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November 15, 2012


Mustard Flowers 


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Dates to Remember
Message of Gratitude
Parking Winner!
Winter Festival
Gala Event News
Amazon News
Aftercare Reservations
Yearbook Photos Needed
Helping Those in Need
Thank you from 8th Grade
Student Performances in O.C.
Cookbook Fundraiser


Dates to Remember
November 16
Grandparents Day
Early Dismissal Noon

November 19 - 23

Thanksgiving Break


November 26

2nd Grade Parent Evening


November 27

6th & 7th Grade Parent Evening


November 28

3rd & 8th Grade Parent Evening


November 30
The Company of Angels: Wanda Lobito & Carrole Watts Trunk Show!

December 3
4th Grade Parent Evening

December 5
Chris Bennett & Robin Theiss Lecture

December 8
Winter Festival 1-5pm

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country house illus.

It's the Season 

of Gratitude


As we welcome our extended family and friends from out of town, out of state, out of country or travel to see them, we are reminded of the immense gifts that others bring to our lives. Gifts that are beyond material value and tangible assets; gifts that are freely given, and yet essential.


We are also grateful for our Waldorf community - a community, which like our own families, expresses itself both locally and globally. The Waldorf School of Orange County belongs to a network of over 1,000 Waldorf schools in 83 countries. We are connected to hundreds of thousands of families seeking the same educational paradigm shift needed in the 21st century: an education dedicated to the unfolding the gifts of each individual child. Toward this task, we create communities whose teachers, administrators and parents give beyond what can be quantified and measured-we give ourselves. We come together to form a circle in support of each child, forming intersecting circles within our own community, which continue to extend across borders, across seas, across governments, across ideologies, and unite us together. We are united under our
shared devotion to our own children and children across the globe. We are filled with hope for a future led by these children.


In our season of gratitude, may our thanks extend beyond borders. When we tuck our own children in at night or wait up for our teenager, may we feel connected to the families across the globe doing the same. Love is universal-may we give thanks for each moment we experience it.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin Theiss
On behalf of the College of Teachers


Congratulations to the Cano Family, the lucky winners of a Reserved Parking Space for the remainder of the school year.  Thanks for supporting Annual Giving Cano Family!


To make your gift or pledge today, come into the office for an envelope or to go www.waldorfschool.com/annual

Festival Singers Needed!
Join the lovely crew of singers for the Winter Festival. Contact Tiesha in Aftercare, or call front desk for more infomation.
Winter Festival - December 8th 1-5pm
Tickets on sale the week of event!
Gala Event News


A huge thank you to ACRA Aerospace for supporting us as an sponsor for the Gala to be held March 9, 2013 at Harborside Pavillion (Balboa).  Another huge thank you to Isis Design for their sponsorship and valuable event planning expertise.  We are thrilled to have you both on board.


It's not too early to become involved as a sponsor, auction item donor, or to volunteer to work on this great event.


Pick up the tools you need to help in the office, or download them here.

Donation Request Letter (take this to businesses you frequent and ask them to donate, you'd be surprised how many will say yes.

Auction Donation Form

Ideas for Successful Auction ItemsSponsorship and Advertising Opportunities 

If you have an idea about an auction item, we want to hear it.  See Sara Rodelo or Denise Ogawa.


Announcing the 

Amazon Logo

 Affiliate Program

Exciting news for Amazon shoppers.  Our school is now an affiliate of Amazon.com - which means that any purchases made by entering Amazon's site from the Amazon link on our WSOC website (upper right corner), will result in our school receiving at least 4% of the total purchase value. 


If you use Amazon SCRIP you family will receive 4% of the scrip purchase towards your family's annual scrip commitment (which is also earnings for the school) AND the school will receive 4% of your purchase as a donation from Amazon.  That's 8% total earnings for the school generated from shopping you are going to do anyway.  It's a WIN-WIN.


Follow these simple steps


1)  Purchase Amazon Scrip at the WSOC Scrip Store before you purchase to maximize the effects of this great program.  

click on the Amazon Icon in the top right corner.  This is the most important part.  You have to enter Amazon.com through the WSOC website for us to get credit.

3)  Shop and check-out as you normally would.  

4)  The following month, WSOC receives 4% of your shopping total, as a

donation back to the school from our friends at Amazon.  


Note:  The 4% credited back to the school through the affiliate program is not trackable back to your family account for family's scrip commitment (but the 4% from purchasing the SCRIP is).

Scrip Tip of the Week
Do you have your scrip for next week? For those who are traveling, cooking & shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, are you stocked up on your gift cards & gift certificates. Earn family scrip credit for what you are going to buy anyway!
The Holidays are almost here...and how we'd love to make your shopping & giving easy! We have some great smaller denominations ($5 Barnes & Noble, $5 Starbucks & $10 Target)...the most current scrip list is at: www.waldorfschool.com scrip store order form. Online orders are the first pulled each morning.

Thank you to Stacey Robbins for this heartfelt testimonial of why their family uses scrip:


"Thoughtful Living and Thoughtful Giving"

We are so grateful for the Scrip program here at Waldorf because it fits so much with two areas we value: Thoughtful Living and Thoughtful Giving.

After a health bump that left me, Ms. Type-A personality, dizzy for 5-15 hours a day, I couldn't move at the speed of light or leap tall buildings in a single bound anymore. The days of Supermom were gone. We moved slower -- because we had to -- if we were all going to move together. We took on more thoughtful living.

And even though Rock and I spent our career for 20 years helping others put out the fires in their lives, we couldn't do that anymore. We had our own fires and needed to direct our energy there. Yet we still wanted to give. We chose to focus on bringing meals and pictures to the dear friend with a terminal illness or by helping the pregnant neighbor across the street. Life took on more thoughtful giving.

That's honestly why the Scrip program fits so perfectly for us. We're able to think ahead to our grocery needs, the upcoming birthday parties for classmates and keep an eye on the ever-changing gas budget.

Thoughtful living.

And while we're doing that, it provides us an easy way to support a school we love and teachers we are so grateful for as the purchases we make benefit our community.

Thoughtful giving.

We are just one family of the many beautiful families here at Waldorf and we just wanted to offer our story as an invitation to you, to support the school through the Scrip program. The holidays are coming up and this is a perfect time to take a deep breath and step into this simple way to support our school. Thanks for letting us share our gratitude! The Robbins Family -- Stacey, Rock, Caleb (grade 4) and Seth (grade 2)."

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break...this quote sums it up:

There are two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give. ~Edwin Arlington Robinson


Scrip...helping to bridge the gap between the {rich} curriculum students receive here at WSOC & the amount of tuition paid!


Sandy Meadows, Scrip Coordinator


949.574.7775, ext 204



Click here for the order form!



Aftercare Reservations
Please sign up for Big & Little Aftercare by November 30!  All late reservations will result in drop-in rates.
Pictures Needed!
Do you have pictures you can copy on a USB stick or on a disk in High Resoution?  We need these images right away, please bring to the front desk as soon as possible (please put your names on items, so we may return them to you).
  • Spring Concert 2012
  • May Faire 2012
Winter Festival Food Drive
Benefiting Second Harvest Food Bank

Of Orange County


Your donated non-persishable items will HELP FEED 240,000

people in Orange County this month

Look for the bins in the front office, COA and on campus




Canned meats, canned fish, beef stew, chili, pasta, macaroni & cheese, rice, beans, canned fruits & vegetables, canned juices, soups, hot & cold cereals, peanut butter.



Diapers, toothpaste & toothbrushes, deodorant, toilet tissue, razors, Q- tips, soap, Band-aids, combs & brushes, and feminine hygiene items.


Thank you for supporting those in need.


Dear WSOC Community,


We would like to say thank you for so kindly supporting us in our Holiday Greens Fundraising.  It turned out to be very successful, putting us one step closer to our goal.


We are truly grateful to all of you.


Holiday Blessings,


The 8th Grade Class  

Opportunities for your children to see live orchestral and musical performances over the next few weeks, featuring some of our own students.

Nov.15 - 17
(Student Actors: Makale'a K., Tuscany H.)
Crystal Cathedral, Freed Theater
Tickets: www.artsandlearning.org


Nov. 17, 11am
Prelude String Orchestra
(Student Musicians: Hanna B., Zora M.)
Calvary Church of Santa Ana
Samswick Chapel
Tickets: Free


Nov. 17, 3pm
Prelude Chamber Strings &
Santiago String Orchestra
(Student Musician: Zora M.)
Concordia University, CU Center
Tickets: Free



Nov 29 - Dec 2
Fiddler on the Roof
(Student Musician: Catherine R.)
The Attic Theater
Tickets: www.artsandlearning.org


December 14 - 24

The Nutcracker

Irvine Barclay Theatre

(Student Performers: Lily T., Emma T.M., Emelia S., Elena R., Sebastian P. and Cacharel T.)

Tickets are on sale now at the www.thebarclay.org  

Not all dancers will perform in each show, so you may contact the parent of the dancers to find exact details.



The Waldorf Palette Cookbook

Our community's recipes, plus lots more....

Coordinated and authored by WSOC parent, Julie Fish


This is a school Fundrasier

Get your copy at Grandparents Day

Makes a great gift

While supplies last, comes ready for giving with a beautiful gift bag


-Authors Note -

I have assembled the best and tastiest recipes from our Waldorf community that reflects our love of delicious and, for the most part, healthy food. I am delighted that we are able to share these wonderful recipes, and at the same time, educate (or reeducate) those interested in the Waldorf way of teaching.


Happy cooking and reading!


Julie Fish

WSOC parent

Volunteer Coordinator and Author of The Waldorf Palette