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Holidays, Family and the Team

Like many of you, I find myself more focused on the important people in my life as the holidays approach.  Let's take some time to truly appreciate our sport families. 


Thank you to the selfless parents that support  child-athletes financially and emotionally. You structure your life to support their participation. You are a taxi service and provide snacks at half-time. You are essential and deserve more thanks than you ever get.

 Santa Dunk

Thank you to the volunteer coaches whose love for the game sparks passion in our children. And to our "paid" coaches who consistently give far more than they ever receive. Our children carry your lessons about sport and apply them to life. Your ability to remain positive in adversity, reward effort, and teach them the value of hard work prepares them for success on the court and off.


Let us all be thankful for our teammates, who share the experience with us. May we all be better teammates to each other by being responsible for our actions, working hard and consistently giving our best effort in practice and in games. Let us understand our role and own it - even if we are not starting or the star. We all have a role to play, and our team's success depends on us playing our role to the best of our ability. 


Finally, thank YOU for your trust and allowing me to be a part of your sport success. I have the best job in the world :-)



Fact: You play better when you are having fun.  

Fact: Life is better when you are happy.


15 things you should give up to be happy

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