.  


Ask anyone who went last year, it was very fun and relaxed in a beautiful setting.  We're hoping to expand the after-golf party element this year, so please plan to be there.  This event is heavily attended by friends of WSOC families who golf, so please think about inviting your co-workers, weekend warrior buddies or anyone who wouldn't mind taking a Friday off of work for an excellent cause. 


And to all the ladies out there...this is NOT a mens-only event.  Could this be the year a ladies foursome brings home the big trophy!  Come on ladies, this is the perfect excuse to hit the driving range.  Let's go.


Proudly brought to you by


Anthroposophical Study Group

An informal study group for parents and friends meets on Monday mornings from 9 am - 10.30 am in the Company of Angels back room.  We read Rudolf Steiner and related works.


Currently we have recently begun to read Rudolf Steiner's 'How to Know Higher Worlds' sometimes also titled 'Knowledge of Higher Worlds'. There are various translations of this work so if you have a copy - great - if not you might want to talk to us and decide which translation you would like to have.


All are welcome. Please ask for contact information for Helena Gorka via the front desk for more information. 




We are partnering with "Recycle for Life" to be a collection location for used items you may just be tossing or otherwise have no use for.  Not only do we get to participate in recycling, but we get to earn funds for the school while doing it.  


So the next time you change the ink in your printer or trade in for the latest cell phone, remember we have a place for it.  Please bring it to the front office with a smile on your face and know you are doing some good.


School Calendar for 2013/2014
Planning your family vacation just got easier.. .please click here for viewing!
News from the Center for Biography & Social Art


A new three-year cycle of the Biography and Social Art Certificate Program will begin this coming summer-July 2013-in Chestnut Ridge, New York, and enrollment is now open.  There is growing interest in biography work today.  Many adults long for rich learning experiences, personal transformation and a more conscious understanding of life.  Rudolf Steiner anticipated the need for this important work-for the cultivation of people capable of "a special kind of human understanding."  Biography work has much to contribute to community development, adult education, health care, elder care, all areas of human experience.  The Biography and Social Art Certificate Program develops competent leaders in this growing and vital endeavor. 


For more information or to request an application, visit: