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December 6, 2012




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Dates to Remember
Winter Festival
Craft Group & COA
10 Great Reasons for Gratitude
Early Childhood Applications Due Soon
Helping Detroit Waldorf School
Lost & Found
How Can I Help?
Choice Lunch Contest & Annual Giving
Amazon News
Scrip Tip!
WInter Camp
Yearbook Photos Needed
Cookbook Fundraiser
Homecoming Event Dec. 15
Choir & Orchestra Performances


Dates to Remember

December 8
Winter Festival 1-5pm

December 15
HS Homecoming Game Estancia HS 4-8 pm
December 20, 4pm
Deadline to be included in Annual Giving Raffle
December 21, 8:45am
Annual Giving Raffle, Company of Angels
December 21
Early Dismissal 12:30pm

December 24 - January 6, 2013
Winter Break.  School resumes on Jan. 7.
January 9
11th Grade Parent Evening
January 11
Early Childhood Application Deadline
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 Fully accredited by the Schools Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges

College of Teachers
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Jenell Carlson
Ingrid Feck
Masami Inoue
Angie Meier
Nancy Mitchell
Holly Richards
Kinberly Telfer-Radzat
Robin Theiss (Chair)
Deborah Waring
Miriam Whiteley 
Board of Trustees 
Elisabeth Beck
Russ Bermejo
David Burnett
Joe DeMichele
Chris DeRosa
Rainer Doemer
Gabe Frisby (Chair)
Gina Illes
Anthony Lazzara
Holly Richards
Jamie Stahl
Carol Sudbeck
David Tabone 
Abril Turner
Parent Assocation
Jamie Stahl, BOT Rep
Trae Diede, Community Building
Brooke Tomblin, Outreach

 Winter Festival


Saturday, December 8th from 1 - 5:30.  

A few reminders:
It is strongly suggested that you pre-purchase your tickets to avoid lines at the event itself. Tickets will be on sale at drop-off and pick up tomorrow.  Tickets are 50 cents each. Each booth requires tickets rather than cash. Admission is free. For booth descriptions Click Here!

Winter Festival Sign up for Twinkle Star Cafe.  This very special cafe is presented by Grade 4. The students provide sophistcated food service to children in Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Musical ambiance is provided by the 5th & 6th grade strings.  This is an exclusive experience for children only and extended to siblings and cousins in grades Pre-K - 3rd grade.


Worth Mentioning Twice: As is tradition, the festival will end quietly at sunset as the 7th grade walks the advent spiral. Please join in the singing of The Little Drummer Boy, and celebrate this beautiful event together as a school community. This is a reverent moment, and requires each individual to encourage the calm and quiet after such a festive day. Please refrain from loud conversation and the use of cell phones and other electronic devices, and collect all students and children around the spiral for this lovely closure to our evening.  

As soon as the spiral is over, the 7th grade students will lead everyone to the exits to say goodnight.  Please leave quietly, carrying the mood of the day along with you.  

Although cleanup efforts will begin after the spiral, no children are allowed back among the booths. We ask that you arrange care for little ones so that they do not lose the magic of the day.


Craft Group
Every Wednesday 
8:30 am - 11am
We made "baby lily faeries!" 

Did You Know You Can Make Wishes Come True? 
Children can make a list of wishes for Birthdays & Holidays in the COA. Come visit during the Winter Festival and make a note that the store will be open Saturday, Dec 22nd from 9am - 1pm.
10 Great Reasons OOCF Logo
To Be Grateful 
to the Orange County Community Foundation
and the Meadows Family
The Orange County Community Foundation (OCCF) collaborates with OC's individuals, families, and businesses to match their charitable interests with OC's non-profit needs.  Over the last decade alone, this fine organization has awarded $190 million worth of resources to our county's most deserving non-profits. Thanks to the Meadows Family and OCCF, on Nov. 14, WSOC was the recipient of 10 wonderful gifts, coinciding with OCCF's launch of their new program called, "Connect OC."  You'll notice around campus we now have 10 beautiful, new, hi-tech Toshiba tablets, which are already being put to great use.  We are exceedingly grateful for the amazing recognition and the great new resource, all 10 of them!  Meadows Family, we are beyond words....thank you once again for sharing your incredible community spirit with our school.
To learn more about OCCF, visit www.oc-cf.org/home
To learn more about OCCF's new program "Connect OC" visit www.oc-cf.org/connect-oc
Early Childhood Application Deadline

January 11, 2013


If your child will be 3 years, 9 months by Sept. 1, 2013, it's time to apply for Pre-Kindergarten.  Applications will be distributed at the Early Childhood Information Evening on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 7PM.  Attendance at one Information Evening is mandatory prior to applying.

Used Clothing Collection for the Detroit Waldorf School

Thank You for the donations!  The support for our friends in need across the country is heart-warming.   Please continue to drop off bags of gently used winter clothing, shoes & accessories (all sizes from youth to adult) until December 19, at 3PM.  A generous donor has offered to help us with the shipping to get your donations to the people who need them.


Please leave these items at the parking lot entrance of the Eurythmy Hall.




Elisabeth Beck

Eurythmy teacher


To read more about how we can help our sister school in Detroit, please  Click Here!


Lost and Found Gnome  

Lost and found items are on tables placed outside the front office.  Tomorrow, any items left over will be donated to charity.


How Can I Help with the Gala?
The Event is March 9, 2013, but this is really a community-wide effort starting now.


Every family is encouraged to procure one donated item.  We also need plenty of volunteers in the spirit of "Many hands make light work."  Please contact Denise Ogawa or Sara Rodelo to let them know you would like to share your time for a worthy cause.  Or if you have an idea about an auction item, Denise and Sara want to hear it.  A great group of peole have stepped forward to help, we are going to have fun doing something beautiful for the school, and we'd love for you to join us.


To procure your donation, pick up the tools you need to help in the office, or download them here.

Donation Request Letter (take this to businesses you frequent and ask them to donate, you'd be surprised how many will say yes.

Auction Donation Form

Ideas for Successful Auction ItemsSponsorship and Advertising Opportunities 


How To Win $125 in HOT LUNCH  
hot lunch
 Two families will win $125 in Hot Lunch Credit! 
Congratulations to about half the school who is already eligible to win because they have given or pledged to Annual Giving.
The rest is left to LUCK.
The drawing will be held Dec. 21, 2012 at 8:45 in the Company of Angels.  In order to be eligible, make your gift or pledge by Dec. 20, 2012 at 4PM.  
WSOC employees, their spouses, and the Cano Family (who already won the reserved parking space) are not eligible.  To everyone else, we are tossing some good luck your way!!
We have been asked "what constitutes a pledge?"  A "pledge" is a "binding promise to do."  You may make a pledge to Annual Giving, either on-line, in writing, or by using one of our handy envelopes.  The pledge can be installment payments over a series of months or it can be a promise to give a specified gift by a specified time.  Example $X by May 1, 2013.  Knowing your intention now helps us tremendously, and helps the volunteer Annual Giving Callers know they do not need to call you.
To make your gift or pledge today, come into the office for an envelope or go to www.waldorfschool.com/annual
To see how your class is progressing on participation, see attached. 
School-wide, we are up to 45% participation and our goal remains 100%.
School-wide, we are 52% of the way to our monetary goal of $100,000.


Announcing the 

Amazon Logo

 Affiliate Program

Wow!  We asked, and you delivered!!!  After only two weeks of activating our Amazon link, 219 purchases were made, earning our school $635. This is the equivalent of buying about $9,000 of SCRIP. THANK YOU!!!


HOW TO KEEPING IT GOING . . .If you use Amazon SCRIP (purchased in our school store or online) your family will receive 4% of the scrip purchase towards your family's annual scrip commitment (which is also earnings for the school) AND the school will receive 4% of your purchase as a donation from Amazon.  That's 8% total earnings for the school generated from shopping you are going to do anyway.  It's a WIN-WIN.


Follow these simple steps


1)  Purchase Amazon Scrip at the WSOC Scrip Store before you purchase to maximize the effects of this great program.  

click on the Amazon Icon in the top right corner.  This is the most important part.  You have to enter Amazon.com through the WSOC website for us to get credit.

3)  Shop and check-out as you normally would.  

4)  The following month, WSOC receives 4% of your shopping total, as a

donation back to the school from our friends at Amazon.  

5)Bookmark Amazon portal on your computer!


Note:  The 4% credited back to the school through the affiliate program is not trackable back to your family account for family's scrip commitment (but the 4% from purchasing the SCRIP is).


Scrip Tip of the Week

Seasonal Percentages UP!  Take advantage of some amazing Scrip earnings:
  • Wahoo's 20% on $10 & $50 gift cards!!!!
  • Veggie Grill 20% on $25 gift cards
  • LL Bean is now at 19% on gift cards
  • Edwards/UA/Regal Movie Tickets 18% for $8 ticket

Scrip...helping to bridge the gap between the {rich} curriculum students receive here at WSOC & the amount of tuition paid!


Sandy Meadows, Scrip Coordinator

Winter Camp: Pre-K - 2nd Grade
Holly Richards is offering Winter Camp for the second week of our Winter Break: December 31 - January 4.  Inquiries and sign-ups are outside of Miss Holly's classroom.  You must reserve space well in advance with pre-payment to secure your commitment.  
The week-long Winter Camp is $40 a day.  Please sign up directly with Miss Holly at her classroom before 8:30 a.m. or after 1:00 p.m. 
Pictures Desperately Needed!
Do you have pictures you can copy on a USB stick or on a disk in high resolution?  We need these images right away, please bring to the front desk as soon as possible (please put your names on items, so we may return them to you).
We know several of you out there have great photos of:
  • Spring Concert 2012
  • May Faire 2012



Now sold at the company of Angels   

A Fundraiser for our school!

 $20 each


Available at Winter Festival in the Wildcats Booth (the only booth accepting cash and checks)

"Your cookbook is a work of art in so many ways---- Not only the recipes, but the way you organized it and the reviews of Waldorf's value to its students.  I especially appreciate having the (eleventh grade) equivalents and substitutions.  I tried the Margarita Cole slaw last night - best ever!"





Wildcats Logo
Wildcats Paw LogoIt's GAME TIME, sports fans!                    




4:00 - 8:00PM



4:30 -  High School Girls' Volleyball

6:00 - Wildcat Fun Zone

Audience participation games for students of all ages

6:30 -  High School Boys' Basketball



Estancia High School Little Gym

Use main parking lot and look for our signs

2323 Placentia Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627




$5 Admission  

Fans 5 years and younger are free  

WSOC students will get a free ticket


Bring your Wildcat Spirit.  Wear WSOC clothing or navy and white.

Proceeds from the snack bar benefit our program.  Be hungy!



Wildcat Spirit Wear and Homecoming Tickets Available for Purchase (cash or check) 


strings 2012  

School Performances

for the outside community




6th Grade Strings

December 13, 2012 4pm-4:45

Private viewing for community of St. John the Divine only


HS Choir

December 14, 2012  6pm - 6:15 pm

The Lab, Costa Mesa (everyone invited, support our students and have dinner at The Lab)


7th & 8th Grade Strings

December 20, 2012 7pm-7:30

Bella Terra Mall, Huntington Beach (everyone invited, support our students and have dinner at Bella Terra)