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Challenging Super Bowl Opinions
I enjoy the psychology of post-game analyses. A few key opinions can quickly become considered fact. And that's just wrong. I break my two "favorites" down here:
"The black-out helped the 49ers." This one drives me nuts! It takes away the credit those players deserve for how they handled the blackout and lets the Ravens off the hook.No adversity is responsible for any player's performance. Each player maintains 100% accountability to manage his/her focus and intensity through all challenges. Blaming the black-out (or field, or weather, or ...) may protect your ego, but it is an excuse that undermines ownership of your performance. Don't do it.
Boldin Catch
"Joe Flacco is an elite/top 5 quarterback." If the Niners scored and won on that final goal line stand, would we be having this conversation? Probably not. Fans and media might be lamenting how he can't get it done ... even though the man had nothing to do with that defensive series. As an athlete, evaluate yourself on your effort, focus and perseverance - not the outcomes which are influenced by a lot of factors that your talent is only a part of. 
"Joe Flacco is an elite/top 5 quarterback." - Part II This will be debated literally forever ... because it is an opinion that can never be proven as fact (despite media and fan attempts to do so). As an athlete, please don't get caught up in such opinions and ranking of your ability. It really doesn't matter and just distracts you from what is essential (i.e., your focus on the task at hand).
... Speaking of opinions, what was your favorite commercial? I loved the kid at the prom. And that was one of the best half-time shows I've ever seen. 

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